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Women's National Rankings for the Week of January 24th, 2022 Featured

Written by Greg
Michigan's Natalie Wojcik is 1st on BB and UB(t) Michigan's Natalie Wojcik is 1st on BB and UB(t) (c) 2021 Lloyd Smith, Used by Permission

Michigan holds on to the #1 spot in the nation, in the rankings as compiled by RoadToNatinoals.  Utah is 2nd, while OU moves into 3rd.  Florida drops to 4th while Denver is 5th. 

Michigan continues to hold a lead as the top vaulting squad and also is the country's leader on FX.  LSU holds the top spot on UB while Denver takes over the top spot on BB this week.  

There is more movement across the individual leaders, as gymnasts return to competition after the holiday break and COVID-induced breaks in training.  Oregon State super frosh Jade Carey leads the AA, and is the co-leader on the UB with Minnesota's Lexy Ramler, LSU's Alyona Shchennikova and Michigan's Natalie Wojcik.  Wojcik also leads the BB while OU's Katherine Lavasseur remains the leader on VT.  On FX, UF's Trinity Thomas and UGA's Rachel Baumann share the top spot.            

Here's the top 25 teams:

1.  Michigan, 197.85

2.  Utah, 197.425

3.  OU, 197.317

4.  Florida, 197.217

5.  Denver, 197.057

6.  LSU, 196.95

7.  Minnesota, 196.9

8.  Auburn, 196.883

9.  Alabama, 196.817

10.  Missouri, 196.725

11.  Cal 196.5

12.  Kentucky, 196.4

13.  Arkansas, 196.325

14.  Oregon State, 196.275

15.  Michigan State, 196.233

16. ASU 196.188

17.  Iowa 196.125

18.  WMU, 196.113

19(t). Stanford 196.0

19(t).  SUU, 195.755

21.  BYU, 195.8

22.  Ohio State, 195.742

23.  USU, 195.725

24.  UCLA, 195.575

25.  North Carolina, 195.467

Link: RoadToNationals

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