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Women's National Rankings for the Week of February 24th Featured

Written by Greg
UCLA's Kyla Ross Leads the AA and co-Leads the UB UCLA's Kyla Ross Leads the AA and co-Leads the UB (c) 2019 Lloyd Smith, Used by Permission

OU holds onto the lead in the Women's National Rankings for the Week of February 24th, as compiled by RoadToNationals.  The rankings shift this week to the National Qualifying Score, or NQS. 

The NQS is calculated the same as the Regional Qualifying Score.  The team's top three AWAY scores are combined with the team's next three highest scores.  The highest is thrown out and the remaining five are averged. 

Florida is in 2nd with UCLA in third.  Utah is fourth, just ahaead of LSU.  Denver holds only 6th, despite a rough weekend following the loss of two key All-Arounders in recent week.  Michigan, Cal, Alabama, and UGA are packed within 0.2 of DU.  Just half a point separates #6 to #13, easily within the range of scoring variation we've seen this season.

Interestingly, there is a large break in NQS after #20.  But #21 to #25 are separated by just 0.085. 

OU is the top team on VT and UB.  Florida is the top team on BB and UCLA is top on FX. 

Individually, we've seen some shakeups as gymnasts without six scores drop out of the rankings.  UCLA's Kyla Ross is the top AAer, and she's tied for the top spot on UB with OU's Maggie Nichols.  Nichols holds the top spot on VT.  Minnesota's Lexy Ramler is the top beamer while Florida's Trinity Thomas and LSU frosh Kiya Johnson share the top spot on FX. 

Here's the Top 25 Teams:

1.  OU 197.93

2.  Florida 197.69

3.  UCLA 197.335

4.  Utah 197.2

5.  LSU 197.165

6.  Denver 197.075

7.  Michigan 197.045

8.  Cal 196.98

9.  Alabama 196.965

10.  UGA 196.9

11.  Minnesota 196.845

12.  Kentucky 196.665

13.  Washington 196.575

14.  Arkansas 196.43

15.  Auburn 196.4

16.  Nebraska 196.394

17.  Iowa State 196.295

18.  Oregon State 196.26

19.  BYU 196.235

20.  Missouri 196.23

21.  SUU 195.795

22.  Illinois 195.78

23.  PSU 195.745

24.  Arizona 195.725

25.   MSU 195.71

Link:  Rankings

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