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Wednesday, 12 May 2010 09:53

2011-12 Oswalt to Boise State

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Erica Oswalt, L10 from Gymcats in Nevada, has committed to Boise State for the 2011-12 season.  Oswalt has finished in the top five AA in all of ther meets this year, including 1st place wins at the San Diego Classic, the Cactus Cooler and the Purple and Gold.  This finished 3rd AA at her regionals meet and 5th AA at JOs.




Tuesday, 11 May 2010 13:41

Keeping Up with the Recruits - Season Wrap Up

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Past articles summarized some of the results turned in by the recruits of a cross section of teams.  Here is another look at those recruits at the conclusion of the JO season.

Sunday, 09 May 2010 22:52

Women's NIT Results

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Results by senior age group for the Women's NIT tournament run in conjunction with the L10 Nationals.  College commit shown in parenthesis.

Senior A:  Emma Hoffman, Rebound,

Senior B:  Caryn Kadous, Aerial Athletics (AU)

Senior C:  Emily Wong, Red River Valley (NU)

Senior D:  Morgan Byrd, Apollo

Link:  Full Results

Sunday, 09 May 2010 22:39

Men's Junior Olympic Nationals: Event Finals

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NCAA signees were in action again at the Junior Olympic Nationals.  AA champ Sam Mikulak picked up two event wins, winning FX and then coming back with a meet high 16.7 to win VT (see video below).  Here are the event champions in Men's 16-18 (future college name in parentheses):

FX:  Sam Mikulak, SCATS (Michigan)

PH:  Jesse Silverstein, US Gymnastics Dev

Rings:  Alex Bubnov, Surgent's (Michigan)

VT:  Mikulak

PB:  Christopher Turner, West Coast (Stanford)

HB:  Wasef Burbar, Buffalo Grove (PSU)

For video of the winning routines, go to the USA Gymnastics channel on

Link:  USA Gymnastics Story

Saturday, 08 May 2010 23:35

Men's Junior Olympic Nationals: Mikulak Wins AA Final

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Michigan frosh to be Sam Mikulak won the AA title at the 2010 Junior Olympic Men's Gymnastics Championships.  The SCATs athlete held off Jesse Silverstein of the US Gymnastics Development Center II.

1.  Sam Mikulak, SCATS (Michigan)

2.  Jesse Silverstein, US Gymnastics Development Center II

3.  Christopher Turner, West Coast (Stanford)

4.  Wyatt Aycock, Orlando Metro (NU)

5.  Colton Wulf, 5280 (Air Force)

Link:  Results
Saturday, 08 May 2010 23:17

L10 Nationals: Senior D

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Florida signee Alaina Johnson and Bama signee Kimberly Jacob tied for the National AA title in the Senior D division at the L10 Nationals.  Johnson, who trains at Texas East, posted an AA tally of 38.5, and won the UB title.  Jacob, who trains at Superior, matched that tally to share the title.  Sarah DeMeo, who trains at Eagles and is another Bama signee, placed 3rd AA with a 38.45 and won the BB.  Amber See, an Illinois signee from TAGS South, won the VT and FX titles en route to a fourth place tally of 38.25.

1t. Alaina Johnson, Texas East (Florida), 38.5

1t.  Kimberly Jacob, Superior (Bama), 38.5

3.  Sarah DeMeo, Eagles (Bama), 38.45

4.  Amber See, TAGS South (Illinois), 38.25

5.  Diahanna Ham, Gym Cats, (Committed to NC State), 38.0

6.  Brittney Noble, Orlando Metro (Florida), 37.825

7.  Olivia Carisella, Elite (Bama), 37.675

8.  Sarah Fiedler, Libertyville (Illinois), 37.625

9.  Katie O'Rourke, Capital (Pitt), 37.575

10.  Moriah Marin, Ace, 37.525

Link:  Senior D Results

Saturday, 08 May 2010 22:40

L10 Nationals: Senior C

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Arkansas-bound Katherine Grable won the Senior C Division at the L10 Nationals.  The Oshkosh trained athlete posted a 38.2 for the win.  Future teammate Bailee Zumwalde, who trains at the Twin City Twisters, was 2nd.  Washington signee Aliza Vaccher of the Desert Devils placed 3rd AA, and won the National Title on BB.  Oregon State signee Brittany Harris, from the Krafft Academy, was just behind in fourth.  UGA signee Kaylan Earls of Arena won the VT title and placed 5th AA.  Future teammate Catherine Hires (LaFleur's Tampa) claimed the UB title while Auburn signee Sasha Tsikhanovich (Universal) won the FX title.

1.  Katherine Grable, Oshkosh (Arkansas) 38.2

2.  Bailee Zumwalde, TCT (Arkansas), 38.0

3. Aliza Vaccher, Desert Devils (Washington), 37.975

4.  Brittany Harris, Krafft, (Oregon State), 37.95

5.  Kaylan Earls, Arena (UGA), 37.9

6.  Sarah Zoldos, LaFleur's Tampa (LSU), 37.675

7.  Hope Sloanhoffer, Gym Revolution (WVU), 37.475

8.  Betsy Zander, Docksiders (GWU), 37.45

9t.  Scarlett Williams, Elite Gym LA, (Arkansas), 37.375

9t.  Henrietta Green, Charter Oak, (Iowa State), 37.375

Link:  Video Interviews at

Link:  Results

Friday, 07 May 2010 22:13

L10 Nationals: Senior B

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Joanna Sampson won the 2010 Senior AA Championship at the L10 Nationals.  The Michigan commit trains at Ricochets.  LSU commit Lloiminicia Hall, from Texas Dreams, was 2nd AA and tied for 1st on FX with Bama commit Diandra Milliner (Folger's, 6th AA) and Mizzou commit Rachel Updike (KGDC, 7th AA).   Milliner also won VT with a huge 9.95 while Updike won BB.  Oregon State commit Cerise Witherby, who trains at Wildfire, was 3rd AA.  Utah commit Rebecca Tutka was 4th AA.

Senior B competitors are mostly 2011 graduates who are verbal commits at this time, not signees.

1.  Joanna Sampson, Ricochets (Michigan) 38.2

2.  Lloiminicia Hall, Texas Dreams (LSU) 38.025

3.  Cerise Witherby, Wildfire, (Oregon State), 38.0

4.  Rebecca Tutka, Parkettes, (Utah), 37.975

5.  Erica Oswalt, GymCats, 37.7

6.  Diandra Milliner, Folger's (Bama), 37.625

7.  Rachel Updike, KGDC (Missouri), 37.575

8.  Hayden Ward, Dynamo (OU), 37.425

9.  Ana Jaworski, Airborne (SUU), 37.4

10.  Amiah Mims, Wrights, 37.375

Link:  Results

Friday, 07 May 2010 22:06

L10 Nationals: Senior A

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NU commit Jessie DeZiel of the Twin City Twisters won the Senior A division of the 2010 L10 Nationals.  She also won the UB.  Ciera Perkins of GymCats, a Boise State commit, was 2nd AA, including a 1st on FX and a tied for 1st on VT (with IGI's Haley Scaman and Hill's Alexis Carroll, a PSU commit).  Atlatic Coast's Samantha Musto won BB and placed 3rd AA.  Utah commit Kassandra Lopez, who trains at Tumbleweeds, was 4th AA.

1.  Jessie DeZiel, TCT (NU) 38.1

2.  Ciera Perkins, Gym Cats (Boise State), 38.0

3.  Sammie Musto, Atlantic Coast, 37.825

4.  Kassandra Lopez, Tumbleweeds, (Utah), 37.8

5.  Haley Watts, Southeastern, 37.775

6.  Sachi Sugiyama, Top Flight (Michigan) 37.6

7.  Haley Scaman, IGI, 37.575

8t.  Alina Cartwright, Legacy Elite, 37.5

8t.  Alexandra Witt, LaFleur's Tampa, 37.5

10.  Haley Bodenheimer, Salem, 37.325

Note:  These are a mix of 2011 and 2012 high school grads in this age group.

Link:  Results

Michigan signee Sam Mikulak of SCATS won the preliminary round of the men's Junior Olympic Nationals. Jesse Silverstein of the US Development Center is just behind in 2nd.

Link:  JO Nationals

Wednesday, 05 May 2010 14:43

Susan Jackson wins Honda Award for Gymnastics

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LSU has announced that Susan Jackson has won the Honda Award for gymnastics. The Honda Award is given to the top female athletes in 12 sanctioned sports.  As a Honda Award recipient, Jackson is eligible for the Collegiate Female Athlete of the Year award.

Read more:  LSU Announcement



Monday, 03 May 2010 21:46

Level 9 Eastern and Western Nationals

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The Level 9 Eastern and Western Nationals were held this past weekend.  The winners in the senior divisions were:

Senior Age Group Eastern Winner Western Winner
1 Rachel Haines, Geddart's Selynna Felix-Terrazas, Tumbleweeds
2 Alexandra Chretien, Oakland
Nicole Wangler, TAGS South
3 Arlyn Amor, Geddart's
Melissa Feuerborn, KGDC Twisters
4 Chloe Presley, Oakland
Danielle Landry, Auburn
5 Meghan Brannon, LaFleur's Largo
Cheyenne Gavino, Metropolitain
6 Samantha Lutz, Elite Energy
Crystal Paz, Bay Aerials
7 Maria Hayden, Gymini
Victoria Mar, Head Over Heels
8 Olivia Chiu, Grand Blanc
Hailey Wells, Emerald City

Full Results and a story at USA Gymnastics.  Link.

Monday, 03 May 2010 09:57

2010-11 Yeager to Temple

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Lindsey Yeager, a L10 at Berks Gymnastics in PA, will be competing for Temple University next year.  She is a 2 time Level 9 National competitor and is a 3rd year level 10.

Bio and videos

Saturday, 01 May 2010 19:04

2011-12 Sorensen to OU

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Haley Sorensen, L10 at Cypress in Texas, has committed to walk on at Oklahoma for the 2011-12 season.  She competed in the 2009 NIT meet, finishing 6th on BB.  She recently finished  12th AA at her regional meet.  Haley's twin sister, Stacey, committed earlier to SUU.

Web Site


Friday, 30 April 2010 09:42

2010-11 Shaffer to UC Davis

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Christine Shaffer, L10 at Elite Gymnastics in California, will walk on at UC Davis next fall accoring to a news article.  Shaffer has had a busy competitive season, finishing in the top 5 AA at most of her meets.  She finished 2nd AA at the NorCal state meet and 7th AA at Regionals.

News Article



Friday, 30 April 2010 04:29

2010-11 Loehner to EMU

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Chantelle Loehner is headed to EMU next fall.  According to a news article, the L10 from Crystal Lakes Gymnastics in Illinios has accepted an academic scholarship for the first year and an athletic scholarship beginning her sophmore year.  Loehner recently placed 20th AA at her regional meet.

News Article

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