2011-2012 Newcomers

The table below lists Women's commits and signings for incoming frosh for the 2011-2012 school year, consisting mainly of 2011 high school graduates.  Men's commits are in the Men's section.  Please see the information at the bottom of the page for important explanations about this page.  Scholarship counts in BOLD are based on our survey of coaches conducted in June/July of 2010.  Athletes should always contact the school to get the latest information.  Coaches, please check your email for the latest survey or call or contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Submissions: Site submissions of commits and other news items can be made to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by using the contact form.  Press Releases and other signed statements can be FAXed to (415) 873-1523 or sent via regular post.  See thecontact page for more information.

Counts shown in BOLD are from June 2010 survey responses.  Responses in italics are estimates made by CollegeGymFans.com or are from last year's survey.  N/A indicates that no athletic-based aid is offered.

College or University

# Available for incoming '11-'12 (total/remaining)

Air Force; roster
All appointments include

Elaina Cammarata, Trinity, L10; per newspaper article
Lindsay Ebel, Colorado Aerials, L10/former jr. international elite
Kimberly McRobbie, WOGA, L10; per club
Alexandra Stych, Midwest Gymnastics, L10; per club
Jessica Wallander, Metroplex, L10

Alabama; release; roster

2 to 3/0

Kaitlyn Clark, Precision, Elite
Hunter Dennis, Will Moor, L10
Lora Leigh Frost, Calvin Twisters, L10
Brooke Parker, Capital, Elite
Kayla Williams, CGA, Elite; per Club Twitter

Alaska; release; roster

4 / 0


Chelsey Baker, Gymnastics Plus (FL), L10; per newspaper
Jeanette Conrad, L10, Coast Elite
Morgan Cook, Hot Springs, L9/10; per newspaper
Sariaye Jensen, Brown's, L10
Paige Pirie, Newnan, L10
Kiana Whipple, Team OC, L10

Arizona; release; release 2


Danielle Buchanan, Gymnastics Olympica, L10; walkon
Allison Flores, IGI, L10; per club
Kristin Klarenbach, Canadian National Team, Sr. High Performance
Amber Wobma, Geddart's Twistars, L10; per club

Arizona State; release; roster

Brianna Gades, PGA, L10
Natelle Gentile, Team OC, L10
Morgan Steigerwalt, Parkettes, L10/sr. international elite
Natasha Sundby, Technique, L10

Arkansas; release; roster



Stephani Canizaro, Gymstars, L10
Sammy Kolbas, Arena, L10

Auburn; release; roster


Lexus Demers, Midwest, L10
Brianna Guy, Docksiders, L10
Caryn Kadous, Aerial Athletics, L10
Kelsey Thomasson, Courthouse, L10
Megan Walker, Southern Tier, L10/former jr. intl elite
Brittany Webster, KGDC, L10; per club website

Ball State; release; release 2; roster

1 to 2/ 0

Caroline Fiscus, Gym Dandy's
Samantha Santos, United Gymnastix
Madison Shorts, Buckeye, L10/former jr. international

Boise State; release; roster



Caitlin Mann, Tumbleweeds, L10
Kelsey Morris, Leading Edge, L10
Erica Oswalt, Gymcats, L10
Ciara Perkins, Gymcats, L10

Bowling Green; release; roster


Jamilah Ali, Northeast Elite, L10
Chelsea Anderson, CGA, L10
Amanda Lievendag, Harford, L10
Gina Locigno,
American Twister, L10
Alyssa Nocella, Silvia's, L10; not on roster
Rachel Perry, World Class, L10
Alexadra Porter, Park Avenue, L10

Bridgeport (Div II)


Brown; roster


Danielle Hoffman, Dynamic, L10
Allison Rubenstein, ENA Paramus, L10



Margo Lindstrom, Brown's, L10
Jordan Schult, CGI, L10

California, Berkeley (Cal);


Leilani Alfteros, transfer from Oregon St
Madison Kratzke, SGA, L10
Crystal Paz, California Gymnastics Academy

California, Davis (UC Davis); release;

1 full, 1 partial/1


 Kayla DeFrancesco, SCEGA, L10

California, Los Angeles (UCLA); release; roster


Sadiqua Bynum, Head Over Heels, L10
Ellette Craddock, San Mateo, L10
Christina "Peng Peng" Lee, Oakville, Canada Sr. High Performance; deferring to 2012
Mattie Larson, All Olympia, Sr. International Elite; may enter in 2011 or 2012
Ti Liu, Gymnix, Sr. High Performance, walkon

Dana McDonald, Darrell Boykins, L10
Cassie Whitcomb, CGA, sr. international elite/L10, per club

Centenary; release; release; roster


Lauren Cullen, Bart Conner, L10
Natalie Humbert, LaFleur's, L10
Sylvia Keiter, Champion, L10

Christina Navarro, Texas Dreams, L9
Lissa Naylor, Elite Champion
Noel Stubbs, Gymnastics United, L10

Central Michigan; Release; roster


Rebecca Druien, Energym, L10
Kylie Fagan, Euro Stars, L10

Tori Garcia, IGI, L10
Presslee Harrald, Krafft, L10
Halle Moraw, Gymnastics Training Center, L10
Taylor Noonan, CGI, L10
Tenisha Tomlinson, Gymnastics Mississauga, National Open
Rachel York, Krafft, L10/former jr. international

Cornell; Roster


Taylor Madison, Airborne, L9/L10
Jessica Starcevich, Gymnastics East, L10
Abaigeal Thompson, Capitol, L10
Samantha VanderPutten, Gymnastics East, L10
Maia Vernacchia, Performance Athletics, L10
Corinne Werauch, Midwest MN, L10
Christine Wong, Rebound,

Denver; roster


Kayle Carlsen, Douglasville, L10
Shannon LeBlanc, Suncoast, L10; no longer on roster
Nina McGee, Gym-Nation, L10
Ellese Sakai-Hart, Airborne, L10
Emily Warfield, transfer from ASU

Eastern Michigan; release; roster



Allie Lekson, CGA, L10; per Club's Twitter
Carrina Lo Bello, Gemini, Canadian Sr. High Performance
Paulina Miller, Alta, Canadian National Open
Alyssa Nolan, Imagine, L10
Nikki Paterson, Oakville, Canada National Open

Jamie Radermacher, Naydenov, L10
Ariyanna Smith, Buckeye, L10
Anna Willette, Harford, L10

Florida; release;   roster


Brittany Arlington, Chelle Stack's, L10
Kytra Hunter, Hill's, sr. international elite; was supposed to enter in 2011
Jamie Shisler, Coast Elite, L10; joined in January 2012
Rachel Spicer, Metroplex, L10; joined in January 2012
Kiersten Wang, Colorado Aerials, L10 

George Washington; roster


Kaija Aploks, Valley, L9
Elena Corcoran,  X-Cel, L10
Brenna Marcoux, Winninger's, L10
Nikki Minervino, Gym East, L9
Courtney Willoughby, Brestyan's, L10

Georgia; Release; Roster



Chelsea Davis, Texas Dreams, sr. international elite
Demetria Hunte, Imagine, L10
Whitney Kirby, Shooting Stars, L10
Sarah Persinger, Southeastern, L10/former sr. international elite
Camille Pfister, Gymnastics Academy of GA, L10

Illinois; release; release 2; roster



Kelsi Eberly, Prestige, L10
Sunny Kato, Team OC, L10
Nicole McGarel, Phenom, L10
Jordan Naleway, Aerial Gymnastics, L10
Gabriella Nguyen, IGI, L10; walkon

Illinois-Chicago; releaseroster


Chelsea Bailey, IGI, L10
Lexi Brown, IGI, L10
Alyssa Cruz, IGI/Aerial
Citlali Cuevas
Katelynne Johnson
Gabrielle May, Panthers, Canada Sr. High Performance
Tamara Moten, United Gymnastics, L10

Illinois State; release; roster


Riley Childress, Gymstars (TN), L10
Samantha King, Michigan Academy, L10
Kristin Lieberman, transfer from Boise State
Heather Pena, Park Avenue, L10
Megan Yee, Naperville, L10

Iowa; release; roster


Emily Bigras, Bluewater, Canada National Open
Sydney Hoerr, Rising Stars, L10
Miranda Meyer, Champion, Sr. High Performance, Canada
Jessica Morreale, Energym, L10
Emma Willis, Bluewater, Sr. High Performance, Canada
Sarah Wolford, Tampa Bay Turners, L10

Iowa State; release; roster


Caitlin Brown, TAGS South, L10; per club

Kent State; roster



Stephanie Comini, Oakland, L10
Chelsea Drooger, Champion, L10; walkon, per news article
Whitnee Johnson, Show Me, L10
Kelsey Lawless, Elite, L10
Amiah Mims, Wrights, L10
Nicole Radon, Stumpf's, L10
Shelley Rider, Meadowlands, L10

Kentucky; release; roster


Angie Goodwyn, Frederick's, L10
Alexis Gross, Docksiders, L10
Kenzie Hedges, United Elite, Elite
Shelby Hilton, Tampa Bay, L10; not on roster
Laura Simeone, Kurt Thomas, L10; not on roster
Shannon Mitchell, Hills, L10
Sara Shipley, American Twisters, L10
Jessica Staples, St. Charles, L10; per newspaper

Lindenwood (Div II)


Leviticus Knighten, Coast Elite, L10

LSU; release; release 2; roster


Rheagan Courville, Gymnasiana, sr. international elite
Lloimincia Hall, Texas Dreams, L10; per club
Jessie Jordan, Zenith Elite, L10/former elite; graduating early and joining in January
Randi Lau, Kokokahi, L10/former jr. international
Britney Ranzy, transfer from Oregon State; in January

Maryland; release; roster


Lizzy Garcia, NYC Elite, L10
Stephanie Giameo, ENA NJ, L10; per club
Emily Heller, ACPR, L10
Danielle Kram, Hill's, L10
Shannon Skochko, Silvia's, L10
Nicole Wright, World Class, L10

Michigan; release; roster



Annette Miele, Parkettes, L10/former elite
Sachi Sugiyama, Top Flight, L10

Michigan State; release; release 2; roster



Alina Cartwright, Legacy, L10
Alexandra Gosselin, Euro Stars, L10
Ashley Noll, ASAP, L10
Ashley Stevenson, SCEGA, L10; per club
Carson Tabiolo, HITS, L10

Minnesota; release; roster



Jennifer Covers, Crystal Lake, L10
Kylie Schermann, TAGS South, L10; per club web site
Cierra Tomson, Gymnastics Unlimited, L10

Missouri; release; release 2; roster


Briana Conkle, North Florida, L10
Rebecca Johnson, Midwest Twisters, L10; walkon
Laura Kappler, Revolution, L10; walkon
Colleen Mulcahy, Arena, L10
Rachel Updike, KGDC, L10/former jr. international

Nebraska; release; roster



Jessie DeZiel, Twin City Twisters, L10/sr. international elite, per club
Amanda Lauer, Premier, L10; walkon per newspaper article
Jennifer Lauer, Premier, L10; per newspaper
Kailyn Hawkins, Southeastern, L10
Desire Stephens, Nebraska Gold, L10

New Hampshire; release; roster



Alie Davis, Champion, L10
Kelsey Fachini, NEGX, L10
Kayla Gray, Gleason's, L10
Adrienne Hill, Richmond Olympiad, L10
Erika Rudiger, Brook-Lin Center, L10

North Carolina; release; roster

2 in-state/0

Janell Sargent, Roses, L10
Haley Watts, Southeastern, L10

North Carolina State; release; roster



Naomi DeVries, Tampa Bay Turners, per club web site
Lane Jarred, Arena (NJ), L10
Megan Kurdelmeier, Gymnastix, L10
Connor Smith, High Point, L10

Northern Illinois;


Kelly Nortz, Great Lakes, L10
Amanda Stepp, All American Flames, L10

Ohio State; release; roster


Sarah Grady, WGA Texans, L10
Alexis Schmidt, United, L10
Morgan Zlotolow, Gold Medal, L10

Oklahoma; release; roster



Lara Albright, transfer from Washington
Erica Brewer, Champion, L10
Rebecca Clark, GAGE, international elite, per her official website
Jaclyn Shelton, Calgary Gym Centre, National Open
Haley Sorensen, Cypress, L10; walkon 

Oregon State; release; roster



Stefanie Daley, NAAG, L10; will attend per club
Taylor Keeker, MAC, L10; walkon
Katelyn Ohlrich, Cascade All Star, L10
Kailie Ponto, LEGA, L10; will attend per club

Chelsea Tang, NAAG, L10; per TV
Cerise Witherby, Wildfire, L10; per club

Penn; roster


Sara Allan, Chelsea Piers, L10
Makeda Constable, Dynamic, L10
McKenzie Davis, GAGE, L10
Dara DiLeo, Giants, L10
Wynne Levy, Mannettes, L9
Kaitlyn Reskowski, Action, L10
Amanda Schlaeffer, Bay Aerials, L10
Jen Silver, West Coast Oympic Gymnastics Academy, L9
Amber Woo, West Coast Olympic Gymnastics Academy, L10

Penn State; release; roster


Alexis Carroll, Hills, L10
Krystal Welsh, Docksiders, L10; per club
Alexandra Witt, LaFleur's Tampa, L10


Pittsburgh; release; roster

2 to 3/0


Hayley Bodenheimer, Salem, L10/former jr. international elite
Bri Hogan, Geddart's Twistars, L10
Brittany Marcsisin, Arena, L10; walkon
Alexa Riech, transfer from DU

Haley Sedgewick, Oakland, L10 

Rutgers; roster

3 / 0


Anastasia Halbig, Berk's, L10
Emma Hoffman, Rebound, L10
Kayla Mercado, Parkettes, L10
Sara Skammer, United, L10

Sacramento State (CSUS); release; roster


Kalliah McCartney, MAC, L10
Tina Necas, Brown's LV, L10; per club
Heather Nevins, Central California, L10; not in release
Dallas Smith, Naydenov, L10
Claire Torgerson, Byer's, L10; per article
Kayla Wonderly, MAC, L10

San Jose State (SJSU); release; release 2;


Kiley Field, Gold Coast, L10
Dannon Gregory, PGA, L10
Cami Guyer, Gym East, L10
Alyssa Montalban, Byers, L10

Seattle Pacific (Div II);

5 partial/0 

Sydney Clark, NAAG, L10
Shannon Escarra, Newnan, L10
Cara Lord, Berk's East, L10
McKenna Page, Gym East, L10; per club website
Amanda Willingham, Ruidoso, L10

Southern Connecticut State (Div II); roster


Meghan Cole, Action, L10
Jenny Kaufman, New Image, L10
Samantha Menichini, United, L10
Taylor Rohrbaugh, ASAP, L10
Chelcie Rosborough, Docksiders, L10
Emily Shelton, Interstate, L10

Southern Utah; release; roster


Jamie Armijo, Desert Lights, L10
Rochelle Bernier, Capital City, Canada National Open
Ana Jaworski, Airborne, L10
Brittney Jensen, North Davis, L10
Carly Sigler, Desert Lights, L10
Stacey Sorensen, Cypress, L1

Southeast Missouri; release



Arielle Bulls, Imagine, L10
Taylor Huey, Prestige, L10
Nicole Nickels, Xtreme, L10


Stanford; release; release 2; roster


Alex Archer, Precision, L10
Pauline Hanset, Premier Athletics
Ivana Hong, WOGA, sr. international elite
Samantha Shapiro, All Olympia, Sr. International Elite; originally intended to defer to 2012
Becky Wing, UK National Team, elite

Temple; release; release 2; roster



Alexis Arena, Gymnastika, L10
Lauren Capone, Spirit, L10; per family
Alexandra "Ali" Forcucci, International, L10
Michelle Lynn, Spirit Gymnastics, L10; will attend per recruiting service
Taylor Rakus, AJS Pancott
Natali Ruzich, ENA Paramus, L10
Cheyenne Stickel, Lehigh Valley, L10
Stephanie Verry, Sterling, L10

Texas Woman's (Div II); release; roster


Cailee Ellsworth, Elite Champion, L10
Kayla Jones, International, L10
Spencer Jones, Achiever's, L10
Stephanie Repp, Gold Cup, L10

Towson; release

1.5 / 0

Janis Konkle, All-Star, L10
Samantha Lutz, Elite Energy, L10
Lauren Ross, Daggett's, L10
Diona Straub, Galaxy, L10

Utah; release; release 2; roster


Kailah Delaney, KIPS, L10
Georgia Dabritz, Ace, Sr. International Elite; may sign in spring or next fall
Kassandra Lopez, Tumbleweeds, L10; per club
Rebecca Tutka, Parkettes, L10/former elite
Tory Wilson, Gold Cup, L10

Utah State; release; roster


Breyanna Aufiero, Deltchev, L10
Kaitlyn Betts, Euro Stars, L10
Ashley Follett, All American, L10
Sarah Landes, Dynamo, L10
Kristen Meyers, EDGE, L10
Susie Miller, Technique, L10
Jenna Saxton, KPAC, L10

Washington; release; release 2; roster

3 to 4/0

McKenzie Fechter, M&M, L10/former jr. international elite
Brittany Kinal, Carter's, L10; per club; at school but retired
Doris Lynk, Desert Lights, L10; walkon
Jaclyn McCartin, Charter Oak, Senior International Elite
Madison Podlucky, Auburn Gymnastics Center, L10 

Western Michigan; release; roster


Michelle Adams, Oshkosh, L10
Alexis Moore, Twistars, L9
Shelby Pflug, Aerials, L10 

West Virginia; release; release 2; roster


Parker Beattie, Richmond, L10; walkon
Reilly Beattie, Richmond, L10; walkon
Beth Deal, Gymniks, L10
Dayah Haley, Hill's, L10
Jamie Judge, Revolution, L10
Lia Salzano, Capital, L10
Erica Smith, L10/former jr. international, walkon
Macy Sump, Geddart's Twistars, L10; per newspaper

William and Mary; roster


Breanna Gawron, Gymnastics and More, L10
Maggie Lundeen, Palmer's, L10
Stacia Ruse, SIGS, L10
Brandy Stover, SIGS, L10
Carleigh Wrobel,  Capital (VA), L10

 Winona State; roster



Brooke Baures, Deutschs, L10
Leah Butterbaugh, JETS, L9
Elizabeth Green, Gymnastics Spectrum, L9
Shelby Hikermann
Sabrina Hoover, Gleasons, L10
Kelsey Metz
Melanee Pfautz, Twin City, L9
Autumn Robinson
Ashley Shuck, Diamond, L9
Danielle Thenell, Chatfield, L9

Yale; roster


Brianna Chrisman, California Sports Center, L10
Joyce Li, Airborne, L10; per club
Katherine Lucas, Brandy Johnson, L10
Morgan Traina, West Coast Elite, L10

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Brianna Guy, Docksiders, L10