Friday, 11 March 2022 20:26

Cal 196.875, Pitt 195.375 at Ohio State 197.1

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Buckeye Stephanie Berger tied for titles on UB (with teammate Nicole Riccardi) and BB (with Cal's Maya Bordas and Mya Lauzon). On VT, tOSU's Jenna Hlavach and Sydney Jennings tied for first along with Cal's Bordas, Milan Clausi and Maddie Williams along with Pitt's Ciara Ward. Bordas also won FX…
Friday, 11 March 2022 20:25

Bridgeport 189.25 at Brown 193.5

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Brown was paced by wins from Angela Xing on VT, Mei Li Costa on UB, Taylor Schulze on BB, and Carolanne Van Zandt on FX. Kianna Session led a trio of UB AAers with a 38.375. Link: Release
aryland's Audrey Barber won the AA (39.625), FX and tied for titles on VT and BB. Teammates Sierra Kondo and Aleka Tsiknias tied for 1st on UB. Terp Emma Silberman and Towson's Lauren Keener also shared the BB title. Towson's Camille Vitoff and GWU's Deja Chambliss shared the VT title.…
Thursday, 10 March 2022 19:31

BGSU 194.625 at Illinois 197.35

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Illinois celebrated Senior Night with a win over BGSU. Mia Takekawa posted a 10 on BB and took the AA with a 39.75 to lead the Illini. She also won UB and tied for the FX title with teammates Abby Mueller and Amelia Knight. Teammate Arayah Simons won the VT.…
Thursday, 10 March 2022 16:38

Sac State 192.475 at Arizona 196.375

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Arizona closed out its home slate with a win and a key 196+ score. Arizona's Malia Hargrove won the (39.15) and tied for 1st on UB with teammates Bailey McCabe and Elena Deets. Gymcat Jessica Castles won VT while teammate Serena Linton won BB. Caroline Herry completed a sweep with…
Washington's Skylar Killough Wilhelm won BB and the AA (39.425). On FX, Husky Amara Cunningham tied with Stanford's Kyla Bryant and USU's Brie Cark. Cunningham and Bryant also tied for 1st on VT with USU's Rebecca Wells. Stanford's Grace Waguespack won the UB. Stanford's final score was impacted by a…
Sunday, 06 March 2022 17:56

UNH 195.95, West Chester 192.95 at Temple 195.15

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UNH was led Kylie Gorgenyi, who won VT and UB. For Temple, Ariana Castrence won the AA with a 39.275 and tied for the BB title with teammate Julianna Roland. Temple's Brooke Donabedian won the FX. Link: UNH Release
Sunday, 06 March 2022 17:51

Bridgeport 184.725 at Brown 194.6

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Mei Li Costa won the UB with a school record 9.975 and Julia Bedell won VT and FX to lead Brown. Teammate Taylor Schulze won BB. Kiana Session led a trio of UB AAers at 37.275. Link: Brown Release
Sunday, 06 March 2022 17:49

Cal 197.2 at UCLA 198.05

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Bruin Jordan Chiles won FX with a 10 and UB with a 9.975 en route to a 39.8 AA win. Teammate Chae Campbell won VT with a 9.95 while teammate Emma Malabuyo won BB (9.975) Link: UCLA Release
Jordan Bowers won VT and UB to lead the Sooners to a win and another 198+ score. Teammate Ragan Smith added a win on BB while OU's Audrey Davis won the AA (39.4). On FX, OU's Smith, Danae Fletcher, Danielle Sievers and Carly Woodward tied with TWU's Isabel Goyco for…
SUNY Brockport took the win, led by Alexis Castellaneta's win on BB and her tie for 1st on FX (with RIC's Olivia Keyes). Teammate Sydney Schumaker won the VT. Glynis Curcione set a new school record for SUNY-Cortland in winning the UB. Keyes took the AA for RIC with a…
Sunday, 06 March 2022 16:02

Men's: OU 400.9, W&N 377.8 at Springfield 373.95

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OU employed its depth to secure a win at Springfield. The Sooners were led by Vitaliy Guimaraes, who won PB and PH. OU also picked up wins from: Alan Camillus on R, Emre Dodanli on FX, Daniel Simmons on VT and Jack Freeman on HB. Link: OU Release
Sunday, 06 March 2022 15:07

Springfield 184.175 at Ithaca 187.0

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For Ithaca, Dallas Rachal won VT and Marlena Bailey won UB won the FX. For Springfield, MacKenzie MacLeod won the BB and FX. Link: Release
Sunday, 06 March 2022 15:05

UNC 196.475 at LIU 195.075

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Elizabeth Culton won BB (9.975) and teammate Emery Summey won VT to lead UNC. Teammate Hannah Nam tied with LIU's Ella Barrington for the FX title. For the Sharks, Mara Titarsolej posted her first 10 to win UB. Link: LIU Release
Sunday, 06 March 2022 15:02

Ball St 195.4 at WVU 196.25

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WVU's Kianna Yancey tied for the FX title with Ball St's Hannah Ruthberg. Ruthberg took the AA (39.325). Teammate Suki Pfister won VT, while teammate Megan Teter won UB. Ball St's Taylor Waldo won the BB. Link: Ball St Release
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