2013 Capsule Previews: Teams #1 to #12


 1.  Alabama Crimson Tide

2.  UCLA Bruins

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Starting Routines Returning: 20/24
Head Coach: Sarah & David Patterson
Assistant: Brian Raschilla
Returning Starters (8):
  Kaitlyn Clark (So), Sarah DeMeo (Jr), Marissa Gutierrez (Sr), Kim Jacob (Jr), Diandra Milliner (Jr), Ashley Priess (RS Sr), Ashley Sledge (Sr), Kayla Williams (So)
Other/Injured Returners (7):  Becca Alexin (Sr), Olivia Carisella (Jr), Hunter Dennis (So), Ria Domier (Jr), Lindsey Fowler (Jr), Lora Leigh Frost (So), Brooke Parker (So),
Graduated (2):  Geralan Stack-Easton, Rachel Terry
Other Losses (1):  Hannah Toussaint (Jr)
Newcomers (2): 
Lauren Beers, Carley Sims
Quick Assessment:
Last season, Bama edged Florida and UCLA to capture their sixth National Championship and their second in a row.  Can they make it a three-peat?  Bama certainly has the tools to do so, returning several stars, including fifth-year senior Ashley Priess.  Bama will miss the top AA and "end of the lineup" scoring potential of Stack-Eaton, but any number of the returnees or newcomers could make up that critical lost routine in each event.  With another year of adjustment under their belt and a strong off-season of training, both Clark and Williams could be poised to step up and make a bigger impact this season. 

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Starting Routines Returning: 13/24
Head Coach: Valerie Kondos Field
Associate Head Coach:  Chris Waller
Assistant: Randy Lane
Returning Starters (6):  Kaelie Baer (Sr), Olivia Courtney (Jr), Monique De La Torre (Sr), Mattie Larson (So), Alyssa Pritchett (RS Sr), Vanessa Zamarripa (RS Sr)
Other/Injured Returners (6): Sadiqua Bynum (So), Ellette Craddock (So), Dana McDonald (So/I), Lichelle Wong (Sr), Samantha Peszek (Jr/I), Sydney Sawa (Jr/I)
Graduated (4):  Tauny Frattone (Sr), Aisha Gerber (Sr), Elyse Hopfner Hibbs (Sr), Tiffany Hyland (Sr)
Other Losses (3): Kassidy Kozai (R/undergrad assistant), Ti Liu, Cassie Whitcomb (R/manager)
Newcomers (4):  Sophina DeJesus, Danusia Francis, Christine "Peng Peng" Lee, Asi Peko
Quick Assessment:  The Bruins host the National Championship meet this April but their hopes for a National Title were dealt a big blow when junior Samantha Peszek tore her Achilles during the preseason.  Her loss, coupled with the loss of Frattone, Gerber and Hopfner-Hibbs means that others will have to step up to fill the gaps immediately.  In particular, the frosh class (which includes Lee, who is still recovering from injury) will have to step up immediately.  

3.  Florida Gators

4.  Oklahoma Sooners

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Starting Routines Returning: 22/24
Head Coach: Rhonda Faehn
Assistants: Adrian Burde, Robert Ladanyi
Returning Starters (8): Mackenzie Caquatto (Jr), Ashanee Dickerson (Sr), Kytra Hunter (So), Alaina Johnson (Jr), Marissa King (Sr), Rachel Spicer (So), Randy Stageberg (Sr), Kiersten Wang (So)
Other/Injured Returners (2):  Dalia Lemezan (Sr), Lauren Rose (Jr)
Graduated (3):  Nicole Ellis, Amy Ferguson, Elizabeth Mahlich
Other Losses (1):  Jade Wiggins
Newcomers (3): 
Bianca Caquatto, Bianca Dancose-Giambattisto, Bridget Sloan
Quick Assessment:  The Gators return perhaps their deepest and most experienced squad ever, led by 2012 NCAA AA champ Kytra Hunter.  The 2012 runnerups feature a stacked lineup of former elite and L10 stars, further bolstered by former World Champion Bridget Sloan.  On top of this, the Gators look outstanding in preseason training and have suffered minimal offseason losses.  Besides Bama and the other top teams, Florida's biggest obstacle to a title may be themselves:  the mental game is the final obstacle to overcome.     

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Starting Routines Returning: 16/24
Head Coach: KJ Kindler
Assistants: Lou Ball, Tom Haley
Returning Starters (6):  Lara Albright (Jr), Erica Brewer (So), Madison Mooring (Jr), Brie Olson (Sr), Haley Sorensen (So), Taylor Spears (Jr)
Other/Injured Returners (5):   Lauren Alexander (So), Rebecca Clark (So/I), Kayla Nowak (Sr/I), Lauren Smith (Sr), Hayden Ward (Jr/I
Graduated (4):  Candace Cindell, Megan Ferguson, Natasha Kelley, Sara Stone
Other Losses (0):  N/A
Newcomers (4):  Maile'ana Kanewa, Keeley Kmieciak, Hunter Price, Haley Scaman
Quick Assessment:
The Sooners just missed the Super Six finals last season,
competing with a squad depleted by injury.  This year, the Sooners lose talented stars Ferguson and Stone, and are once again without the services of the injured Nowak (training accident).  With Ward and Clark working their way back from season-ending injuries, the frosh will be called upon early to contribute.  The Sooner coaching staff has shown the ability to get all of their available athletes contributing at their upmost, so there is little reason not to expect the same this season. 

5.  Utah Utes

6.  Stanford Cardinal

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Starting Routines Returning: 15/24
Head Coaches: Greg and Megan Marsden
Assistant: Tom Farden
Returning Starters (10):  Georgia Dabritz (So), Nansy Damianova (Jr), Kailah Delaney (So), Lia Del Priore (Jr), Hailey Hansen (Jr), Mary Beth Lofgren (Jr), Kassandra Lopez (So), Corrie Lothrop (Jr), Becky Tutka (So), Tori Wilson (So)
Other/Injured Returners (0):  N/A
Graduated (3): 
Cortni Beers, Stephanie McAllister, Kyndal Robarts
Other Losses (2):  Fumina Kobayashi (R), Victoria Shanley (R)
Newcomers (3): 
Taylor Allexx, Breanna Hughes, Haley Lange
Quick Assessment: The Utes lose some strong leadership and end of the lineup routines to graduation, from Beers, McAllister, and Robarts .  But a strong core returns, and their sophomore class will have an opportunity to contribute in a greater fashion.  Lothrop and Dabritz will be looked upon as two solid AAers, while the frosh will have to work through some off-season injuries. 

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Starting Routines Returning: 18/24
Head Coach: Kristen Smyth
Associate Head Coach:  Chris Swircek
Assistant:  Tabitha Yim
Returning Starters (8): Nicole Dayton (Sr), Pauline Hanset (So), Ivana Hong (So), Ashley Morgan (Sr), Shona Morgan (Jr), Samantha Shapiro (So), Amanda Spinner (Jr), Rebecca Wing (So)
Other/Injured Returners (2):  Alex Archer (So), Lucy Meyer (Jr), Kristina Vaculik (Jr)
Graduated (3)Alyssa Brown, Nicole Pechanec, Jenny Peter 
Other Losses (0): NA
Newcomers (4):  Melissa Chuang, Jenna Frowein, Taylor Rice, Maggie Teets
Quick Assessment:   Stanford delivered a peak performance at Nationals, placing in fourth just 0.35 points behind the Crimson TideAshley Morgan and Hong return to lead the squad as seasoned AAers, while return of Canadian Olympian Kristina Vaculik will be a key to making up some of the routines lost to graduation, while the incoming frosh will bolster the squad's depth. 

7.  Nebraska Cornhuskers

8.  LSU Tigers

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Starting Routines Returning:  20//24
Head Coach: Dan Kendig
Assistants:  Heather Brink, Dan Miller
Returning Starters (6):  Jessie DeZiel (So), Janelle Giblin (Sr), Jennifer Lauer (So), Jamie Schleppenbach (Jr), Brittany Skinner (Sr), Emily Wong (Jr)
Other/Injured Returners (4):  Kailyn Hawkins (So), Amanda Lauer (So), Kassandra Nathe (Sr), Desire Stephens (So)
Graduated (2):  Lora Evenstad, Katelyn Busacker
Other Losses (1):  Deanna Barmore (?)
Newcomers (4):  Jordyn Beck, Hollie Blanske, Ariel Martin, Madison McConkey
Quick Assessment: 
  The 2013 Huskers sport a core group of six returnees, from a small squad of eight that competed so well at the National finals.  This group of well-trained athletes will be led once again by soph sensation DeZiel and ever-improving junior Wong.  The frosh could step in on any number events, although Blanske is just coming back from injury.  NU will also get a boost from the return of Nathe, who has battled injuries the last two years. 

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Starting Routines Returning: 22/24
Head Coach: D-D Breaux
Assistants: Jay Clark, Bob Moore
Returning Starters (10):  Rheagan Courville (So), Kaleigh Dickson (Jr), Mckenzie Fox (Jr), Ericka Garcia (Sr/I),  Lloimincia Hall (So), Jessie Jordan (So), Randi Lau (So), Maliah Mathis (Jr), Sarie Morrison (Jr), Britney Taylor (Sr)
Other/Injured Returners (2): Casey Duvall (Jr), Lainie Fleming (Jr)
Graduated (1):  Ashley Lee
Other Losses (2):   Janelle Garcia (?), Shelby Prunty (?)
Newcomers (4):  Michelle Gauthier, Britney Ranzy (So/TR/Oregon State), Jessica Savona, Randii Wyrick
Quick Assessment:  LSU returns 22 of 24 routines from last year's young squad, powered by last year's underclassmen.  With another year of adjustment and another year of experience, things are looking bright for the Tigers.  On top of that, add in four talented newcomers, including a former L10 JO National AA champ and two elites, and you have the potential to rise even higher this season. 

9.  Oregon State Beavers

10.  Michigan Wolverines

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Starting Routines Returning: 17/24
Head Coach: Tanya Chaplin
Associate Head Coach:  Mike Chaplin
Assistant:  John Carney
Returning Starters (6):  Kelsey Blalock (Sr), Hannah Casey (Jr), Brittany Harris (Jr), Mel Jones (Sr), Makayla Stambaugh (Sr), Chelsea Tang (So)
Other/Injured Returners (5):  Taylor Keeker (So), Katelyn Ohlrich (So), Kailie Ponto (So), Stephanie McGregor (Sr/I), Cerise Witherby (So)
Graduated (2):  Leslie Mak, Olivia Vivian
Other Losses (1):  Stefanie Daley (TR/USU)
Newcomers (6):  Erika Aufiero, Sarah Cerami, Hailey Gaspar (Sr/TR from Boise St), Sarah Marquez, Nicole Turner, Jaime Wright
Quick Assessment:   The Beavers lose two important end of the lineup performers in Mak and Vivian.  They'll look to towards the return of McGregor and the contributions from six newcomers this season, especially Gaspar, who excels on vault and has collegiate experience with the Broncos.  Blalock, Harris, Jones and Stambaugh will form the core of the returnees, as the Beavers look to return to Nationals.  The sophomore class could also make a bigger impact this season, now that they've had a season to adjust

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Starting Routines Returning: 24/24
Head Coach: Bev Plocki
Assistants: Scott Sherman, Shannon Welker
Returning Starters (8): Stephanie Colbert (Jr), Shelby Gies (Jr), Britnee Martinez (Sr), Annette Miele (So), Joanna Sampson (Jr), Sachi Sugiyama (So), Reema Zhakharia (Jr), Katie Zurales (Sr)
Other/Injured Returners (2): , Teresa Arthur (Jr), Natalie Beilstein (I/Sr)
Graduated (0):  N/A
Other Losses (1): Kristin Nagle (R)
Newcomers (4):  Briley Casanova, Austin Shephard, Morgan Smith, Lindsay Smith
Quick Assessment: The Wolverines just missed Nationals last season, placing third, just .125 behind Oregon State.  The Coaches have elevated the Wolverines back into the top 10 in the Preseason Poll, likely based on the return of Beilstein and a frosh class loaded with three former elites.  How fast those frosh adjust may determine just how high the Wolverines can rise this season.  Shephard in particular, is coming off a very strong year competing for Hungary while Casanova and Smith both successfully dropped down to L10 last season. 

11.  Georgia GymDogs

12.  Arkansas GymBacks

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Starting Routines Returning: 17/24
Head Coach: Danna Durante
Assistants: Jay Hogue, Philip Ogletree
Returning Starters (8):
  Lindsay Cheek (Jr), Noel Couch (Sr), Chelsea Davis (So), Kaylan Earls (Jr), Cat Hires (Jr), Sarah Persinger (So), Christa Tanella (Sr), Shayla Worley (Sr)
Other/Injured Returners (5): Bekah Bennetts (Jr), Kati Breazeal (Sr), Demetria Hunte (So), Whitney Kirby (So), Camille Pfister (So)
Graduated (3):  Mariel Box, Kat Ding, Gina Nuccio
Other Losses (1):  Laura Moffatt (?)
Newcomers (4):  Mary Beth Box, Brandie Jay, Brittany Rogers, Anysia Unick
Quick Assessment: Georgia gains a new coaching staff this season, and they are bringing a new approach to the program.  Last season the squad ended one step away from the Super Six, after some problems on beam.  This is an area where Durante excels, and where we could see some immediate impact.  Some step-up efforts and improved consistency will be needed to make up for the loss of Ding and Nuccio.  The GymDogs will also be looking for some quick adjustment from the frosh, especially elite standouts Jay and Rogers.   

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Starting Routines Returning: 18/24
Head Coach: Mark and Rene Cook
Assistant: Samantha Cortez
Returning Starters (7):  Amy Borsellino (Sr), Stephani Canizaro (So), Katherine Grable (Jr), Kelci Lewis (Sr), Shelby Salmon (Jr), Scarlett Williams (Jr), Bailee Zumwalde (Jr)
Other/Injured Returners (1):  Jordan Salsberg (Sr)
Graduated (3):  Mariah Howdeshell, Jamie Pisani, Ginny Salvatore
Other Losses (2):  Sammy Kobas (So), Amanda Siebert (?)
Newcomers (5):  Sydnie Dillard, Heather Elswick, Erin Freier, Keara Glover, Lily Hardin
Quick Assessment:  Arkansas made the Super Six last season, powered by the one-two punch of Grable and Pisani.  Pisani is gone, but the GymBacks welcome back Salsberg and five frosh.  Although the Coaches' Poll knocked the squad back all the way to 12th, Arkansas is still capable of much more.  Much of the success of the squad this season will hinge on the health of Borsellino and Grable.  The loss of the 9.9+ scores of Pisani hurts, but is not a knockout punch for this squad. 

  Table:  Teams #1 to #12

Table:  Teams #13 to #25

Key to the Tables:


Ranking: By 2013 Preseason Coaches' Poll

Coaches: Only regular, paid coaches are listed.

Starting Routines: Defined by starting lineup in last meet of the post season.
Returning Starters:
Defined by starting lineup in last competition
Year in School:
(Is listed as reported on the school's roster)

Fr = Freshman
So = Sophomore
Jr = Junior
Sr = Senior

Status Codes for Returners:

I = major season ending injury in 2012 or preseason 2012-2013
R = retirement/not competing (for any other reason than transfer or injury)
TR = Transfer
RS = Redshirt (note:  not all eligible gymnasts will employ or are awarded a redshirt year)
?=unconfirmed/unknown information


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