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Sunday, 12 February 2023 09:38

2024-5 Robyn Dunne to Temple

Robyn Dunne, 5280 Gymnastics, qualified to regionals last season.  She has competed two meets this season, earning a 1st place on beam at the Pikes Peak meet.


Sunday, 12 February 2023 09:33

2023-4 Sophia Greaves to Auburn

Sophia Greaves, Athletic Edge Sports Center, competed at '22 nationals. 


Additional details will be posted as they become available.  For Bama, Luisa Blanco, Jordyn Paradise and Makarri Doggette tied for the VT title along with OU's Audrey Davis.  

Link:  Bama Release

Saturday, 11 February 2023 20:41

Men's: Stanford 413.8, W&M 380.75 at OU 418.9

The host Sooners upset Stanford to send a message for April.  Stanford has been competing without a number of gymnasts, including star Brody Malone, who have been training for US National Team events.  OU was led by wins from Spencer Goodell on FX, Ignacio Yockers on PH (15.1) and Kelton Christiansen on HB.  Cardinal frosh Asher Hong won VT, PB and the AA with an 85.6.  Teammate Nick Kuebler won the R.      

Link:  Release

Saturday, 11 February 2023 20:39

MSU 195.725 at Iowa 196.1

Iowa upset Big 10 rival MSU.  Iowa's Jerquavia Henderson won FX and tied for the VT title with teammate Linda Zivat and MSU's Skyla Schulte. GymHawk Adeline Kenlin won the BB. MSU's Gabi Stephens won the AA (39.45) while teammates Jori Jackard and Nikki Smith tied for 1st on UB.

Link: Iowa Release

Utah was led by wins from Makenna Smith in the AA (39.4), Cristal Isa on UB (9.975) and Maile O'Keefe on BB.  Teammate Jordan Rucker tied with Illini Arielle Ward and UGA's Naya Howard for the VT title.  UGA's Haley De Jong and Soraya Hawthrone tied for 1st on FX.  The Utes were without star Grace McCallum went down with an injury on her first event, VT.

Link:  Utah Release and Full Results

Saturday, 11 February 2023 17:06

ASU 196.9 at UCLA 197.8

Bruin Jordan Chiles won FX with a 10 and took the VT, UB (9.975) and AA at 39.825. Teammate Selena Harris won the BB.

Link:  ASU Release

Saturday, 11 February 2023 17:03

Men's: Michigan 401.45 at PSU 407.6

PSU scored a big home win over Michigan, winning four of six events as a team.  The Nittany Lions were led by Matt Cormier, who won the FX and VT.  Teammate Chase Clingman won the PH.  Michigan picked up wins from Javier Alfonso on R, Evgeny Siminiuc on PB and Fred Richard on HB. 

Link:  Release

Air force was led by a win from Patrick Hoopes on PH and a tie for 1st on FX between Sam Metzler and Erich Upton.  Cal's Noah Newfeld won R and tied for the HB title with Army's Zach Perez en route to a 79.8 AA win.  Bear teammate Jasper Smith-Gordon won VT while Cal's Theodor Gadderud won the PB

Link:  AF Relewase

Saturday, 11 February 2023 16:54

Men's: Greenville 373.35 at Simpson 359.2

Greenville was led by wins from Jacob Foster on R and HB.  Teammate Zach Connelly won FX, Major Bain won PH and Michael Avery won VT.  For Simpson, Alex Catchpole won PB and Sterling Pariza won the AA with a 71.05. 

Link:  Results

Saturday, 11 February 2023 16:42

Men's: Illinois 399.2 at Ohio State 401

Ohio State scored the big win over visiting Illinois, led by wins on VT from Kameron Nelson and HB by Caden Spencer.  For the Illini, Connor McCool won FX, Ian Skirkey won PH,  Ashton Anaya won R and Will Hauke won PB. 

Link  Release

Saturday, 11 February 2023 16:25

Kent State 195.625 at BGSU 195.025

Kent St's Karlie Franz won VT and tied for the FX title with BGSU's Taylor Jensen. Jensen won the BB as well and took the AA with a 39.25. Teammate Isabella Rivelli won UB.

Link:  Release

Saturday, 11 February 2023 16:09

Maryland 196.875 at Rutgers 196.325

Josephine Kogler won BB to lead the Terps. Teammates Reese McClure and Alexsis Rubio tied with Rutgers' Hannah Joyner for the VT title. Joyner won the FX and the AA with a 39.575. Her teammate Avery Balser won the UB.

Link:  Release

Saturday, 11 February 2023 16:06

Greenville 184.025 at Simpson 181.85

Greenville was led by wins from Ellery Gilmer on UB, Rachel Miller on BB and Amara Nelson and Molly Froman on FX.  For Simpson, Avery Ingram won the AA with a 36.925 and teammates Brooklen Morgan, Kaelyn Tally and Winter Poolaw tied for the VT title.

Link:  Results

Friday, 10 February 2023 21:44

Cal at Oregon State, Tie at 197.375

Jade Carey of the Beavers won VT, BB and FX (9.975) en route to a 39.825 AA win. She also tied for 1st on UB with a 9.975 with Cal's Andi Li.

Link: Results and Cal Release

Friday, 10 February 2023 21:39

Air Force 193.275 at San Jose St 195.8

Lauren Macpherson won BB and the AA with a 39.375 to lead the Spartans. She also tied for the UB title with teammates Emma Milne and Alexa Solomon. Spartan Jada Mazury won FX while teammates Jaudai Lopes and Madison Kirsch tied on VT.

Link:  Results

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