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Women's National Rankings for the Week of February 26th Featured

Written by Greg
UCLA and Katelyn Ohashi Are Rising UCLA and Katelyn Ohashi Are Rising (c) 2017 Lloyd Smith, Used by Permission

Oklahoma solidified it's lead in the National Rankings for the Week of February 26th.  The rankings this week finally switch to the Regional Qualifying Score, or RQS.

 The RQS is computed by taking a team's top three AWAY scores, then their next three highest scores, tossing out the highest, and averaging the remaining five.

OU leads the rankings, with UCLA rising to 2nd and LSU in 3rd.  Utah is 4th and Florida 5th.

OU leads the vault rankings as a team, but LSU now takes the top spot on UB and FX.  UCLA holds the top spot on BB. 

Individually, there have been many more shakeups, as some gymnasts don't have six scores to count towards an RQS.

OU's Maggie Nichols leads in the AA, with LSU's Sarah Finnegan 2nd and Stanford's Elizabeth Price in 3rd.  Nichols also leads on UB and BB.  Florida's Alex McMurtry is the top vaulter while LSU's Myia Hambrick holds the top spot on FX.

Here's the Top 25

1.  OU 197.855

2.  UCLA 197.61

3.  LSU 197.545

4.  Utah 197.415

5.  Florida 197.25

6.  Bama 196.85

7.  Michigan 196.8

8.  Oregon State 196.605

9.  Kentucky 196.55

10.  Arkansas 196.53

11.  Washington 196.515

12.  DU 196.36

13.  ASU 196.285

14.  Boise St 196.255

15.  Auburn 196.19

16.  Nebraska 196.135

17.  UGA 196.05

18.  Cal 196.04

19.  GWU 195.965

20.  Missouri 195.94

21.  Ohio State 195.84

22.  NC State 195.695

23.  Iowa State 195.665

24.  BYU 195.655

25.  Minnesota 195.62

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