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Friday, 23 April 2010 09:08

Sato and Yee to compete in college next year

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According to a news article, two L10s from Hawaii plan to compete in college next season. Mackenzie Sato, who recently placed 6th AA (1st fx) at regionals, will compete for Cornell next season.  Keolamau Yee, who placed 4th at regionals, will compete for Penn.


Thursday, 22 April 2010 21:53

LSU's Susan Jackson Wins 2010 AA Title

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LSU's Susan Jackson won the 2010 AA Title, posting a 39.625 to take the title.  Casey Jo Magee of Arkansas was 2nd while Stanford's Carly Janiga was third.

1. Susan Jackson, LSU, 39.625
2. Casey Jo Magee, Arkansas, 39.550
3. Carly Janiga, Stanford, 39.525
4. Geralen Stack-Eaton, Alabama, 39.500
5. Brandi Personett, Penn State, 39.475
6. Sharaya Musser, Penn State, 39.450
7. Daria Bijak, Utah, 39.425
7. Vanessa Zamarripa, UCLA, 39.425
7. Kylee Botterman, Michigan, 39.425

Link:  LSU Release

Thursday, 22 April 2010 21:44

Women's NCAAs Session 2: Bama, UF, Stanford Advance

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Bama won Session 2 of the 2010 Women's NCAAs Preliminaries with a 196.85.  Florida was a close 2nd with a 196.775.  Stanford grabbed the third spot with a 196.3.  Casey Jo Magee of Arkansas was the top AAer in the evening session, posting a 39.55.

Link:  Session II Results

UCLA won the first session of the NCAA Women's Team Preliminaries with a 196.875 (unofficial results based on quick hits).  Utah was just behind at 196.625, followed closely by OU at 196.55.  LSU's Susan Jackson won the AA in this session with a 39.625.  PSU frosh Sharaya Musser was 2nd with a 39.45, just ahead of Utah's Daria Bijak and UCLA's Vanessa Zamarripa at 39.425.

Link:  Unofficial Results

Thursday, 22 April 2010 05:36

2010-11 Kozai to join the Bruins

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Kassidy Kozai, L10 from All Olympia in California, will join the UCLA team as a walkon next season.  Kozai has turned in solid performances all season and she recently placed 2nd AA (1st UB) at the SoCal state meet and 3rd AA (1st UB) at Regionals.

This video is about 5 years old, but gives a glimpse of her potential.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010 10:39

2010-11 Ebel to Air Force

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According to a news article, Lindsay Ebel, L10 from Colorado Aerials, will join USAF this fall.  Ebel recently finished 10th AA at regionals.  USAF previously announced the signing of six recruits.
Tuesday, 20 April 2010 10:28

2010-11 WMU signs Seidowski

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WMU has announced the signing of Kristen Seidowski to round out the 2010-11 recruiting class.  Seidowski competes as a L10 for Geddarts Twistars in Michigan. She recently placed 6th AA (1st UB) at the Michigan State Meet and 23rd AA at Regionals.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010 10:13

2010-11 LSU Signs Zoldos

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Sarah Zoldos, L10 from LaFleurs Tampa in Florida, has signed with LSU in the late signing period.  Zoldos has had a busy competitive season and recently finished 1st AA (1st UB) at her state meet and 4th (1st UB) at regionals.

LSU Press Release


Monday, 19 April 2010 04:35

2011-12 Bernier to SUU

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Canadian Rochelle Bernier has committed to SUU for the 2011-12 season.  Bernier competes at the National Open Level for Capital City Gymnastics in Alberta.  Some of her competition results this season include a 5th place AA (1st V) at the WOGA Classic, 1st place AA finish at the Jurassic Classic, and a 5th place AA finish at the Classic Gymnix.
Sunday, 18 April 2010 18:23

2010-11 Skinner to Missouri

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Alexandra Skinner, L10 from Kurt Thomas Gymnastics in Texas, has committed to Missouri as a walkon for next season.  Skinner competed 3 events at the Texas State Chamipionships and 2 events at regionals.



Saturday, 17 April 2010 23:59

Men's NCAA: Event Finals

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Gymnasts from OU and Stanford took two events each during the individual event finals at the Men's NCAAs.

Event winners at the 2010 Men's NCAA Championships:

FX:  Steven Legendre, OU 16.1

PH:  Alex Naddour, OU, 15.425

Rings:  Brandon Wynn, Ohio State, 15.9

VT:  Eddie Penev, Stanford 16.45

PB:  Ryan Lieberman, Stanford, 15.1

HB: Ryan McCarthy, Michigan, 14.75

Link:  NCAA Release

Saturday, 17 April 2010 23:53

USAG Gymnastics: Event Finals

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Event Winners at the USAG Championships:

Vault: Emily Santoro, Cornell and Kristin Edwards, TWU

UB: Rashonda Cannie, TWU

BB: Brittany Johnson, TWU

FX:  Monica Mesalles, Bridgeport

Link:  TWU Release

Saturday, 17 April 2010 08:54

Men's NCAAs: Cameron Takes AA Title

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Chris Cameron took the National AA Title in the finals of the Men's NCAAs, defeating the defending champion, OU's Steven Legendre.  (We had previously reported the preliminary winner)

Link: NCAA Release

Saturday, 17 April 2010 08:46

Men's NCAAs: Michigan Takes Title

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Michigan took the 2010 NCAA Men's Gymnastics Team Championships, edging Stanford by 0.7 points.   OU was third.  Chris Cameron of Michigan posted a 90.5 to win the AA title.

Link:  Michigan Release

Team Standings FX PH SR VT PB HB Total
MICHIGAN 61.650 58.050 59.500 62.700 59.550 58.650 360.500
Stanford 61.150 56.900 59.350 64.050 59.700 58.550 359.800
Oklahoma 61.150 58.250 58.900 64.200 57.800 358.900 357.050
Illinois 60.000 57.600 56.650 62.750 58.050 58.100 354.900
California 60.650 57.400 58.500 63.400 57.950 56.800 353.150
Ohio State 58.950 54.500 59.900 62.500 55.800 55.700 347.350
Saturday, 17 April 2010 08:43

Bridgeport Wins USAG Title

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After tying with Cornell for the 2009 title, Bridgeport won the title outright in 2010.  Bridgeport hit for a 193.975 to defeat second place TWU.

Link:  Bridgeport Release

Place Team Score
1 University of Bridgeport 193.975
2 TWU 193.600
3 Cornell University 192.525
4 Rutgers University 190.700
Friday, 16 April 2010 17:05

2010-11 USU signs two in the spring signing period

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USU has announced the signing of Paige Jones and Rachel Vaske, confirming earlier information regarding their commitments to USU.  They join Samantha Wagner and Julia Wilkins, who signed in the fall.  Jones, L10 from Edge Gymnastics in Missouri, recently finished 3rd AA in her State Meet and 11th AA at Regionals. Vaske, L10 from Midwest Gymnastics in Minnesota, finished 8th AA in her State Meet and 4th AA at Regionals.
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