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Women's National Rankings for the Week of February 11th Featured

Written by Greg
#4 Utah's MaKenna Merrell-Giles #4 Utah's MaKenna Merrell-Giles (c) Lloyd Smith 2018, Used by Permission

OU holds onto the top spot in the Women's Nationals Rankings for the week of February 11th, as published by Florida remains in 2nd, with UCLA less than 0.1 points behind in 3rd.

OU has the top spot on VT and BB but Florida leads on both UB and FX, pulling ahead of UCLA on the latter. 

Individually, OU's Olivia Trautman remains the top AAer.  Her teammate Maggie Nichols remains the top vaulter (although she has not vaulted since her injury) and is now tied for the top spot on BB with UCLA's Katelyn Ohashi.   Ohashi still holds the top spot on FX.  Florida's Trinity Thomas remains the leader on UB. 

DU and Michigan made jumps, after strong meets this past weekend.  DU also closed the gap on LSU, followed by UGA and Michigan.  The remaining teams remain tightly bunched, with less than a fall separating teams #8 to #18 as we head into the RQS rankings.  As some teams are able to drop low scores in their averages, we'll see further movement.  As you may recall, staying in the Top 28 is critical in order to avoid a "play-in" at Regionals.   

Here's the Top 25:

1.  OU  197.813

2.  Florida 197.67

3.  UCLA 197.575

4.  Utah 197.196

5.  LSU 196.85

6.  Denver 196.73

7.  UGA 196.564

8. Michigan 196.383

9.  Bama 196.371

10.  Boise State 196.205

11.  Auburn 196.158

12.  Oregon State 196.115

13.  Kentucky 196.025

14.  Cal 195.946

15.  Missouri 195.921

16.  Minnesota 195.913

17.  Nebraska 195.904

18.  Washington 195.9

19.  ASU 195.783

20.  BYU 195.78

21. Arkansas 195.5

22.  Ohio State 195.408

23.  Iowa State 195.396

24.  PSU 195.388

25.  Arizona 195.329


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