Tuesday, 05 October 2021 19:14

2022-23 Renata Stefaniuk to UW-LaCrosse

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Renata Stefaniuk from Legacy Elite finished her 2021 season with an 18th place AA placement at her state meet. video
Tuesday, 05 October 2021 08:00

2022-23 Emily Joyce to Cornell

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Emily Joyce, Xtreme Gymnastics and Trampoline, qualified to L10 Nationals this past season and finished 44th AA. video
Tuesday, 05 October 2021 05:40

2022-23 Umi Elmammann to Brown

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Umi Elmammann competes for Connecticut Gymnastics and placed 29th AA at 2021 L10 Nationals. video
Tuesday, 05 October 2021 05:36

2022-23 Karah Vargo to Ball State

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Karah Vargo, Golden City Gymnastics, qualified to 2021 regionals and finished 11th AA. video
Sunday, 03 October 2021 18:26

2022-23 Caitlin McWilliams to UW

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Caitlin McWilliams from Incline Gymnastics has committed to Washington. She qualified to regionals in 2021 and finished 10th AA video
Sunday, 03 October 2021 18:22

2022-23 Kennedy Bowen to Kent State

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Kennedy Bowen from Stallone Gymnastics competed at the 2021 L10 Nationals and finished 43rd AA. video
Sunday, 03 October 2021 13:04

2023-24 Zoe Miller to LSU

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Zoe Miller is an elite and national team member training at WCC. She placed 4th on bars at the '21 GK Classic and 6th on bars at US Championships. She was invited to the Olympic Trials and placed 7th on bars there. video
Sunday, 03 October 2021 11:12

2022-23 Reese Baechle to Missouri

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Reese Baechle from Olympia Chesterfield competed at 2021 L10 Nationals and placed 25th AA. video
Saturday, 02 October 2021 06:11

2022-23 Brooke Ferrari to TWU

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Brooke Ferrari, Airborne Colorado, finished 13th AA at her 2021 regional meet. video
Saturday, 02 October 2021 06:08

2022-23 Ellie Thomson to SUU

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Ellie Thomson from Cache Elite has committed to SUU. She competed at her 2021 state meet and finished 6thAA. video
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