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Women's National Rankings for the Week of January 17th, 2022 Featured

Written by Greg
Florida's Trinity Thomas is #1 on FX Florida's Trinity Thomas is #1 on FX (c) 2019 Lloyd Smith, Used by Permission

Michigan continues to lead the Nation after the second week of competition, in the rankings as compiled by RoadToNatinoals.  Utah is 2nd, closely followed by Florida.  OU drops to fourth after problems on BB this week, with LSU in 5th.

It should come as no surprise that Michigan is the top team on VT, but is also the top squad on FX.  LSU leads the UB and Utah leads the BB. 

With more teams and individuals able to record a score, we have a lot of new individuals atop the leader board.  Stanford fifth year senior Kyla Bryant debuts at the top of the AA standings, after last season's limited training period and truncated season.  After her 10 this weekend, Trinity Thomas debuts at #1 on FX.   Thomas is also tied with OU's Katherine LaVasseur for the top spot on VT.  Michigan's Natalie Wojcik is the top beamer.  On UB, Bryant shares the top spot with Wojcik, Kentucky's Raena Worley, LSU's Alyona Shchennikova and Oregon State's Jade Carey.

Here's the top 25:

1.  Michigan, 197.85

2.  Utah, 197.438

3.  Florida 197.338

4.  OU, 197.025

5.  LSU 196.95

6.  Denver, 196.8

7.  Auburn, 196.65

8.  Missouri, 196.6

9.  Kentucky 196.525

10.  Alabama, 196.4

11(t).  Arkansas, 196.325

11(t).  Cal 196.325

13(t). ASU 196.275

13(t).  Stanfod 196.275

15.  Michigan St, 196.175

16.  Iowa, 196.038

17.  WMU, 196.0

18.  SUU, 195.755

19.  Oregon State, 195.55

20.  Arizona 195.5

21.  BYU, 195.488

22.  USU, 195.413

23.  Ohio State, 195.388

24.  Kent St, 195.3

25.  NC State, 195.125 

Link: RoadToNationals

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