Using the Site: The New

Here is a brief overview of using the Home Page of the site. 

Home: You can use the Home button to return to the front page at any time.

Top Bar Menu: The Top Bar menu has drop down locations to navigate to links and to places within the site as quickly as possible. This menu stays the same on each and every page, while the side menus will change.

News: Men's Teams and News: Women's Teams: These are select releases from NCAA teams that are published via an RSS feed and published here in semi-real time. Only teams that provide a valid RSS feed are listed. Media relations personnel, please contact the site if you wish to be added.

News from the Web: These are articles collected from various web sites and republished here. Click the "read more" link to read older articles. Articles on the web do expire, so you may find that the link becomes broken. These articles all must relate to college gymnastics or potential recruits.  Some articles are collected automatically and curated for content. 

Today's News: These are original content items from the site. By clicking on each title, you get the full article, links and embedded photos/video. Using the links in the left bar menu, you can restrict your reading to just" Recruiting News" or "Results and Recaps" and "General News". Also, by going to the Latest News section under the News section of the top bar menu, you can have additional search and sort options.

Pictorial Showcase at Top:
These are lengthier articles, illustrated with photos, that will hold a featured position on the site for some time.

Search: The Search box in the top right will search on both articles from the site, and the news feeds from the various schools. The system defaults to search on ALL keywords you enter. So, if you want a broad search, just enter one word, as the next screen will allow you to narrow down your search further.

Registration: Registered users can access functions that are not enabled for Guests, such as commenting and suggesting videos. The form to register is quite simple. Check your email, however, for a registration confirmation email. You must click on the link in that email to verify your registration.

NCAA on Twitter: This section features a selection of tweets from NCAA teams, in real time.  Retweets are included and may include non-Gymnastics material. 

Latest Videos: These are videos submitted and linked by users or the staff.  They must contain current or future NCAA gymnasts.  Informational content about schools and topics other than gymnastics will be rejected.  All submissions must be approved.