Women's Live Links

Women's - Saturday, February 24th
Meet Time Stats Video
GWU at PSU 4:00 ET Link CSL
W&M at NC State 4:00 ET Link ESPN3
UW La Crosse at UW Whitewater 4:00 CT Link FREE
Arizona at ASU 4:00 MT Link Pac 12
Towson, Ursinus, WMU at Rutgers 7:00 ET Link  
Stanford at Washington 4:00 PT Link FREE (fixed)
UNH, Temple at Air Force 6:00 MT TBD FREE
Pitt at Nebraska 7:00 CT Link Fee
Meet Time Stats Video
WMU at Ball State 1:00 ET TBD TBD
Rutgers at CMU 1:00 ET TBD CSL
Brown, Yale at UNH 1:00 ET Link TBD
SCSU at Springfield 1:00 ET TBD TBD
Brockport St at Ursinus 1:00 ET TBD TBD
Alabama at UGA 2:00 ET Link SECN
TWU, UW-Whitewater at Lindenwood 1:00 CT Link Link
Air Force at SEMO 1:00 ET Link Link
EMU, GWU, Pitt at WVU 1:00 ET Link Link
ASU at Arizona 1:00 MT TBD Pac 12
Illinois, NIU, UIC at Illinois St 2:00 CT TBD Link
Washington at Oregon State 12:00 PT Link Pac 12
Florida at LSU 2:30 CT Link SECN
Cal at UCLA 1:00 PT Link Pac 12
Bridgeport, PSU, West Chester at Penn 4:30 ET TBD Link
USU at San Jose State 2:00 PT Link Link
Centenary at Alaska 2:00 AT Link Link

Men's Live Links

Men's - Saturday, February 24th 
Meet Time Stats Video
Springfield, W&M at Army 1:00 ET TBD FREE
Michigan at Illinois 3:00 CT TBD BTN2Go
Minnesota at PSU 4:00 ET Link FREE
Navy at OU 7:00 CT TBD Fee

Links listed as TBD were not available at time of the original posting; TBA indicates a link will be posted at meet time.  Please check the link or the host school's site to see if a link is now provided.  If you have a link we have missed, please be sure to submit it.  See our Twitter College Gymnastics list for real time updates from 60+ different teams all aggregated into one stream!  For real-time final score updates while you are on the go, you can also follow our Twitter posts via tablet or phone.


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