Friday, 14 January 2011 20:51

Kentucky 192.9 at Florida 196.775

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Florida rolled along, posting a 196.775 to defeat SEC rival UK. Alaina Johnson won VT (9.95) and UB (9.925) to lead the Gators.  Marissa King picked up ties on BB (with teammate Liz Green) and FX (with teammate Ashanee Dickerson).  Dickerson won the AA with a 39.225.  Link:  Gator Release
Friday, 14 January 2011 20:03

CMU 193.5 at Ball State 190.375

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CMU counted no falls to defeat host Ball State, 193.5 to 190.375.  Kristin Teubner led CMU, winning the AA with a 38.975 and tying for 1st on FX with teammate Cheryl Conlin and for 1st on VT with Ball State's Nicole Allen.  Teammates Alyssa Wilson and Brittany Petzold tied for…
Friday, 14 January 2011 19:56

Bama 194.9 at Arkansas 194.75

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Bama edged host Arkansas 194.9 to 194.75.  After encountering problems early on the UB, Bama came back steadily to pass Arkansas in the 2nd half of the meet.  Bama's Kayla Hoffman won the VT while frosh teammate Kim Jacob won the BB.  For Arkansas, Jaime Pisani won the FX and…
Friday, 14 January 2011 19:46

Illinois 194.475, PSU 194.45 at Michigan 194.9

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Michigan triumphed in a close tri-meet with Big 10 rivals Illinois and PSU.  Michigan's Kylee Botterman led the Wolverines, winning the AA with a 39.55.  She also picked up wins on the FX and BB with matching 9.875s, while marking a near-perfect 9.975 to win VT.  PSU's Natalie Ettl won…
Friday, 14 January 2011 19:18

NU 195.45 at Iowa State 194.725

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Nebraska defeated host ISU, as NU didn't count a fall while ISU went 24 for 24.  NU frosh Jamie Schleppenbach won VT, while teammates Brittany Skinner won UB and Lora Evenstad won FX.  NU was    Michelle Browing lead ISU with a victory in the AA and was part of…
Friday, 14 January 2011 19:08

OU 196.175 at NC State 195.15

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OU overcame host NC State, despite the host's highest ever season opening meet score.  Kayla Nowak tied for two event titles to lead OU.  She tied for 1st on UB with teammate Natasha Kelley.  On FX, she tied with teammate Megan Ferguson and NC State's Jessica Panza and Stephanie Ouellette. …
Monday, 10 January 2011 08:30

UIC 185.525 at Bowling Green 190.225

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In action Sunday, BGSU defeated UIC.  BGSU's Dawn Christman led BGSU with a win on the FX and in the AA.  Teammate Danielle Wishart won VT while teammate Sunny Marchand won UB.  BGSU's Monica Eaton tied with Erin Duggan on BB.  Link:  BGSU Release
Sunday, 09 January 2011 18:37

Stanford Wins Pac-10 Showcase

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Stanford opened in a big way, posting the nation's highest road total of the weekend, winning the Pac-10 showcase with a 196.625.  The Cardinal were strong on all four events, starting off with VT but really distancing themselves from the field on BB.  UCLA was second with a 195.925, after…
Senior Marcy Miller won the AA with a 38.775 to pace UC Davis to the win on Sunday afternoon.  Teammate Erica Van Dyke won FX to lead an Aggie 1-2-3 sweep on the event.  Katie Merritt won the VT for SJ State, while fellow Spartan Thomasina Wallace won the UB. …
Sunday, 09 January 2011 16:27

Maryland 193.125 at Kent State 194.775

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Kent State opened with a big win, posting a 194.775 over visiting Maryland.  Frosh Marie Case led Kent State, winning the AA (39.075), FX and BB.  Teammate Lindsay Runyan won the UB for Kent State.  Frosh Katy Dodds won the VT for Maryland.  Link:  Kent State Release
Sunday, 09 January 2011 15:02

Yale 175.875 at Springfield 171.15

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Yale defeated Springfield, led by Stephanie Goldstein's win in the AA.  Teammates Lindsay Andsager won UB and Talis Trevino won FX.  Christina Pagella of Springfield won the BB, while Carly Flynn won the VT. Link:  Yale Release
Sunday, 09 January 2011 14:01

Rutgers 191.875 at New Hampshire 194.5

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New Hampshire won their home opener, led by Chelsea Steinberg, who won the AA with a 38.95.  She also won VT.  Teammates Austyn Fobes and Danielle Reibold tied for the UB title, then Reibold went on to take the BB title while Fobes took the FX title.    Link:  UNH…
Saturday, 08 January 2011 20:51

Men's: Army 319.1 at PSU 343.3

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No. 7 PSU won their opener with a solid 343.3 win over Army.  PSU dominated the meet, winning all six events as a team and 6 of 7 individual titles.  Parker Raque led PSU, winning the AA and VT (15.8).  Classmate Scott Rosenthal won the rings with a 15.4, higher…
Saturday, 08 January 2011 20:49

UGA 195.575, BYU 193.225, Air Force 186.6 at DU 192.925

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UGA quickly brushed aside concerns with injuries and the resulting depth to post a big opening meet win.  Junior Gina Nuccio led UGA with wins on UB and FX, while classmate Shayla Worley won the BB.  Frosh Lindsey Cheek won the VT while Cassidy McComb's AA victory completed the sweep.…
Saturday, 08 January 2011 20:45

TWU 190.625 at Centenary 183.85

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TWU defeated Centenary, posting a 190.625 for the win.  Brittany Johnson led TWU, winning the AA, UB and tying for 1st on VT with teammate Bethany Larimer.  TWU's Roshanda Cannie won BB while teammate Amy Winczura tied with Centenary's Marissa Schneider for the FX title.    Link:  Centenary Release
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