Skills of Note in the 2009 Season (W)

The following is a listing of high level skills performed by Women in the 2009 Season.  To make this list, the skill had to be successfully competed in a meet sometime during the season.  The skill competed must have an FIG rating of "E" or "F" or "G", or an FIG Vault Difficult Value of 5.3 or higher.

The issue of escalating difficult leading to higher injury rates and more wear and tear on the athlete is important.  The purpose of this list is not to encourage or foster unreasonable risk or other threats to the safety of the athletes.  In fact, many of the skills on this list were only competed in special circumstances.  This list simply serves as an archive and collection of skills actually performed by the athletes.

This list is incomplete.  Please submit your additions and corrections to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..











Yurchenko Layout 2/1

Yurchenko Layout 3/2

    Ricki Lebegern, Alabama

    Kristina Baskett, Utah

    Rebecca Best, Ohio State

    Amanda Castillo, Florida

    Annie DiLuzio, Utah

    Hillary Mauro, UGA

    Cassidy McComb, UGA

    Christine Nguyen, UNC

    Brandi Personett, PSU

    Tiffany Tolnay, UGA

RO 1/2 Front Layout 1/2

Front Handspring Front Layout 1/2

Front Handspring Front Tuck with a Full Twist


    Grace Taylor, UGA


    Heather Purnell, Stanford

Full Twisting Double Layout Flyaway

    Courtney Butler, DU

    Nicole Cowart, Illinois

    Kara Wright, UNC

Hindorff (clear-hip reverse hecht/Tkachev)

    Kassi Price, Bama

    Melanie Sinclair, UF

Ricna (Stalder reverse hecht/Tkachev)

Ray (toe-on Tkachev)

    Courtney Kupets, UGA

Bharwaj (full twisting Pak)

    Leslie Mak, Oregon State











Round-Off, Layout to Two Feet Mount

Switch Ring Leap

    Morgan Evans, UNC

    Amber Hammerschmidt, ASU

    Holly Vise, OU

Back tuck 1/1 twist

Arabian Front Tuck

Back Layout Two Foot

    Brooke Barclay, Oregon State

    Grace Taylor, UGA

5/2 Turn in Wolf (Humphrey)

Double Front Tuck

Back Double Pike

    Amanda Castillo, UF

    Kassi Price, Bama

    Tatjana Thuener-Rego, Michigan

    Melanie Sinclair, UF


Full Twisting Double Layout

    Brandi Personett, PSU

Double Layout

    Brooke Barr, NC State

    Ashleigh Clare-Kearney, LSU

    Morgan Dennis, Bama

    Hilary Ferguson, UK

    Emily Green, UK

    Heather Hite, UK

    Susan Jackson, LSU

    Emily Lopatofsky, MSU

    Jasmine Minion, UK

    Brandi Personett, PSU

    Melani Sinclair, UF

    Kylie Stone, Nebraska

Double Front

    Daria Bijak, Utah

    Jessa Hansen, Iowa

    Danae Johnson, Rutgers

Arabian Double Front

    Kristina Baskett, Utah

    Ariana Berlin, UCLA

    Ashleigh Clare-Kearney, LSU

    Annie DiLuzio, Utah

    Samantha Engle, LSU

    Deanna Graham, Arizona

    Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs, UCLA

    Carly Janiga, Stanford

    Courtney Kupets, UGA

    Hilary Mauro, UGA

    Christine Nguyen, UNC

    Kyndal Robarts, Utah

    Mandi Rodriguez, Oregon State

    Tatjana Thuener-Rego, Michigan

    Tiffany Tolnay, UGA

Triple Full

    Marina Borisova, Sac State

    Annie DiLuzio, Utah

    Corey Hartung, UF

    Alicia Hatcher, Missouri

    Ricki Lebegern, Bama

    Elizabeth Mahlich, UF

    Nicole Pechanec, Stanford

    Abby Stack, UGA

    Tricia Woo, NU

Tuck Full In or Half In/Half Out

    Kylee Botterman, Michigan

    Sarah Curtis, Michigan

    Lara Evenstad, NU

    Erin Grigg, EMU

    Jessica Lopez, DU

    Cassidy McComb, UGA

    Rochelle Robinson, MSU

    Taylor Seaman, NC State

    Jennifer Simbhudas, Iowa

    Sarah (Specht) Tomczyk, Arizona

Tuck Full Out

Pike Full In

    Ashley Houghting, Washington

    Krista Jasper, UNC

    Nicole Ourada, Stanford

    Maranda Smith, Florida

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