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Growth Initiative for Women's NCAA Gymnastics

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A letter from the NACGC-W regarding a new initiative to promote the growth of Women's NCAA Gymnastics is reproduced below.

Dear Collegiate Gymnastics Enthusiasts,

As a fan, coach, parent or alumni of collegiate gymnastics, we know that you have an interest in women’s gymnastics and this letter is a request for your support in promoting Women’s Collegiate Gymnastics.  The NACGC-W (National Association of Collegiate Gymnastics Coaches-Women) will be actively campaigning for universities to add the sport of women’s gymnastics, in addition to preserving and strengthening our existing programs.  This campaign will require a group effort.

In 1980, there were over 175 women’s collegiate gymnastics programs throughout the U.S.  Today there are 67 Division 1, 4 Division 2 and 15 Division 3 programs, for a total of 86.  Over the past 28 years, this is a decline on average of over 3 programs per year; with only one addition in the past decade (University of Arkansas).  A team of NCAA coaches has begun research on both gender equity and financial stability of universities across the country.  We are targeting universities with successful football programs, as well as, those with a club gymnastics program in place.  By taking a strong proactive approach to adding programs, we believe that our efforts will also help prevent current programs from dissolving. The essence of this campaign is to provide opportunities for the growing number of young women presently participating in the sport of gymnastics.

How you can support this cause:

Background Support- If you have influence with a University President, Athletics Director, Senator, Member of Congress or any other elected official, we can use your support.

Financial Support- The NACGC-W will actively be pursuing help from outside our organization in the areas of political lobbyists, legal matters, advertising and marketing.  These areas will require financial support to sustain and professionally promote the positive side of gymnastics.  Any donations or gifts in kind will be greatly appreciated.

USAG and Club Gymnastics Support- It is imperative that USA Gymnastics and each club in the US understand the importance of strengthening our collegiate gymnastics programs.  Collegiate gymnastics programs will not continue to exist without the support of both USAG and the club programs.  On the other hand, USAG and each club program will feel the strain of reduced numbers without the promise of a collegiate opportunity for the majority of its athletes.

The competitiveness of NCAA Women’s Gymnastics is phenomenal.  Each year our athletes continue to raise the bar and are succeeding, not only in competition, but also in the classroom.  Most gymnastics programs set the standard for academic expectations in their athletic departments.

The young women who have experienced NCAA gymnastics have gone on to successful careers as doctors, lawyers, stunt women, Olympians and collegiate coaches, just to name a few.  There are endless opportunities for young women if given the opportunity to achieve at the highest level.

Please feel free to contact the NACGC-W for more information.  The NCAA Women’s Gymnastics Growth Initiative Committee is looking for eager volunteers and support for this campaign.


The NCAA Women’s Gymnastics Growth Initiative Committee

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Randy Lane - Chair– Michigan State University           517-432-3189

Danna Durante – Vice Chair– University of Nebraska        402-472-8808

Jill Hicks – California State University-Fullerton

Kim Hughes – California State University-Sacramento

Wayne Wright – California State University-San Jose

Bill Hardy – Centenary College of Louisiana

Doug Byrnes – Hamline University

Jenny Alf - University of Minnesota

Chrystal Chollet- Norton - Rutgers University

Mary Peters – Rutgers University

Jessica Bartgis – University of Pittsburgh

Mike Rowe – University of Pittsburgh

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