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Saturday, 10 April 2010 21:02

Florida Wins Salt Lake Regional

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Florida posted a big 197.675 to defeat host Utah.  Utah posted a 196.9.  Ashanee Dickerson led Florida, posting a 39.7 for the AA win.  She dominated throughout.  Dickerson also won the BB and tied for the UB with teammates Maranda Smith and Amanda Castillo, and Utah's Daria Bijak.  Dickerson also tied for 1st on FX with a host of others.

Boise State's Hannah Redmon won the VT with a near perfect 9.975, advancing to Nationals on that event.  She also tied for first on FX, where she tied with Utah's Annie DiLuzio, Auburn's Rachel Inniss, and Washington's Kristen Linton and Samantha Walior.  It has not been determined if these other FX co-champs advance.

Two other DU athletes advanced as AAers, with Kelley Hennigan taking the first spot and Brianna Artemev winning the tiebreaker for the 2nd slot.

Link:  Utah Release

Place Team Score
1 FLORIDA 197.675
2 UTAH 196.900
3 DENVER 196.175
4 BOISE STATE 195.950
5 WASHINGTON 195.075
6 AUBURN 194.925


Saturday, 10 April 2010 20:44

Missouri Wins Columbia Regional

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Host #15 Missouri, the #3 seed, advanced as one of three Big 12 teams to advance.  They posted a 196.5 for the win.  Oregon State posted a 196.275 for 2nd.

There will be a new national champion this season as UGA does not advance, losing on the tiebreaker to the Beavers.

Missouri was led by Sarah Shire, who won the AA with a 39.625.  She dominated the Regional, winning VT and tying with Oregon State's Laura Ann Chong on UB and UGA's Courtney McCool on FX.  McCool won BB to advance to Nationals there and on FX.

Iowa's Rebecca Simbhudas advanced as an indvidual AAer.  Minnesota's Alexis Russell won the tiebreaker to advance in the 2nd slot for Nationals.

Link:  UGA Release

Saturday, 10 April 2010 20:30

Bama Wins Lexington Regional

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Alabama posted a 197.4 to win the Lexington Regional.  Nebraska followed with a 195.975 to secure the second slot.

Gerelan Stack-Eaton of Alabama won the AA with a 39.55, edging teammate Ashley Priess.  Stack-Easton tied for 1st on VT with teammate Kayla Hoffman, NU's Erin Davis and Illinois' Allison Buckley and Whitney Rose and on UB with teammate Kassi Price and NU's Britnee Habbib.  Priess won the BB while Bama's Morgan Dennis won the FX.

Sarah Schmidt of Illinois and Nicole Curler of MSU advanced as the top two AAers not on a qualifying squad.

Team Scores:

1. Bama 197.4
2.  NU 195.975
3.  Illinois 195.425
4.  CMU 195.1
5.  UK 194.975
6.  MSU 194.475

Link:  Bama Release

Saturday, 10 April 2010 20:25

OU Wins University Park Regiona;l

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Oklahoma took the regional at University Park, posting a 197.25.  LSU, with a 196.4, stayed ahead of host PSU at 196.05 to grab the other slot.

Brandi Personett (39.55) and Sharaya Musser (39.2) of Penn State went 1-2 in the AA, grabbing the two qualifying spots to Nationals in the process.  Personett and Jackson tied for the VT title.  Jackson also picked up the title on UB.

OU's Hollie Vise won the BB while teammate Jackie Flanery won the FX.

Place Team Score
1 University of Oklahoma 197.250
2 Louisiana State University 196.400
3 Penn State University 196.050
4 University of New Hampshire 194.800
5 Ohio State University 193.875
6 University of Maryland 193.750

Link:  OU Release

Saturday, 10 April 2010 20:20

Stanford Wins Morgantown Regional

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Stanford won the Morgantown Regional with a score of 196.775.  Michigan was second with a 195.8 and advances.

Michigan's Kylee Botterman won the AA with a 39.55, just ahead of Stanford's Carly Janiga.  Stanford's Shelley Alexander won the VT and BB.  Michigan's Jordan Sexton won the UB, while Botterman and teammate Natalie Beilstein tied for the FX title.

The two AAers advancing who are not part of a qualifying team are Taylor Seaman of NC State and Elise Wheeler of SUU.

Team Standings:

Place Team Score
1 Stanford University 196.775
2 University of Michigan 195.800
3 Southern Utah University 195.325
4 West Virginia University 195.100
5 Kent State University 194.825
6 North Carolina State University 193.425

Link:  Michigan Release

Friday, 09 April 2010 18:55

Keeping Up with the Recruits - JO Regionals

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JO Regional meets are being held this weekend.  Placements for signees/commits will be updated as they become available.

Region 1
Jamie Armijo, SUU: 4th AA
Megan Bain, BYU: 2nd AA; 1st BB
Dallas Crawford, Cal: 4th AA; 1st UB
Kailah Delaney, Utah: 2nd AA; 1st V/BB
Kiley Field, SJSU: 15th AA
Ana Jaworski, SUU: 2nd AA
Alyssa Gale, Utah: 11th AA
Natalie Gentile, ASU: 5th AA
Henriette Green, ISU: 5th AA
Elideth Guerrero, Sacremento St: 9th AA; 1st BB
Diahanna Ham, NCSU: 1st AA; 1st V/FX
Hailee Hansen, Utah: 15th AA
Hailey Johnson, ISU: 4th AA
Melanie Jorgensen, Cornell: 15th AA
Madeline Kennedy, UC Davis: 5th AA; 1st V
Kassidy Kozai, UCLA: 3rd AA; 1st UB
Kassandra Lopez, Utah: 1st AA; 1st FX
Caitlin Mann, OU: 2nd AA; 1st UB
Kaitlyn Moorhead, Denver: 3rd AA
Ali Myers, Sacremento St: 14th AA
Jennifer Nguyen, SUU: 8th AA
Kailyn Ono, UCDavis: 10th AA
Amanda Otuafi, Boise State: 6th AA
Ciera Perkins, Boise State: 3rd AA; 1st V
Paisley Read, TWU: 5th AA
Ellese Sakhi-Hart, Denver: 8th AA
Christine Shaffer, Davis: 7th AA
Natasha Sundby, ASU: 12th AA
Aliza Vaccher, UW: 1st AA; 1st V/UB/BB/FX
Racquel Willman, BYU: 13th AA
Cerise Witherby, OSU: 1st AA; 1st BB/FX

Region 2
Kaycee Gassaway, BYU: 3rd AA; 1st V
Kelsey Morris, Boise St: 1st AA; 1st BB/FX
Makenzie Sato, Cornell: 6th AA; 1st FX
Keolamau Yee, Penn: 4th AA

Region 3
Lara Albright, UW: 6th AA
Emily Anderson, NCSU: 3rd AA
Madeline Bannon, USAF: 9th AA
Mackenzie Bristol, WVU: 4th AA
Holly Cunningham, Ky: 3rd AA
Lindsay Ebel, USAF: 10th AA
Lloiminicia Hall, LSU: 1st AA
Jessica Hanner, USAF: 11th AA
Preslee Harrald, ASU: 2nd AA; 1st FX
Brittany Harris, OSU: 2nd AA; 1st UB/FX
Katie Hawthorne, USAF: 13th AA
Alaina Johnson, UF: 1st AA; 1st FX
Spencer Jones, TWU: 6th AA
Morgan Key, Alaska: 10th AA
Caryn Kodous, Auburn: 8th AA
Maliah Mathis, LSU: 1st AA; 1st V
Margaret Mayfield, TWU: 16th AA
Dieandra Milliner, Alabama: 3rd AA; 1st V/UB/FX
Lindsey Musgrove, PSU: 2nd AA; 1st UB
Stacey Sorensen, SUU: 3 events
Taylor Spears, OU: 4th AA
Sachi Sugiyama, Michigan: 5th AA; 1st V
Katelyn Trevino, Mo: 5th AA; 1st V
Rachel Updike, Mo: 7th AA; 1st BB
Taryn Vaderpool, SEMO: 11th AA
Kirsten Wang, UF: 2nd AA
Hayden Ward, OU: 4th AA

Region 4
Erin Brady, SEMO: 6th AA
Emily Bucher, USAF: 4th AA
Sara Demeo, Alabama: 1st AA; 1st UB/BB/FX
Jessie DeZiel, Nebraska: 1st AA; 1st V/UB
Megan Fosnow, SEMO: 10th AA
McKenzie Fox, LSU: 16th AA
Cami Gilman, SJSU: 9th AA
Katherine Grable, Arkansas: 1st AA; 1st V
Laura Jollie, MSU: 9th AA
Paige Jones, USU: 11th AA
Jennifer Larsen, USAF: 5th AA
Amanda Lauer, Nebraska: 2nd AA; 1st BB
Jennifer Lauer, Nebraska: 4th AA
Kaylee Meyers, EMU: 3rd AA
Dusti Russell, UMinn: 3rd AA; 1st BB/FX
Kayla Schlecta, UMinn: 8th AA
Jamie Schleppenbach, Nebraska: 5th AA
Samantha Seaman, ASU: 9th AA
Amber See, Illinois: 2nd AA; 1st V
Aftyn Seimer, Ball St: 22nd AA
Desiree Stephens, Nebraska: 10th AA
Rachel Vaske, USU: 4th AA
Emily Wong, Nebraska: 8th AA
Bailee Zumwalde, Arkansas: 2nd AA; 1st UB

Region 5 
Alexys Aben, SUU:  9th AA; 1st V
Victoria Aepli, Ohio St:  3rd AA
Christine Bailye, WMU:  17th AA
Lauren Bledsoe, WMU:  6th AA
Jenna Bossle, Ill. St:  20th AA
Brittany Canfield, Kentucky: 18th AA; 1st FX
Alesandra Cinfio, Boise St:  7th AA
Stephanie Colbert, Mich:14th AA
Emily Cornwell, UNC:  10th AA; 1st BB
Acacia Cosentino, UNC:  9th AA
Kaylan Earls, UGA:  1st AA; 1st V/UB/BB/FX
Sarah Fiedler, Illinois: 2nd AA
Ali Flores, Arizona: 17th AA
Megan Gill, MSU: 28th AA
Lauren Hance, USAF: 10th AA
Megan Harrington, BGSU:  4th AA
Sidney Hoerr, Iowa:  3rd AA
Bri Hogan, Pitt:  11th AA
Anna Hunt, WMU:  12th AA
Gabrielle Janotta, Alaska:  18th AA
Samantha Kolbas, Arkansas: 1st AA; 1st V/UB/BB
Kristen Lieberman, Boise St: 4th AA
Chantelle Loehner, EMU: 20th AA
Kelsey Mazur, MSU:  6th AA
Nicole McGarel: Illinois: 2nd AA; 1st V
Elizabeth McNabb: Illinois:  25th AA
Nina McGee: Denver:  15th AA; 1st FX
Nikki Moore, Kent St:  16th AA; 1st V
Colleen Mulcahy, Mo: 3rd AA; 1st UB
Jordan Naleway, Illinois:  6th AA; 1st FX
Taylor Patterson, EMU: 21st AA
Emily Petersen, Alaska: 5th AA; 1st UB
Brittany Petzold, CMU: 2nd AA
Kimberly Pickerl: SEMO:  13t AA
Brittani Price, Mo:  4th AA
Shelby Salmon, Arkansas:  1st AA
Alexis Schmidt, Ohio St: 8th AA
Kristen Seidowski, WMU: 23rd AA
Aftyn Seimer, Ball St: 21st AA
Michelle Shnayder, Brown:  7th AA
Macie Sump, WVU:  3rd AA
Sasha Tsikhanovich, Auburn:4th AA
Kelsey Turnquist, WMU: 12th AA
Samantha Wagner: USU:  10th AA

Region 6
Janelle Minichiello, UNH: 1st AA
Nicole Galluzzo, Pitt: 3rd AA; 1st BB
Jill Hudson, UNH: 3rd AA
Lizzy Garcia, Maryland: 3rd AA
Jasmine Johnson, Temple: 13th AA
Taline Lahcanski, Brown: 1st AA; 1st V/UB/BB/FX
Kori MacDonald, Pitt: 4th AA
Erin Machado, UNH:  8th AA
Samantha Marrero, SEMO: 4th AA
Meagan Phelan, CMU: 8th AA
Alexa Reich, Denver: 6th AA; 1st V
Alexis Schupp, Cornell: 11th AA
Hope Sloanhoffer, WVU: 1st AA; 1st V/UB/BB/FX
Karen Tang, Maryland: 2nd AA
Megan Walker, Auburn: 1st AA; 1st UB/BB/FX

Region 7
Allison Antenucci, Towson: 11th AA
Sylvie Borschel, Temple: 14th AA
**Stephanie Brock, PSU: 1 event
Alexis Carroll, PSU: 2nd AA; 1st V
Marie Case, Kent St: 1st AA; 1st V/UB/BB/FX
Alexa Davis, Towson: 15th AA
Lia Del Priore, Utah: 2nd AA; 1st BB
Brittanie DeMeno, Temple: 23rd AA
Katie Dodds, Maryland: 12th AA; 1st V
Katie Durst, W&M: 9th AA
Stephanie Giameo, Maryland: 12th AA
Alexis Gross, Kentucky: 4th AA
Dayah Haley, WVU: 16th AA
Kristen Harabedian: NCSU: 5th AA
Taylor Huey, SEMO: 10th AA
Lane Jarred, NCSU: 7th AA
**Victoria Kane, Michigan: 3 events
Paige Krall, Kentucky: 8th AA
Luisa Leal, Rutgers: 4th AA; 1st V
Larsen Lasek, W&M: 7th AA
Elizabethe Manzi, Maryland: 3rd AA; 1st FX
Megan Melendez, NIU: 14th AA
Katie O'Rourke, Pitt: 4th AA; 1st UB/BB
Stephanie Ouelette, NSCU: 2nd AA
Stephanie Plaugher, West Chester: 14th AA
Jessica Pritchard, W&M: 11th AA
Liz Salzano, WVU: 10th AA
Joanna Sampson, Michigan: 1st AA; 1st UB
Malanie Shaffer, Ohio St: 6th AA
Kayla Sienkowski, Kentucky: 11th AA
Alyssa Straub, Rutgers: 1st AA
Kassidy Stauder, PSU: 12th AA
Becky Tutka, Utah: 3rd AA; 1st FX
**Kristen Vignola, Ball St: 2nd AA
Krystal Welsh, PSU: 8th AA
Betsy Zander, GWU: 3rd AA
**NJUSAG website indicates college choice, but does not indicate if she will compete on the gymnastics team

Region 8
Kristen Aloi, UNC: 6th AA
Leslie Bell, BYU: 11th AA
Serena Bumbarger, MSU: 10th AA
Stephani Canazaro, Arkansas: 1st AA; 1st UB/FX
Olivia Carisella, Alabama: 7th AA
Tesla Cox, Iowa: 18th AA
Alex Deluca, Ohio St: 12th AA
Naomi Devries, NCSU: 12th AA; 1st V
Alexandra Feeken, UMinn: 8th AA
Abby Habicht, Auburn: 3rd AA
Kayla Hani, Ball St: 13th AA
Audrey Harrison, Kentucky: 10th AA
Kaylan Hawkins, Nebraska: 2nd AA; 1st UB/FX
Shelby Hilton, LSU: 4th AA
Catherine Hires, UGA: 1st AA; 1st V/FX
Kimberly Jacob: Alabama: 1st AA; V/BB
Natasha Jufko, NIU: 14th AA
Danielle Levy, MSU: 8th AA
Ellen Marion, NCSU: 19th AA
Brittany Noble, UF: 2nd AA; 1st UB/FX
Sarah Persinger, UGA: 1st AA; 1st UB
Michelle Shealy, ISU: 2nd AA; 1st BB
Chanell Shofner, Cornell: 6th AA
Gabrielle Swanson, BGSU: 5th AA
Scarlett Williams, Arkansas: 3rd AA
Leah Wilson, Ball State: 16th AA
Sarah Wolford, Iowa: 14th AA
Sarah Zoldos, LSU: 4th AA; 1st UB

Friday, 09 April 2010 12:31

2010-11 Heather Zaniewski to Temple

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Heather Zaniewski, L10 from Tumble Time Gymnastics in Massechussetts, has committed to compete for Temple next season.  Last year she competed at the L9 level, finishing 17th AA at the Eastern Nationals.


Wednesday, 07 April 2010 20:13

2010-11 Kaylee Meyers to EMU

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Kaylee Meyers, L10 from Edge Gymnastics in Missouri, has committed to Eastern Michigan for the 2010-11 season.  She has had a good competitive season, recently finishing 5th AA at the Missouri State Optional Meet.

Recent Video

Tuesday, 06 April 2010 04:17

2010-11 Read to TWU

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Paisley Read of Olympus Gymnastics in Utah will sign with TWU in the late season signing period for the 2010-11 season.  Read, a three year L10, recently finished 3rd AA at the Vegas Cup and 2nd AA at the Utah State Optional Meet.


Saturday, 03 April 2010 23:33

Men's: ECAC Event Finals

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ECAC Event Finals:

FX:  Dylan Parrott, Navy
PH:  David Mohr, UIC
R:  Nikolai Korepanov, UIC
VT:  Scott Bloomfield, Temple
PB:  Taylor Brana, Temple
HB:  Andrew Stover, UIC

Link:  W&M Release

Saturday, 03 April 2010 20:47

Men's: Big 10 Event Finals

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Event champs at the Big 10 Event Finals (M):

FX:  Chris Cameron, Mich
PH:  Daniel Ribeiro, Ill
Rings:  Brandon Wynn, Ohio State
VT:  Paul Ruggeri, Ill
PB:  Craig Padera, Jr Ill
HB:  Ruggeri
Link:  Ohio State Release

Friday, 02 April 2010 21:42

Men's: UIC Wins ECAC

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UIC won the Men's ECAC Championship, defeating runnerup Temple.   UIC's Andrew Stover won the AA with an 87.3.

Link:  W&M Release

Friday, 02 April 2010 21:39

Men's: Illinois Wins Big 10 Men's Title

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Illinois won its second straight Big 10 Men's Gymnastics title on Friday night. Michigan Chris Cameron won the AA with a 89.8.  Teammate Mel Anton Santander was 2nd withy a 88.45.


1) Illinois 359.7
2) Michigan 358.150
3) Penn State 347.300
4) Ohio State 346.950
5) Minnesota 346.500
6) Iowa 337.800

Link:  Illinois Release

Friday, 02 April 2010 13:42

2010-11 Anna Hunt to WMU

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Anna Hunt, L10 at Aerial Gymnastics in Illinois, has committed to compete for WMU next season.  She has had a busy competitve season this year, recently finishing 21st AA at the Illinois State Meet.

Recent video from Gymnastike
Friday, 02 April 2010 04:36

2010-11 Leah Miko to Bowling Green

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Leah Miko, L10 at Gymnastics World in Ohio, has committed to walk on to Bowling Green next season according to a news article.  She recently won her state high school all around title and she placed 9th AA at the Ohio State Optional Championships.

News Article

Wednesday, 31 March 2010 04:30

2010-11 Fosnow to SEMO

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Megan Fosnow, L10 from Midwest Twisters in Wisconsin, has committed to SEMO for the 2010-11 season.  Fosnow has had an active competitive season and she recently finished 3rd AA at the Wisconsin State Championships.


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