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Q1: Where are regionals and nationals being held?

A1: The Women's national/regionals sites:

Women's Schedule:  2022-2026

Meet 2023 2024 2025 2026
Nationals Dallas-Fort Worth (TWU) Dallas-Fort Worth (TWU) Dallas-Fort Worth (TWU) Dallas-Fort Worth (TWU)















Oregon State





2023:  PSU

2024:  Ohio State

2025:  Michigan

2026:  Illinois


Q2: How do Women's teams qualify for Nationals?

A2: The Top 36 teams ranked by their Regional Qualifying Score (RQS) will qualify to the Regionals. See Q4 below for an explanation of the RQS.  9 teams will be selected into each of the four Regionals.  The first day, the two lowest rated squads in the Regional will have a "play-in" dual meet to qualify to the Regional semi-final.  Two sessions of four teams will compete on the second day, with two advancing from each session.  Finally, at the Regional Final, the top two (of four) will advance.

The 8 teams will qualify to the National Semi-Finals.  Four teams will compete in each session, with two from each to advance to the "Four on the Floor" final. 

Q3: What is the Women's NQS?

A3: The Negional Qualifying Score (NQS) is determined from the total of a team's best three away meet scores plus top three home or away scores. The high score is thrown out and remaining five are averaged.

Q4: How are Conference meets treated in the RQS?

A4: The host team must count the Conference Meet as a home meet. For the rest, its an away meet.

Q5: How are the Women's teams seeded?

A5: The Women are seeded by criteria established by the NCAA Committee. 

Q6: How do individuals qualify to Women's Nationals?

A5: The women can qualify to Nationals as All-Arounders or Event Winners. The top AAers in each Regional, NOT on a qualifying team advance to Nationals. The top event placer not on an advancing team on each individual event will also qualify.