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2024 Recruit Ratings

Written by Class of 2024 Ratings Class of 2024 Ratings (c) 2023

Our ratings of the top recruits in the Class of 2024 (for entry in the 2024-2025) are now available.  Continue to read below to find out more.  The ratings were done by applying a predominantly objective and quantitative rating system that is explained in this article:  LINK

Fine differences in levels of achievement, skills competed, execution, scores and placements may impact a gymnast's rating.  All are very accomplished and skilled gymnasts, and many talented gymnasts are not included here.  If you feel an athlete should have qualified to the list, due to missing data or video evidence please use the contact information to send in the athlete's name, and if possible provide a link to the missing qualifying information. 

Ratings will be finalized by September 2024, prior to the start of an athlete's freshman year.  At that time, uncommitted athletes will be removed.  All athletes within a star category are listed in alphabetic order (by first name), not in any rated order.  Certain athletes have rolled over from prior years, and there are continued to be listed until they definitively declare an intent not to go to college for gymnastics.   

If you notice a name that may be a half star below where she was noted previously, it may be due to a recent major injury.  Gymnasts with lower difficulty but adequate for the NCAA may place higher than elite-rated athletes, as long as they have good execution.

The updated Class of 2023 ratings are found here:  Link   The 2022 rankings are in the archive section in the Recruit section of the site.  The 2025 rankings will be published within a month.  We are awaiting the final elite competitions of 2024 to update our ratings.   

Last Revision:  5/27/24  (Note:  entries are finalized by September 2024)

5 Stars

Addison Fatta Oklahoma
Aurélie Tran Iowa
Avery Neff Utah
Elizabeth Leary Penn State
Elle Mueller Oklahoma
Joscelyn Roberson Arkansas
Kailin Chio LSU
Kaliya Lincoln LSU
Lily Pederson Oklahoma
Macy McGowan UCLA
Madison Gustitus San Jose State
Skye Blakely Florida


4.5 Stars

Allison Kaempfer Penn State
Anna Flynn Cashion Kentucky
Ava Stewart Minnesota
Deb Silva BYU
Ellie Monahan Penn State
Harlyn Tomlin Georgia
Jahzara Ranger Michigan
Jaime Dugan Stanford
Jennifer Gadirova Uncommitted
Katelyn Jong Auburn
Kaylie Medrano USU
Kelsey Slade Oklahoma
Levi Jung-Ruivivar Stanford
Lexi Zeiss LSU
Lily Bruce Florida
Marissa Neal Auburn
Ondine Achampong California
Paityn Walker Alabama
Railey Jackson Missouri
Ryan Fuller Alabama
Rylee Guevara Ohio State
Sophia Kaloudis Oregon State
Ui Soma Stanford
Zoe Johnson Utah
Zoe Miller LSU


4 Stars

Amy Fukami Michigan
Chloe Cho Illinois
Clara Raposo Utah
Donna Uhlenberg Rutgers
Guilianna Fiorillo Oregon State
Jenna Lalonde Nebraska
JJ Coleman Ohio State
Kaia Tanskanen Missouri
Kennedy Brown Illinois
Kristina Shchennikova Boise State
Kylee Kvamme Alabama
Lisa Szeibert Missouri
Lucie Kirchner Michigan
Lundyn Vandertoolen Utah State
McCauley Harrington Minnesota
Meika Lee Pittsburgh
Mika Webster-Longin UCLA
Olivia Kelly Missouri
Peyton Davis Michigan
Sadie Jane Berry Georgia
Sasha Fujisaka UCLA
Savannah Ray Illinois State


3.5 Stars

Alana Walker Minnesota
Aliyah Kelly NIU
Allie Misenheimer Air Force
Alyssa Bigler Air Force
Amy Jorgensen Uncommitted
Aubrey Krohnfeldt Arizona
Audrey Sanger Michigan
Bella Misiura PSU
Cady Duplissis Michigan State
Caroline Volk NC State
Chesney Bennett Kentucky
CJ Keuneke California
Danika Nielsen Clemson
Frederique Sgarbossa Iowa State
Jordan Valahovic North Carolina
Molly Peterson Nebraska
Mya Gordon Illinois
Olivia Ahern Auburn
Sophia Bell Auburn
Sophie Parenti Michigan
Sydney Barros UCLA
Teryn Crump Minnesota


3 Star

Abigail Bednar Kentucky
Alexia Mouyenga Washington
Alyssa Orgen Florida
Amy Doyle Michigan State
Ava Johnson SJSU
Ava Myers NC State
Ava Wellmeier Central Michigan
Ayla Acevedo Missouri
Bailey Upton TWU
Bridget Kemp Boise State
Camryn Chiu Pittsburgh
Camryn Richardson UCLA
Daisy Stephenson BYU
Danille Latronica Penn State
Delaney Adrian Rutgers
Emerson Smith WVU
Grace Drexler Arkansas
Hannah Clark Clemson
Haylee Hardin Iowa State
Jenna Timmons Arizona State
Jessica Janicke Arizona
Jordanna Phillis Uncommitted
Karleigh DiCello West Virginia
Kayla Shaw BGSU
Kendra Chang Stanford
Kyleigh Ghanbari TWU
Lanie Stone BGSU
Lila Pileggi Pitt
Love Birt Alabama
Maggie Murphy  Maryland
Mani Fofana Penn
Mia Hampton SUU
Mya Wiley California
Nicole Rengifo Uncommitted
Nika Kritski Uncommitted
Nina Laurito Iowa
Nyla Aquino UGA
Olivia Orengo Utah State
Reilan Garvey Western Michigan
Riley Maness WVU
Ryan Noonan Kentucky
Samantha Macasu San Jose State
Sarah Saville Maryland
Sophie Hampp Denver
Taeva Greenberg BYU
Taylor Clark Florida
Zoe Safran GWU
Zoe Zimmerman CMU


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