Sunday, 03 March 2024 17:21

Arkansas 197.65 at Mizzou 197.525

Arkansas' Lauren Williams tied for 1st on VT with teammate Frankie Price and Mizzou's Sienna Schreiber and Amari Celestine. She also tied for 1st on FX with Tigers Jocelyn Moore and Kennedy Griffin. GymBack Maddie Jones tied for 1st on UB with Mizzou's Hollyn Patrick. Schreiber also won the BB.…
Stanford was led by wins from Asher Hong on R and VT. Teammate JR Chou won the PB while Cardinal Jeremy Bischoff won the HB. Husker Cooper Giles won PH while teammate Sam Phillips won the AA (80.2). For Cal, Tyler Shimizu won FX. Link: Cal Release
DU celebrated Senior Day with a big win. DU's Jessica Hutchinson won the FX with a 10, the AA with a 39.725 and took the UB to lead the Pioneers. Teammate Momoko Iwai won BB (9.975). On VT, DU's Mila Brusch and Rylie Mundell tied for 1st with SJSU's Jaudai…
Sunday, 03 March 2024 17:13

Arizona 196.675 at Washington 196.55

Arizona's Elena Deets won the BB with a 9.975 while teammate Alysen Fears won the AA with a 39.375 and tied for 1st on VT with Washington's Lana Navarro. Washington's Skylar Killough-Wilhelm won UB (9.975) while teammate Emily Innes won FX. Link: UW Release
Sunday, 03 March 2024 17:12

Iowa 196.025 at Sac State 194.9

GymHawk Karina Munoz won the AA (39.525), VT, BB and tied for the FX title with teammate Bailey Libby. Sac St's Kara Houghton won the UB. Link: Iowa Release
Sunday, 03 March 2024 15:55

BGSU 194.5 at Ilinois 196.125

Illini Arielle Ward won the AA (39.275), VT and FX to lead her squad. Lyden Saltness won UB and Mia Takekawa won BB to complete the Illini sweep. Link: Results and Illini Release
Sunday, 03 March 2024 15:51

Ithaca 187.775 at Springfield 189.25

Sophia LeBlanc won UB and the AA (38.175) to lead Springfield to a win in its last regular season meet. Teammate Sage Kaplan won BB while teammate Stacy Taylor won FX. For Ithaca, Natalie Stead won the VT. Link: SC Release
SUNY Cortland took the meet, led by a win from Taylor Goldstein on UB. Teammate Samantha Meadows tied for 1st on BB with Utica's Alexis Castellaneta. Castellaneta also won VT and tied for 1st with teammate Grace Marra on FX. Link: Utica Release
Sunday, 03 March 2024 15:43

Florida 198.225 at Kentucky 198.1

Leanne Wong won UB and BB with 9.975s on her way to a 39.775 AA win. Teammate Anya Pilgrim tied with UK's Raena Worley with 10s on FX. UK's Makenzie Wilson won the VT with a 10. Kentucky's score was a new program record. Link: Results and Release
Sooner Audrey Davis posted a 10 to win UB and teammate Ragan Smith posted a 10 to win BB. OU's Jordan Bowers won the AA with a 39.725, tying for 1st on VT with teammate Hannah Scheible and on FX with teammate Faith Torrez. Link: OU Release
Bridgeport was led by wins from Lola Sepulveda in the AA (39.15), Emily Hernandez on UB and Hannah Barry on BB. Brown's Julia Bedell won VT and FX. Link: Brown Release
Isabella Minervini won UB and Grace Vaillancourt won BB to lead Towson. For WMU, Halle Faulkner won VT and Payton Murphy won FX. Pitt's Kennedy Duke took the AA with a 39.075. Link: Towson Release
For Maryland, Madeline Komoroski led the way with wins on BB and FX. Teammate Natalie Martin won VT while Terp Alexa Rothenbuescher won UB. Yale's Sarah Wilson won AA with a 39.25. Link: SCSU Release
Husker Emma Spence won UB and the AA (39.475) to lead her squad. Teammate Martina Comin tied for 1st on FX with teammate Sophia McClelland and Ill St's Alana Laster. She also tied for 1st on VT with Ill St's Angelica Labat and UNC's Lali Dekanoidze. Six tied for 1st…
Sunday, 03 March 2024 15:32

EMU 196.425 at Kent St 197.2

Kent State posted their 2nd highest ever score to defeat EMU's 3rd ever highest score. Kent St picked up wins from Kyndall Gilbert on VT and Sarah Haxton won UB. Teammate Heidi Schultz tied for 1st on BB with EMU's Raisa Boris. A trio of Kent St athletes tied for…
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