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Friday, 02 April 2010 04:36

2010-11 Leah Miko to Bowling Green

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Leah Miko, L10 at Gymnastics World in Ohio, has committed to walk on to Bowling Green next season according to a news article.  She recently won her state high school all around title and she placed 9th AA at the Ohio State Optional Championships.

News Article

Wednesday, 31 March 2010 04:30

2010-11 Fosnow to SEMO

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Megan Fosnow, L10 from Midwest Twisters in Wisconsin, has committed to SEMO for the 2010-11 season.  Fosnow has had an active competitive season and she recently finished 3rd AA at the Wisconsin State Championships.


Tuesday, 30 March 2010 15:47

2010-11 Michelle Shnayder to Brown

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Michelle Shnayder, L10 from Buffalo Grove Gymnastics in Illinois, has committed to Brown for next season.  Shnayder has placed 1st or 2nd AA in her meets this season, including a 2nd place finish (1st FX) at the Illinois State meet.
Video on Gymnastike
Tuesday, 30 March 2010 05:43

2011-12 McGee to Denver

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Nina McGee, L10 at Gym-Nation in Ohio, has reportedly verballed to Denver for the 2011-12 season.  McGee, who won FX in the 2009 JO, Jr. C session, has had a strong 2010 season.  She finished 1st AA (1st BB/FX) at the Chicago Style Meet and qualified to the Liukin Cup.  She recently finished 3rd AA (1st FX) at the Ohio State Championships.

Watch her 1st place FX routine on Gymnastike

Tuesday, 30 March 2010 04:43

Bradley to Kent State

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Shirley Bradley, L10 of Michigan Elite, has verbally committed to Kent State for the 2010-2011 season.  She recently qualified for the L10 State competition after coming back from an injury.  Bradley was a triple crown winner finishing 1st AA at the L9 State, Regional and JO Eastern National Championships last season.


Monday, 29 March 2010 17:47

Regional Seeds Announced

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The NCAA announced the seedings and lineups for the Women's Regionals.  The seeding system has change, making the assignments more difficult to predict.  All 36 teams are now qualified regardless of home region.  In addition, the remaining teams can now be placed outside their regions.   This and other considerations created some surprising inequalities, with the Regional at Penn State having only three teams ranked in the Top 32 and the Regionals at Utah and UK having all six teams with no team ranked lower than 23rd or 27th.



Most state meets were held this past weekend.  This list indicates the results for college bound L10s that have been posted so far.  Look for updates as more results are posted.  If you have a link to results that have not been posted, please send me an IM or email. Links to the full results are posted with the Club Results under the "Results" tab on the front page.

Jamie Armijo, SUU: 3rd AA
Brittany Kinal, UW: competed one event
Kassandra Lopez, Utah: 1st AA; 1st V/UB/FX
Aliza Vaccher, UW: 1st AA; 1st V/UB/BB/FX
Raquel Willman, BYU: 3rd AA

Elise Kerner, Cornell: 7th AA
Dallas Crawford, Cal: 2nd AA; 1st UB/FX
Kelly Field, SJSU: 3rd AA
Madeline Kenney, UCDavis: 7th AA
Kaitlyn Moorehead, DU: 1st AA; 1st V/UB/FX
Amanda Spinner, Stanford: competed two events: 1st BB

Alyssa Gale, Utah: competed two events
Henrietta Green, ISU: 2nd AA
Elideth Guerrero, Sacramento: 11th AA
Hailey Johnson, ISU: 1st AA; 1st V/BB/FX
Jennifer Nguyen, SUU: 9th AA
Kailyn Ono, UCDavis: 4th AA
Cerise Witherby, OSU: 1st AA; 1st V/FX

Emily Anderson, NCSU: 2nd AA
Madeline Bannon, USAF: 6th AA
Holly Cunningham, Kentucky: 2nd AA; 1st V
Victoria Shanley, Utah: 7th AA
Kiersten Wang: UF, 1st AA; 1st V/UB/BB/FX

Hope Sloanhoffer, WVU: 1st AA; 1st V/UB/BB/FX

Leslie Bell, BYU: 11th AA
Sarena Bumbarger, MSU: 3rd AA; 1st BB
Alex Deluca, Oh.St.: 12th AA
Naomi Devries, NCSU:  5th AA
Alexandra Feeken, Uminn: 6th AA
Abbey Habicht, Auburn: 4th AA; 1st UB
Kayla Hani, Ball St: 7th AA
Shelby Hilton, LSU: 3rd AA
Catherine Hires, UGA: 2nd AA; 1st V/BB
Natasha Jufko, NIU: 8th AA
Brittany Noble, UF: 1st AA; 1st V/FX
Gabriela Swanson, BGSU: 10th AA
Leah Wilson, Ball St: 6th AA
Sarah Wolford, Iowa: competed 3 events

Milan Ivory, ISU: competed two events: 1st V
Megan Kurdelmeier, NCSU: 7th AA; 1st FX
Michelle Shealy, ISU: 3rd AA; 1st BB

Megan Alvarez, UMinn: competed two events
Christine Bailye, WMU:  4th AA
Jenna Bossle, Ill. St.: 8th AA
Brittany Canfield, Kentucky:  3rd AA

Alessandra Cinfio, BSU:  6th AA
Stephanie Colbert: competed two events; 1st V
Kaylan Earls, UGA: 1st AA; 1st V/UB/FX
Sarah Fielder, Illinois: 1st AA, 1st UB/BB
Kimberly Gotlund, NIU: 19th AA
Linnaea Hance, USAF: 10th AA
Megan Harrington, BGSU: 8th AA
Emily Heinz, CMU: 15th AA
Sydney Hoerr, Iowa: 9th AA
E. Anna Hunt, WMU: 21st AA
Gabrielle Jannotta, Alaska: 17th AA
Kristen Leiberman, BSU 16th AA
Kelsey Mazur, MSU:  5th AA
Nicole McGarel, Illinois: competed 2 events
Colleen Mulcahy, Missouri: 4th AA; 1st UB
Jordan Naleway, Illinois: 3rd AA
Britani Price, Missouri: 13th AA
Kimberly Pickerl, SEMO: competed one event,
Alexis Schmidt, Ohio St: 5th AA

Michelle Shnayder, Brown: 2nd AA; 1st FX
Samantha Wagner, USU: 14th AA

Heidi Beckerich, SUNY-Brockport: 4th AA
Lauren Caldemeyer, Stanford: competed 1 event
Emily Cornwell, UNC: 4th AA; 1st UB
Elizabeth McNabb, Illinois: 1st AA; 1st V/UB/BB/FX
Emily Peterson, Alaska: 2nd AA

Olivia Carisella, Bama: 1st AA; 1st V/UB/BB/FX

Alexis Carroll, PSU: 1st AA; 1st V/UB/BB/FX
Katy Dodds, Maryland: 2nd AA; 1st V
Dayah Haley, WVU: 3rd AA
Stephanie Quellette, NCSU: 1st AA; 1st UB/BB
Katie Rogers, Brown: 6th AA
Kayla Sienkowski, Kentucky: 3rd AA
Krystal Welsh, PSU: competed one event
Betsy Zander, GWU: 4th AA; 1st FX

Janelle Minichiello, UNH: 1st AA; 1st V
Alexis Schupp, Cornell: 6th AA
Karen Tang, Maryland: competed 2 events; 1st UB/BB

Alexys Aben, SUU: 1st AA; 1st V/FX
Lauren Bledsoe, WMU: 2nd AA
Bri Hogan, Pitt: 1st AA; 1st UB
Brittany Petzold, CMU: 5th AA
Macy Sump, WVU: 6th AA
Kelsey Turquist, WMU: 3rd AA; 1st BB

Jessie DeZiel, Nebraska: 1st AA; 1st V/UB/BB
Laura Jollie, MSU: competed three events
Amber See, Illinois: 2nd AA; 1st FX
Kayla Slechta, Uminn: competed two events
Rachel Vaske, USU: 8th AA
Bailee Zumwalde, Arkansas: 3rd AA

Missouri (results are not broken out by event placement)
Sarah DeMeo, Alabama: 1st AA
Paige Jones, USU: 3rd AA
Samantha Seaman, ASU: 11th AA

Amanda Lauer, Nebraska: 3 events; 1st BB
Jennifer Lauer, Nebraska: 1st AA; 1st UB/FX
Desire' Stephenson Nebraska: 2 events

New Jersey*
Brittanie DeMeno, Temple: 5th AA
Brianna Ecklof, So. Ct:  8th AA
Stephanie Giameo, Maryland: 2nd AA, 1st BB
Kristen Harabedian, NCSU: 3rd AA
Lane Jarred, NCSU: 1st AA, 1st BB/FX
Luisa Leal, Rutgers: 2nd AA, 1st V/UB
Elizabethe Manzi, Maryland: 1st AA, 1st BB

*The NJ-USAG page indicates college choices for the following graduating seniors, but the announcements do not indicate whether these athletes will compete in college.
Alexis Gunzelman, Rutgers: 3rd AA; 1st UB
Alexandria Ivol, Rutgers: 7th AA
Tori Kane, Michigan: 5th AA: 1st FX
Shannon Martin, So. Ct.: competed 1 event
Kristen Vignola,  Ball State: 11th AA

New York (all ages combined)
Rebecca Freedman, Brown: competed 1 event
Nicole Galluzzo, Pitt: 9th AA
Lizzy Garcia, Maryland: 18th AA
Kayla Gray, UNH: competed 3 events; 1st BB
Jillian Hudson, UNH: 11th AA
Jasmine Johnson, Temple: 30th AA
Taline Lahcanski, Brown: 1st AA; 1st FX

Kori MacDonald, Pitt: 15th AA
Samantha Marrero, SEMO: 13th AA
Alexa Riech, Denver: 23rd AA; 1st V
Megan Walker, Auburn: 1st AA

Diahanna Ham, NCSU (has not signed): 1stAA; 1st V/FX
Amanda Outafi, BSU: 4th AA
Ciera Perkins, BSU: 4th AA; 1st FX

North Carolina
Kristin Aloi, UNC: 5th AA
Kimberly Jacob, Alabama: 1st AA; 1st V/BB/FX
Kailyn Hawkins, Nebraska: 4th AA
Sarah Persinger, UGA: 3rd AA; 1st UB/BB

Victoria Aepli, Ohio St: 4th AA
Acacia Costentino, UNC: 1st AA; 1st UB/BB
Nina McGee, Denver: 3rd AA; 1st FX
Lean Miko, BGSU: 9th AA
Dianna Moock, Penn: 5th AA
Nikki Moore, Kent St: competed two events
Lacey Swords, BGSU: 1st AA; 1st V/UB/BB
Sasha Tsikhanovich, Auburn: 2nd AA; 1st FX

Brittany Harris, OSU: 1st AA; 1st UB/FX
Hayden Ward,OU: 1st AA; 1st V/UB/FX

Pennsylvania (results are not broken down by event placement)
Allison Antenucci, Towson: 10th AA
Marie Case, Kent St: 2nd AA
Alexa Davis, Towson: 5th AA
Lia Del Priore, Utah: 4th AA
Taylor Huey, SEMO: 6th AA
Kiera Kenney, GWU: 6th AA
Stephanie Plaugher, West Chester: 15th AA
Jessica Pritchard, W&M: 5th AA
Joanna Sampson, Michigan: 1st AA
Melanie Shaffer, Ohio St: 12th AA
Alyssa Straub, Rutgers: 1st AA
Kassidy Strauder, PSU: 5th AA
Rebecca Tutka, Utah: 3rd AA
Sarah Wetter, Cornell: 16th AA

S. Carolina
Tesla Cox, Iowa: 1st AA; 1st UB
Ellen Marion, NCSU: 4th AA; 1st V/FX

Stephani Canizaro, Arkansas: 1st AA; 1st V/UB/BB/FX
Audrey Harrison, Ky: 1st AA; 1st V/UB/BB

Lara Albright, UW: competed 1 event
McKenzie Bristol, WVU: 12th AA
Llominicia Hall, LSU: 1st AA; 1st V
Alaina Johnson, UF: 3rd AA; 1st FX
Caryn Kadous, Auburn: 4th AA
Maliah Mathis, LSU: 2nd AA
Margaret Mayfield, TWU: 16th AA
Sarie Morrison, LSU: 17th AA
Lindsay Musgrove, PSU: 8th AA
Stacey Sorenson, SUU: 11th AA
Taylor Spears, Oklahoma: 5th AA; 1st BB
Sachi Sugiyama, Michigan: competed one event
Katelyn Trevino, Missouri: 6th AA

Megan Bain, BYU: 1st AA; 1st V/UB/BB/FX
Hailee Hansen, Utah: 1st AA; 1st  V/FX
Mary Beth Lofgren, Utah: 2 events; 1st  UB/BB
Paisley Reed, TWU: 2nd AA

Sylvie Borschel, Temple: 4th AA
Katie Durst, W&M: 5th AA
Paige Krall, Kentucky: 1st AA; 1st UB/BB
Larson Lasek, W&M: 5th AA
Megan Melendez, NIU: 6th AA
Katie O'Rourke, Pitt: 1st AA; 1st BB/FX
Lia Salzano, WVU: 3rd AA
Ebony Walters, Maryland: 6th AA; 1st UB

KayCee Gassaway, BYU: 4th AA; 1st FX
Kelsey Morris, BSU; 1st AA; 1st V/UB/BB

Erin Brady, SEMO: 3rd AA; 1st V
Emily Bucher, USAF: 1st AA; 1st UB
Megan Fosnow, SEMO: 3rd AA
McKenzie Fox, LSU: competed 2 events
Katherine Grable, Arkansas: 1st AA; 1st V/BB
Dusti Russell, UMinn: 2nd AA; 1st UB/FX
Sunday, 28 March 2010 23:17

Women's National Rankings for the Week of March 29th

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The race to the regionals are over, and the top 36 teams have made it into the Regional meet.  Alabama holds onto the top spot in this week's rankings, with OU second and UCLA third.  UCLA's Vanessa Zamarripa takes over the top AA spot this week.  She also drew into a tie with LSU's Susan Jackson on the vault, while UCLA's Anna Li retains the top spot on UB.  OU's Hollie Vise leads BB, while teammate Jackie Flanery retains her lead on FX.

Sunday, 28 March 2010 19:05

2011-12 Spencer Jones to TWU

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Spencer Jones, L10 from Achievers in Texas, has committed to the TWU for the 2011-12 season.  She has had an active competitive season this year, finishing in the top 10 at her meets and finishing 10th AA at the Texas Option State Championships.


Saturday, 27 March 2010 21:18

Bridgeport Wins ECAC Div II Title

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Bridgeport claimed the Div II ECAC title, posting a 192.35 to easily outdistance SCSU (186.05) and West Chester (180.125).  Bridgeport's Miranda Der won the AA with a 38.55.

Link:  Bridgeport Release

Saturday, 27 March 2010 21:14

NCGA Event Finals

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The NCGA event finals were held and four new champions were crowned.

VT:  Justine Weyer, UW Whitewater

UB:  Meghan Hargens, UW Stout

BB:  Kira Oldham-Curtis, Ursinus

FX:  Gaby Hooper, UW La Crosse

Link:  SC Release

Saturday, 27 March 2010 21:02

SUU Wins WAC Title

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SUU won the WAC title with a 195.8, just edging Boise State at 195.7.  Utah State was in third with a 193.675.  SUU's Elise Wheeler won the AA title with a 39.375.


Saturday, 27 March 2010 20:57

UC Davis Wins MPSF Title

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UC Davis posted a 194.15 to defeat SPU's 192.85 and Air Force's 192.5.  Kendall McCann of UC Davis won the AA with a 38.575.

Link:  Results

Saturday, 27 March 2010 20:54

TWU Captures MIC Championship

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TWU captured the MIC Championships, posting a 193.275 to edge Illinois State's 193.15.  SEMO was just behind in 193.1 in a "to the wire" finish.  Frosh Brittany Johnson led TWU, winning the AA with a 38.85.

Link:  TWU Release

Saturday, 27 March 2010 20:48

UCLA Wins Pac 10 Title

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UCLA posted a 197.35 to win the Pac 10 title, outpacing Stanford and Oregon State.  UCLA's Vanessa Zamarripa won the AA with a 39.575.  Teammate Anna Li posted a 10 on UB.

Link:  UCLA Release

Saturday, 27 March 2010 18:45

Florida Wins SEC Title

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Florida won the SEC title with a 197.05, edging Bama's 196.875.  UGA was just behind at 196.825 in a hotly contested race.  Bama's Ashley Priess won the AA title with a 39.5.

Link:  Results from the SECs

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