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Women's National Rankings for the Week of March 14th Featured

Written by Greg
NC State's Chloe Negrete NC State's Chloe Negrete (c) 2020 Lloyd Smith, Used by Permission

Oklahoma retains the top spot in the National Rankings this week, as compiled by  Florida is just .03 behind in 2nd and early leader Michigan is 0.09 in back in third.  Utah is just another 0.09 in back in 4th. 

LSU moves ahead to fifth at 197.735 while Alabama and Auburn remain tied at 197.65, sharing sixth. 

OU is the top team on UB while Michigan is the top team on VT and FX.  Utah has taken over as the top team on BB. 

The race for the top 16 seeds is tight, with ASU, DU and Ohio State separated by just 0.015 in 14th, 15th and 16th.  A chase pack of Arkansas, UCLA and Illinois leads the battle.  The top 16 seeds are distributed across the Regionals, while a seeded host will be anchored in that Region. 

In the battle for the last non-play in spot, NC State holds the spot, but a number of teams could battle for these slots.  This is important because these teams do not have to go through a tiring play-in round to reach the Regional semifinal.  Places 29 to 36 (generally) will have to go throug an ardous play-in round.  WMU holds the last spot to Regionals, but a tight pack of teams above and below them in the rankings are still contending for these final spots.  A total of 39 teams are still in the running for Regionals.   

Individually, the Oregon State's Jade Carey continues to lead the AA.  She is also tied for the top spot on UB with AU's Sunisa Lee and OU's Audrey Davis.  Lee is now tied with OU's Ragan Smith for the top spot on BB.  OU's Jordan Bowers is the top vaulter, while Florida's Nya Reed is now tied with Michigan's Gabby Wilson atop the FX standings. 

Here are the top 40 teams still in contention for a Top 36 finish and placement at Regionals:

1.  OU, 198.08

2.  Florida, 198.05

3.  Michigan 197.96

4.  Utah, 197.87

5.  LSU, 197.735

6(t).  Alabama, 197.65

6(t).  Auburn, 197.65

7.  LSU, 197.615

8.  Minnesota, 197.395

9.  Kentucky, 197.25

10.  Cal, 197.22

11.  Missouri, 197.19

12.  MSU, 197.125

13.  Oregon State, 197.04

14.  ASU, 196.88

15.  DU, 196.87

16.   Ohio State, 196.865

17.  Arkansas, 196.82

18.  UCLA, 196.795

19.  Illinois, 196.775

20.  Maryland, 196.665

21.  BYU, 196.64

22.  Georgia, 196.575

23.  Iowa, 196.465

24.  Boise State, 196.445

25.  Utah State, 196.435

26.  Iowa State, 196.43

27.  Stanford, 196.415

28.  NC State, 196.33

------ 1-28 have no play-in round -----

29.  Washington, 196.29

30.  Towson, 196.245

31.  SUU, 196.225

32.  Arizona, 196.23

33.  North Carolina, 196.225

34.  WVU, 196.185

35.  San Jose State, 196.165

36.  WMU 196.15

----- Top 36 make Regionals  -----

37.  PSU,  196.06

38.  Kent St, 196.055

40.  CMU, 195.915

All other terms will not advance to the NCAA Regionals.  #39 GWU has been eliminated as they host their Conference Championship.  

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