Sunday, 13 March 2022 16:53

Men's: Michigan 411.85 at Illinois 408.4

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Paul Juda won VT, HB and the AA (85.0) to lead Michigan to the win. Teammate Chris Read won R and Wolverine Evgeny Siminiuc won the PB. For Ohio State, Hamish Carter won FX and Ian Skirkey won the PH. Link: Mich Release
Sunday, 13 March 2022 16:51

PSU 196.55, Brown 194.675, SCSU 190.4 at UNH 195.775

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UNH set a new program record on UB on Senior Day but it wasn't enough to hold off PSU. Alissa Bonsall won UB and teammate Bella Salcedo won FX to lead the Nittany Lions. PSU's Jessica Johanson tied for 1st on VT with UNH's Kylie Gorgenyi. UNH's Hailey Lui won…
Sunday, 13 March 2022 14:51

Kent St 196.85 at WMU 196.725

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Kent State posted its third highest score ever to secure the regular season MAC Championship. Kent St's Sarah Haxton won UB whilte teammate Cami Klein won BB. Kent St's Alyssa Guns won FX. Teammate Rachel Decavitch and WMU's Sarah Moravansky tied for the AA title (39.3). WMU's Payton Murphy and…
Sunday, 13 March 2022 14:50

NIU 196.35 at EMU 195.375

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NIU picked up wins from Gabby Welch on VT, Ellery Werner on BB, Tara Kofmehl on BB and Brookelyn Sears in the AA (39.35). NIU's Natalie Hemp and EMU's Anna Grace McCullough tied on the UB. Link: Release
Audrey Barber won FX and the AA (39.575) to lead Maryland. Teammate Emma Silberman won the UB. On VT, UMD's Alexsis Rubio, GWU's Deja Chambliss and Kendall Whitman and Pen''s Ari Agarwala tied for 1st. Penn's Maccaleigh Marr took the BB. Link: Maryland Release
Saturday, 12 March 2022 19:08

NCGA East Regional: Brockport Takes Title

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Brockport (192.8), Springfield (190.3) and Ithaca (189.8) took the top three spots at the NCGA East Regionals. Ursinus (187.775), Cortland St (185.3) and RIC (183.25) followed. RIC's Olivia Keyes took the AA title. Springfield's MacKenzie MacLeod won BB and FX while teammate Tori Sipes took the UB. Brockport's Sydney Schumaker…
Saturday, 12 March 2022 19:01

TWU 194.825 at Centenary 191.575

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TWU was led by Madeline Gose, who won FX and tied for the BB title with teammate Steelie King. TWU's Daisy Woodring won VT. On UB, Centenary's Taylor Ann Wilson took the title. Link: Results and release
Saturday, 12 March 2022 18:58

Men's: Ohio State 399.05 at OU 408.4

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OU picked up wins from Vitaliy Guimaraes on FX, Donovan Hewitt on R, Daniel Simmons on VT, Raydel Gamboa on PB and Jack Freeman on HB. For the Buckeyes, Trevor Cummings won PH. Link: Results and Release
Saturday, 12 March 2022 18:55

Men's: Springfield 378.7 at PSU 395.3

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Michael Jaroh led the way for PSU, winning PH and PB. Michael Arlip won HB and was honored as the MVP. Teammate Josh Reinstein added a win on Rings while Nitany Lion Robbie Shamp won FX. Matt Cormier completed the sweep with a win on VT. Link: PSU Release
Sienna Schreiber won BB and Amari Celestine won FX (9.975) to lead Mizzou to the win. Illini Mia Takekawa won the AA (39.575) and the UB. Iowa State's Makayla Maxwell posted a 10 on VT for the win. Link: Iowa St Release
Saturday, 12 March 2022 18:52

SEMO 192.75 at Illinois State 195.35

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Angelica Labat won VT and BB en route to a 39.425 AA win to lead Illinois St to the win. Teammate Sofia Iribarren won the UB. For SEMO, Anna Kaziska won the FX. Link: Ill St Release
Saturday, 12 March 2022 17:40

Men's: Stanford 411.3 at Cal 389.6

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Stanford was led by a pair of wins from Khoi Young on VT and PH. They also added wins from Colt Walker on PB, Byran Perla on FX, Thomas Lee on R and Ian Gunther on HB. Link: Stanford Release
Saturday, 12 March 2022 17:38

UC Davis 193.975 at UCLA 197.7

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UCLA's Chae Campbell posted a 10 on BB, won VT and took the AA with a 39.725 to lead the Bruins. Teammate Emma Malabuyo scored a 10 of her own to win BB. Bruin Jordan Chiles won UB. Link: Results and release
Saturday, 12 March 2022 17:36

USU 195.2, Temple 193.625, LIU 193.2 at Minnesota 197.85

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Minnesota tied its second highest score ever, as it honored 7 athletes on Senior Day. Ona Loper and Lexy Ramler tied for the AA title at 39.65. Loper won VT and Ramler took the BB, while the pair tied with LIU's Mara Titarsolej for the UB title. Gopher Mya Hooten…
Saturday, 12 March 2022 16:27

Men's: NU 410.5, Army 387.5 at Air Force 398.8

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Charlie Giles led Nebraska winning VT, PH and FX. Teammate Sam Phillips added a win on HB and took the AA with an 82.35. NU's Dillan King added a win on PB. Air Force's Garrett Braunton won the R with a 14.3 Link: NU Release
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