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Temple won the Navy open on Saturday afternoon.  Navy junior Andrew Faulk won the AA with a career-best 85.7 to lead Navy.  He also won on the FX. 

Link:  Navy Release

Saturday, 22 January 2011 15:22

Minnesota 194.45 at MSU 191.4

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Minnesota captured the road win over MSU, posting a 194.45 on Saturday afternoon.  Kendra Elm won the AA for Minnesota, while Gopher frosh Kayla Slechta won VT.  Minnesota senior Kristin Furukawa won BB, while teammates Shannon Golich and Janell Campbell tied for 1st on FX.  For MSU, Nicole Argiros won the UB. 

Link:  MSU Release

Christa Booman led UW LaCrosse with a win in the AA, VT and UB. 

Link:  Results

Rutgers scored a victory for UNC, Penn and Brown on Saturday afternoon.  It was the Scarlet Knights first win over UNC since 1976.  Danielle D'Elia led the way, capturing three of four events.  She won UB, BB and tied for the FX title with teammate Luisa Leal-Restrepo.  Leal placed 1st on VT.  Morgan Evans of UNC won the AA with a 38.85. 

Links:  Rutgers Release

Saturday, 22 January 2011 15:09

West Chester 183.775 at SUNY Cortland 184.35

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Cortland was led sophomore Sarah Nadrowski, who won three events and the AA. 

Link:  Release

Saturday, 22 January 2011 15:02

Illinois and Ohio State Tie at 195.35

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Illinois and Ohio State tied at 195.35, in a meet telecast live on the Big 10 Network.  Ohio State charged out to an early lead with some strong vaults but counted a fall on UB.  After Illinois extended a lead after FX, Ohio State came back to tie the meet with their floor rotation.  Frosh Sarah Miller led Ohio State with wins on BB and FX, while teammate Taylor Jones tied with Illinois' Allison Buckley for the vault title.  Buckley won the AA with a 39.375 while teammate Melissa Fernandez won UB.  

Link:  Ohio State Release

SJ State improved their season best by 1.75 points to win over USU and UW-Eau Claire.  Senior Thomasina Wallace won three events and the AA to lead SJSU.  Wallace won FX (9.925) and BB outright, and tied with teammate Lily Swann for the vault title.  Swann and teammate Alyssa Telles-Nolan tied for the UB title. 

Link:  SJSU Release

Friday, 21 January 2011 23:44

California 190.125 at Washington 195.475

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Washington defeated Cal, with five different athletes winning the events, and overcoming the loss of AAer Hatsune Akaogi (torn Achilles on Tuesday).  Amanda Cline won VT, Ruby Engreitz won UB, Paige Bixler won BB and Kristen Linton won FX.  Finally, frosh Aliza Vaccher was the top AAer. 

Link:  UW Release

Friday, 21 January 2011 21:27

UC Davis 191.95 at CSUF 186.125

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Visiting UC Davis' 191.95 was too much for host Cal St Fullerton, which posted a 186.125.  Frosh Anna Shumaker won VT and BB to lead Davis.  Teammate Marcy Miller won the UB.  CSUF's Alaina Baker won the FX and the AA.  

Link:  UC Davis Release 

Friday, 21 January 2011 21:23

ASU 192.05 at Arizona 193.625

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Arizona defeated in-state rival ASU 193.625 to 192.05, after falling behind early on VT.  Deanna Graham led the way for Arizona, winning the BB and the VT.  Miranda Russell won the UB, Aubree Cristello the FX and Molly Quirk the AA to complete the sweep for Arizona.   

Link:  Arizona Release

Friday, 21 January 2011 21:16

Boise State 195 at Bama 196.325

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Bama counted a fall on BB but still managed to post a season-high 196.325.  Bouyed be 13,636 fans and the return of Geralan Stack-Eaton, who won the BB and tied for the UB title with teammate Ashley Sledge and Boise State's Hannah Redmon.  Bama frosh Diandra Milliner won the VT, while teammate Kayla Hoffman won the FX.   Boise State's Amy Glass won the AA with a 39.375. 

Link:  Bama Release

Friday, 21 January 2011 20:41

BYU and Kent State Tie at 194.775

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BYU tied host Kent State in a quad meet held in Cleveland.  Both squads posted a 194.775, with BYU catching KSU in the final rotation.  GWU was third with a 190.775 while UW Oshkosh posted a 181.775.  Kent State's Christina Lenny won the AA, the VT and tied with BYU's Haylee Rollins on UB.  BYU's Jennifer Lezeu picked up the win on FX.  On BB, GWU's Leslie Delima tied with Kent State's Brianna Skiffington and Marie Case.   

Link:  GWU Release

Friday, 21 January 2011 20:34

WMU 193.8 at SEMO 193.225

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Western Michigan defeated host SEMO's season high 193.225 with a 193.8.  WMU used a balanced team effort overall, as no individuals won an event.   For SEMO, Brianna Gaddie won VT and FX, Christina Sundgren won UB, and Taylor Westrick won BB. 

Link:  SEMO Release

Friday, 21 January 2011 20:30

OU Wins Quad Meet with a 195.3

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OU used a strong final FX rotation to overcome DU and hold off Oregon State for the win.  The Sooners posted a 195.3 after troubles on the UB.  OU's Kayla Nowak posted a 9.9 on the FX to lead OU.  DU's Lourise Mercer won the UB, while teammate Brianna Springer won the AA with a 39.1.  Another teammate, Taylor Sanford, tied for the BB title with Oregon State's Leslie Mak.  Britney Ranzy made her debut for Oregon State, winning the vault.   

Link:  OU Release

Friday, 21 January 2011 20:26

Florida 196.425 at LSU 194

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The Gators continued on a roll, breaking LSU's ten meet home win streak.  Florida's Ashanee Dickeson posted a 39.475 to win the AA and dominate the meet.  She won VT, BB and FX (9.95), and then tied for 1st on UB with four others (LSU's Sarie Morrison plus Gators Nicole Ellis, Elizabeth Mahlich and Alicia Goodwin). 

Link:  LSU Release

Friday, 21 January 2011 20:20

Missouri 194.55 at Iowa State 195.25

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Iowa State defeated the visiting Tigers of Missouri 195.25 to 194.55 in a "Beauty and the Beast" match (combined with wrestling).  For the Cyclones, Shea Anderson won VT, Jody McKellar won UB and Michelle Shealy won BB.  Teamamate Michelle Browning tied for the FX title with Missouri's Lauren Swankowski and Mary Burke.  Burke also captured the AA with a 39.2.  

Link:  Iowa St Release

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