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2023 Recruit Ratings

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The ratings were done by applying a primarily objective rating system that is explained in this article:  LINK

Fine differences in levels of achievement, skills competed, execution, scores and placements may impact a gymnast's rating.  All are very accomplished and skilled gymnasts, and many talented gymnasts are not included here.  If you feel an athlete should have qualified to the list, please use the contact information to send in the athlete's name. 

Ratings are finalized prior to the start of an athlete's freshman year.  At that time, uncommitted athletes are removed.  All athletes within a star category are listed in alphabetic order.   

5 Stars

Addison Fatta Oklahoma
Jessica Gadirova Uncommitted
Ava Jorgensen BYU
Chloe LaCoursiere Alabama
Kristin Lin Washington
Kyen Mayhew California
Konnor McClain LSU
Delayne Rodriguez Kentucky
Hannah Scheible Oklahoma
Lily Smith Georgia
Ava Stewart Uncommitted
Camille Winger Utah


4.5 Stars

Sydney Barros UCLA
Jaydah Battle Georgia
Kylie Coen LSU
Skylar Draser Florida
Amari Drayton LSU
Jennifer Gadirova Uncommitted
Julianne Huff Auburn
Priscilla Park Arkansas
Abigayle Martin Arizona
Kalea McElligott Penn State
Zoe Miller LSU
Katelyn Rosen UCLA
Jamison Sears Alabama
Holly Snyder Georgia
Ui Soma Stanford
Sydney Turner Iowa
Madison Ulrich Denver
Eva Volpe Iowa


4 Stars

Brynlee Andersen BYU
Olivia Coppola Illinois
Sophia Esposito Oregon State
Elizabeth Gantner Utah
Cadence Gormley Kentucky
Neve King North Carolina
Gabriella Ladanyi Alabama
Rayna Light Missouri
Mary McDonough Washington
Annalise Newman-Achee California
Anya Pilgrim Florida
Gabriella Ortiz Pittsburgh
Sydney Razeghi Stanford
Sienna Robinson Stanford
Lyden Saltness Auburn
Kaia Tanskanen Missouri
Makayla Tucker Michigan State
Devyn Valuch SJSU


3.5 Stars

Kira Bolden Washington
Samara Buchanan Ohio State
Olivia Buckner Oregon State
Olivia Burns Nebraska
Madeline Hall NC State
Laci Keck Ohio State
Alia Leat Uncommitted
Cassie Lee Uncommitted
Hailey Klein Arkansas
Courtney McCann Ohio State
Madison Perkins Penn
Cecily Rizo Kentucky
Julie Rottum Madso Pittsburgh
Keira Wells Oklahoma
Maya Zonneveld Uncommitted


3 Star

Elizabeth Cairns Iowa State
McKenna Carnesi Washington
Anne Challman New Hampshire
Victoria Cluck Stanford
Delaney DeHaan Towson
Sophie Derr Arizona
Taylor DeVries Oregon State
Katie Harper NC State
Brook Izzo George Washington
Sydney Jelen Utah State
Whitney Jencks Nebraska
Mya Kirkham BYU
Julia Krzywanski Boise State
Kendall Landry Minnesota
Temple Landry Stanford
Karina Lankamer Central Michigan
Jurnee Lane West Virginia
Natalie Martin Maryland
Emma Misenheimer Michigan State
Mareli Muller Illinois
Jessica Naranjo North Carolina
Jenna Olshefski Minnesota
Nadia Parente BGSU
Heather Parker Georgia
Niya Randolph Southern Utah
Clara Raposo Uncommitted
Maddison Reidenbach Denver
Reese Samuelson Western Michigan
Maggie Slife Air Force
Emily Todd Pittsburgh
Isabella Trostel Michigan State
Madison Vitolo Illinois
Clara Wallace Air Force
Mya Witte USU
Haylen Zabrowski Michigan
Ella Zirbes Utah
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