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Saturday, 23 October 2021 09:52

World Championships: Event Finals, Day 1

Written by Greg

Former PSU star, 2020 Nissen Award winner and two-time NCAA PH champ Stephen Nedoroscik became the first American to win the Gold Medal in the Pommel Horse, with his victory at the 2021 World Championships.  US teammate and former Ohio State standout Alec Yoder finished fifth.

On women's VT, Nebraska commit Csenge Bacsksay of Hungary placed 5th.  Link:  Video


Men's FX

1.  Nicola Bartolini, Italy

2.  Minami Kazuki, Japan

3.  Emil Soravuo, Finland


1.  Nedoroscik

2.  Weng Hao, China

3.  Kaya Kazumi, Japan


1.  Lan Xingyu, China

2.  Marco Lodadio, Italy

3.  Salvatore Maresca, Italy

Women's VT

1.  Rebecca Andrade, Brazil

2.  Asia D'Amato, Italy

3.  Angelina Melnikova, Russian Gymnastics Federation


1.  Wei Xiaoyuan, China

2.  Rebecca Andrade, Brazil

3.  Luo Rui, China

Link: USA Gymnastics

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