2020-2021 Commits

The table below lists Women's commits and signings for incoming frosh for the 2020-2021 school year, consisting mainly of 2020 high school graduates.  Men's commits are in the Men's section.  Please see the information at the bottom of the page for important explanations about this page.  Scholarship counts in BOLD GREEN are based on our survey of coaches in July 2018.  Scholarship counts in BOLD RED are based on our survey of coaches in July 2017.  Prospective student-athletes should contact each school to get the latest updates.  Coaches, please check your email for the latest survey or call or contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Submissions: Site submissions of commits and other news items can be made to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by using the contact form.  Press Releases and other signed statements can be FAXed to (415) 873-1523 or sent via regular post.  See the contact page for more information.

Responses in italics and other colors are estimates made by CollegeGymFans.com or are from the prior year's survey.  N/A indicates that no athletic-based aid is offered.

Updated:  11/13/18

College or University

# Available for incoming '20-'21 (total/remaining)

Air Force
All appointments include

Madison Zinn, Synergy, L10


3 / 0

Shania Adams, Buckeye, sr. international elite
Luisa Blanco, WOGA, L10
Chase Brock, Gymnastix, L10





Madison Courtney, Arizona Dynamics, L10
Elena Deets, Twin City Twisters, L10
Charoline Herry, Texas Dreams, L10
Bailey McCabe, Auburn, L10
Courtney Tsunoda, Azarian, L10

Arizona State


Cassi Barbanente, Palmer's, L10
Sarah Clark, Azarian, L10
Jada Mangahas, Parkettes, L10
Anaya Smith, Docksiders, L10


3 / 0

Jordan Olszewski, Mountain Brook, L10
Gillian Rutz, Perfection, L10
Jensen Scalzo, American Twisters, L10


 3 / 0

Brooke Butler, American Twisters, L10
Olivia Hollingsworth, Stars, jr. international elite
Payton Smith, Brandy Johnson's, L10

Ball State



Boise State  

Courtney Blackson, Byers, L10
Talia LIttle, Rochester, L10

Bowling Green 3 / 0

Lauren Bannister, Champions, L10
Sydney Bennett, Everest, L10
Kylie Yacamelli, X-Cel, L10

Bridgeport (Div II)





Sophia McClelland, Paramount Elite, L10
Katelyn Searle, Paramount Elite, L10

California, Berkeley (Cal) 3 / 0

Elise Byun, AIrborne, L9
Blake Gozshti, Gymnastics Zone, L10
Andrea Li, Legacy Elite, L10
Kennedy Quay, SCEGA, L10

Gabby Perea, Legacy Elite, jr. international elite

California, Davis (UC Davis)


Kaitlyn Lyle, Airborne, L10
Emma Otsu, Airborne, L10

California, Los Angeles (UCLA)


Chae Campbell, Metroplex, jr. international elite
Colby Flory, Texas Dreams, jr. international elite
Sara Ulias, Victory, L10

Central Michigan







 3 / 0

Rose Casali, Southeastern, L10
Isabel Mabanta, Denton, elite/L10
Rylie Mundell, CGI, L10

Eastern Michigan


 Raisa Boris, Twin City Twisters, L10
Rayna Guggino, Tampa Bay, L10



Jessica Hutchinson, Silvia's, L10
Shilese Jones, Buckeye, jr. international elite
Carina Jordan, Prattville YMCA, L10

George Washington

 3 / 1

Anneliese Silverman, North Stars, L10
Kendall Whitman, Silvia's, L10


2 -3 / 0 - 1

Nhyla Bryant, Raleigh SOG, L10
Abi Walker, Texas Dreams, jr. international elite

Illinois  3 / 2

Allie Morgan, Universal, L10



Illinois State





Daniela Castillo, American Twisters, L10
Adeline Kenlin, Iowa Gym-nest, jr international elite

Iowa State

1 - 2 / 0 to 1

Jade Vella-Wright, Waverley Gymnastics Centre, Australia

Kent State




 3 / 0

Ashlyn LaClair, Arena, L10
Isabella Magnelli, ENA, L10
Krista Zultevicz, Northeast, L10

Lindenwood (Div II)

 3 to 4 partial / 2 to 3

Audrey Manivong, Fuzion, L10
Nicole Wojcik, Stallone, L10



Elena Arenas, Georgia Elite, jr. international elite
Haleigh Bryant, Everest, L10
Olivia Dunne, ENA Paramus, elite
Kiya Johnson, Texas Dreams, L10/Elite
Emma Kelley, Stars, L10



Elizabeth DeBarberie, AJS Pancott, L10
Taylor Osterhout, United Sports Academy, L10
Alexa Rothenbuescher, Capital, L10
Annie Slatoff, Intensity, L10
Olivia Weir, AJS Pancott, L10


Alyssa Al-Ashari, Geddert's, jr. international elite/L10
Carly Bauman, Chow's, L10
Sierra Brooks, Aspire, L10
Jenna Mulligan, Gymnastics United, L10

Michigan State;

3 / 0

Baleigh Garcia, MSU, L10
Delanie Harkness, Geddert's Twistars, L10
Emma Pritchard, Gym X-treme, L10


 3 / 0

Gianna Gerdes, Gym X-Treme, L10
Rebecca Green, Classic Gymnastics, L10
Mya Hooten, Rising Stars, L10
Abigail Mueller, Classic, L10


Kambrie Brandt, Aerials, L10
Kyra Burns, Xtreme, L10
Amaya Marshall, Southeastern, L10



Kinsey Davis, KPAC Gymnastics, L10/former elite
Meilin Sullivan, Fuzion, L10
Caroline Williams, Roswell, L10

New Hampshire;

3 / 0

Sierra Bauman, Connecticutt Gymnastics Academy, L10
Gianna Graver, Infiniti, L10
Olivia Queri, Rochester, L10

North Carolina;


Eliza Greco, Georgia Elite, L10
Kate Green, Bull City, L10
Hannah Nam, Cincinnati Gymnastics, L10
Tienna Nguyen, Zenith, jr. international elite

North Carolina State;

3 / 0

Madison Benson, Metroplex, L10
Gabrielle Diaz, LaFleur's Tampa, L10
Hannah Ruthberg, Perfect Balance, L10

Northern Illinois



Ohio State;

2 / 0

Raina Malas, Buckeye, L10
Hannah Oliveros, IGI, L10
Nicole Riccardi, Ifiniti, L10
Joselyn Warga, Youngstown, L10


 3 - 4 / 0

Cael Bixler, Prestige, L10/elite
Audrey Davis, WOGA, jr. international elite
Julianne Fehring, LaFleur's, L10
Bell Johnson, Bart Connor, L10
Katherine LeVasseur, Aerial Athletics, L10
Amoree Lockhart, Empire, L10
Quinn Smith, Arizona Sunrays, L10

Oregon State;

Sydney Gonzales, Wildfire, L10
Naomi Morrison, Arizona Dynamics, L10
Anna Yeates, Byers, L10



Kiersten Belkoff, Arizona Dynamics, L10
Ana Kenefick, Perfect Balance, L10
Sara Kenefick, Perfect Balance, L10
Kristen Kuhn, Accel, L10
Campbell Marr, First State, L10

Penn State;

 3 / 1

Natalie Cross, Hill's, L10
Madeleine Johnston, Hill's, jr. international elite


 3 / 1

Macy Ferrar, High Point, L10
Emily Liszewki, North Stars, L10



Isabella Barbacci, AJS Pancott, L10
Kylie Haffner, LaFleur's, L10
Gabby McLaughlin, Texas Dreams, L10
Madison Rau, Cypress, L10

San Jose State;

3 / 2

Jaudai Lopes, Dream Xtreme, L10

Sacramento State;



Seattle Pacific (Div II);

5 partials


Southern Connecticut State (Div II)



Southern Utah;

4 / 2

Emma Ingrassia, First State, L10
Aubri Schwartze, Triad, L10

Southeast Missouri;

2 to 3 / 1 to 2

Lydia Test, Infiite Bounds, L10






Renee Schugman, Gold Medal, L10
Cyrena Whalen, Gymnastix, L10

Texas Woman's (Div II)

 3 partial to half



2 could be partials / 0 to 1+

Alexandria Tonkin, Milton Springers, L10/elite


Jaylene Gilstrap, Metroplex, L10
Maile O'Keefe, Salcianu's, jr. international elite
Deanne Soza, Texas Dreams, jr. international elite

Utah State;

2 / 0

Mikelle Ballard, Mt. Helena, L10
Eve Jackson, Broadway, L10


 4 / 1

Cathy Eksteen, Metroplex, L10/elite
Skylar Killough-Wilhelm, Triad, L10
Taylor Russon, San Mateo, L10

Western Michigan;


Nhyla Bryant, Raleigh, L10
Dani Petrousek, Gymnastics Academy of Rockford, L10

West Virginia

 3 / 0

Kelly Johnston, Manjak's, Senior High Performance (elite)
Cassidy Stuart, Southeastern, L10
Abbie Thompson, Orlando Metro, L10
Kayla Yancey, Montgomery, L10

William and Mary


Grace Costello, Head Over Heels, L10




Submissions: Site submissions of commits and news items can be made to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by using this form.  Official Press Releases and other signed statements can be FAXed to (415) 873-1523 or sent via regular post.  See the contact page for more information.

Important Definitions: Items in italics will be considered verbal commit "rumors", until a signing or intent to attend is publicly confirmed. However, many of these "rumors" may have actually been submitted by the gymnast, their family, or club. For consistency, the site will continue to be updated as information becomes public. Where available, links are provided to press releases, web sites, and newspaper articles.  Please note due to NCAA regulations, we are unable to confirm a commit directly with the athlete.  However, the athlete is free to publicly state their intentions.  The college may only confirm the signing after the National Letter of Intent has been received.  Information on recruiting dates, calendars and rules are available in FAQ section of this site.

Other Policies:

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Please note some colleges listed below do not offer non-need based aid or do so only on a limited basis.  Some colleges offer partials, and others have other non-athletic scholarships available.  Only Div I and II colleges are listed.

Walkons will only be listed until after May 1st of each recruiting year, unless a confirmation is received and only then the athlete's name will still remain italicized.  Please note that walkon status is not always known, even when rosters are published.  Also, some schools do not finalize rosters until after Fall training has begun.  Also, an intended walkon may change her plans.

COACHES: You may submit a "total" scholarship count to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the number provided.