Skills of Note in the 2020 Season (W)

The following is a listing of high level skills performed by women's NCAA competitors in the 2019 Season.  To make this list, the skill had to be successfully competed in a meet sometime during the season.  The skill competed must have an FIG rating of "E" or "F" or "G", or an FIG Vault Difficult Value of 5.0 or higher.  Due to it's high usage in a number of routines, the commonly performed Pike Jaeger on UB, a 2017 FIG upgrade to an E, has been excluded to keep the list size manageable.  

The issue of escalating difficult leading to higher injury rates and more wear and tear on the athlete is important.  The purpose of this list is not to encourage or foster unreasonable risk or other threats to the safety of the athletes.  In fact, many of the skills on this list were only competed in special circumstances.  This list simply serves as an archive and collection of skills actually performed by the athletes.

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