Saturday, 09 March 2024 17:18

UW-Oshkosh Wins WIAC Championships

UW-Oshkosh won the WIAC Championships/NCGA West Regional with a 192.875. UW-Whitewater was 2nd at 192.275, just ahead of UW-La Crosse. The top two teams advance to the NCGA Nationals. 4th was UW-Stout at 190.775, while Winona State was 5th at 188.175. UW-Eau Claire placed 6th at 187.05, followed by Gustavus…
Brockport won the NCGA East Region Championships with a 192.1, with Cortland 2nd at 191.65 and RIC was close behind in third at 191.575. The top two teams advance to the NCGA Nationals. Host Ithaca was 4th at 190.95, Ursinus 5th at 190.275, Springfield 6th at 189.77 and Utica 7th…
Saturday, 09 March 2024 17:11

UCLA 196.325 at ASU 196.625

ASU's Emily White won BB and teammate Sarah Clark tied for the UB title with UCLA's Alex Irvine. Bruin Katelyn Rosen won the AA with a 39.45, and also won the VT. Teammate Nya Reed won the FX. Link: ASU Release
MSU's Skyla Schulte won BB and FX (9.975) on her way to a 39.575 AA win. Teammate Delanie Harkness won UB while Spartans MaKayla Tucker and Olivia Zsarmani tied for the VT title. Link: MSU Release
Ohio State posted a big win over the visiting Wolverines on Saturday afternoon. Kameron Nelson led the Buckeyes, winning FX and VT. Teammate Kristian Grahovski won PH while Buckeye Tyler Rockwood won PB. For Michigan, Javier Alfonso won R while Fred Richard won HB and posted an 84.35 in the…
Greenville posted a big win over Simpson on Saturday. Greenville picked up wins from Zach Connelly on FX, Landon Benas on PH, Logan Watterson on VT, Kevin Laurino on PB and Jacob Foster on HB. Simpson's Brian Rollison denied the sweep with a win on R. Link: Results
Maddox Pabellon won PH for Army as his squad used their overall depth for the narrow win. Springfield picked up wins from Sam Kaplan on PB and Owen Carney on HB. For W&M, Garrett Kasiski won FX, Niko Greenly won R and Sam Lee took the VT. Link: W&M Release
The Aggies were led by Amelia Moneymaker, who won the AA at 39.45 and placed 1st on UB. Teammate Keanna Abraham won VT while Aggie Anna Holtan won BB. For Ill St, Alana Laster won FX. Link: Ill St Release
Oregon State was led by Jade Carey, who won the BB and tied for the UB title with teammate Sage Thompson. Teammate Sophia Esposito won the FX. For Washington, Lana Navarro won the VT and Skylar Killough-Wilhelm won the AA (39.475) Link: UW Release
Friday, 08 March 2024 22:30

PSU 196.525 at SUU 196.85

rista Goodman won UB and teammate Ellie Cacciola won BB to lead the Flippin' Birds. For PSU, Ava Piedrahita won VT and the AA (39.525). Teammate Bella Salcedo won the FX. Link: Release
Friday, 08 March 2024 22:29

Ohio State 197.125 at BYU 196.45

Ohio State prevailed as BYU hosted Senior Night. Payton Harris won VT and the AA (39.45) to lead the Buckeyes. Teammate Nicole Riccardi won UB while teammate Ella Hodges won FX. For BYU, Brynlee Andersen won the BB (9.975). Link: BYU Release
Friday, 08 March 2024 22:27

Utah 197.875 at Arizona 195.725

Ute Grace McCallum won the AA with a 39.675, posting at 10 on UB to win there. She also tied for 1st on FX with teammate Jaylene Gilstrap. Ute Maile O'Keefe won the BB (9.975). Ute Jaedyn Rucker tied for 1st on VT with Ariz's Malia Hargrove. Link: Ute Release
Bama topped 198 on Senior Night with some big marks. The Tide's Luisa Blanco, a senior, posted 10s to win VT and FX. She also took the AA with a 39.85 and tied for 1st on UB with Illini Mia Takekawa. Bama's Lilly Hudson and Gabby Gladieux tied for 1st…
Friday, 08 March 2024 22:22

Kentucky 197.8 at UNC 196.525

Kentucky posted a big night as UNC celebrated Senior Night. Kentucky was led by Raena Worley, who posted a 10 to win FX and won the AA (39.7). She also tied for 1st on BB and VT with teammate Isabella Magnelli. Teammate Mackenzie Wilson also shared 1st on VT, along…
Friday, 08 March 2024 22:21

Iowa 196.45 at Iowa St 196.175

Iowa disrupted the Cyclone Senior Night with a win. Karina Munoz led the GymHawks, winning the AA (39.45) and tying for 1st on BB with teammate Ilka Juk. She also tied for 1st on VT with ISU's Josie Bergstrom and Emilie Hong. Loganne Basuel won UB while Cyclone teammate Noelle…
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