2022-2023 Commits

The table below lists Women's commits and signings for incoming frosh for the 2022-2023 school year, consisting mainly of 2022 high school graduates.  Men's commits are in the Men's section.  Please see the information at the bottom of the page for important explanations about this page.  Scholarship counts in BOLD RED are based on our survey conducted in the July of 2021.  Scholarship counts in BOLD PURPLE are based on our survey of coaches conducted in July of 2020.  Scholarship counts in BOLD BLUE are based on our survey of coaches conducted in July of 2019.  Prospective student-athletes should contact each school to get the latest updates.  Coaches, please check your email for the latest survey or call or contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Submissions: Site submissions of commits and other news items can be made to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by using the contact form.  Press Releases and other signed statements can be FAXed to (415) 873-1523 or sent via regular post.  See the contact page for more information.

Responses in italics and other colors are estimates made by CollegeGymFans.com or are from the prior year's survey.  N/A indicates that no athletic-based aid is offered.

2021-2022 Commits are now in Newcomers

Updated: 05/11/22

College or University

# Available for incoming '22-'23 (total/remaining)

Air Force
All appointments include

Chelsea Boyer, Docksiders, L10
Madison Carlisle, WCC, L10
Kylee Green, Bartlesville Conoco-Phillips, L10
Riley Henderson, Crenshaw, L10
Brenna Mills, Virginia Techniques, L10
Janie Ottenbreit, Olympia Gymnastics Academy, L10
Grace Willis, Crystal Lake, L10
Emily Wisehart, Gold Medal, L10

Alabama; release

5 to 6? / 0

Rachel Rybicki, Olympia, L10
Gabrielle Gladieux, High Point, L10
Karis German, World Champions Center, jr. international elite
Zoe Gravier, First State, L10
Lillian Lewis, San Mateo, jr. elite
Lauren Little, Everest, jr. elite


0 to 2 / 0

Avalon Angell, Desert Lights, L10
Ari DeSouza, Dream Extreme, L10
Madelyn Gomez, Gym Xtreme, L10
Jada Niles, Manjak's, Canada, L10
Breann Spain, Pantheon, L10

Arizona; release


Gianna Lenczner, Salto, L10
Jordan Schulz, LaFleur's, L10
Sophia Stephens, WOGA, L10

Emma Strom, Premier, L10

Arizona State; release; release 2


McClain Daigle, WCC, L10
Bella Kowan, Shenderey Gymnastics, Canada L10
Kayla Lee, Arizona Sunrays, L10
Caroline Lichtman, West Coast Elite, L10
Kimberly Smith, Azarian, L10

Arkansas; release


Reese Drotar, Airborne, L10
Jamie Pratt, Hanover, L10
Morgan Price, Texas Dreams, L10
Cally Swaney, First in Flight, L10
Lauren Williams, Aspire, L10

Auburn; release

2 to 3 / 0

Olivia Greaves, World Champions Centre, sr. international elite
Hannah Haigle, Texas East, jr. elite/L10
Hailey John, Orlando Metro, L10

Ball State; release


Dilynn Blair, LaFleur's, L10
Kenna Geibel, Stallone, L10

Aislyn Labadie, Central Bucks, L10
Zoe Middleton, First State, L10
Olivia Rickle, Integrity, L10
Alauna Simms, Gymnastics Center of Chattanooga, L10
Karah Vargo, Golden City, L10
Leah White, Salcianu Elite, L10

Boise State; release

 2 to 3 / 0

Sarah Coghlan, Byers, L10
Anna Ferguson, Salcianu, L10
Kylee Hamby, Dynamo, L10
Sydney Kho, Charter Oak, L10
Sydney Leitch, Azarian, L10
Brantley Lucas, Georgia Elite, L10
Riley Shaffer, Mavericks, L10

Bowling Green

1 to 2 / 0

Megan Bingham, Champions, L10
Elise Brizoska, Central Bucks, L10
Charniya Brown, Let It Shine, L10
Maddy Coburn, Stallone, L10
Starr Ogilvie, Bull City, L10
Isabella Rivelli, Aspire, L10

Bridgeport (Div II)


Quinn Aiken, Leading Edge, L10
Hannah Barry, Sr TR back from Temple
Maggie Coyle, Liberty Bell
Xiomara Jennings, Ocean State, L10
Molly McAleavey, Precision Gymnastics, L10
Tierney Milliken, MEGA, L10
Emma Nance, Gymnastics & More
Taylor Rendina, ACE, L10
Lola Sepulveda, Apollo
Rian Thompkins, Georgia Elite, L10
Maddie Viles, Lake City Twisters
Skyler Vulchev, Royalty GTD, L10



Sophie Dewar, Compass, L10
Liza Marcus, Chelsea Piers, L10

Jessica Lin, Azarian, L10
Umi Elmammann, Connecticut Gymnastics, L10

BYU; release


Kylie Eaquinto, All American, L10
Elaina Greco, Brestyan's, L10
Madison Raesly-Patton, Denton, L10
Morgan Trevor, WOGA, L10, elite/L10

California, Berkeley (Cal); release


Ondine Achampong, British National Team; not in release
Miki Aderinto, Desert Devils, L10
Casey Brown, Head Over Heels, L10
eMjae Frazier, Parkettes, jr. international elite

California, Davis (UC Davis)


Sydney Buerk, Airborne, L10
Amelia Moneymaker, Gym Xtreme, L10
Jehaan Poonja, Gymnastics Olympia, L10

California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

 4 / 2

Ciena Alipio, Midwest, sr international elite
Selena Harris, Gymcats, L10

Central Michigan

 2 / 0

Luciana Alvarado, Costa Rica, Elite
Maddie Dukart, American Gold, L10
Juliet Horenziak, Perfection, L10



Mikayla Burton, Newman, L10
Shaina Chen, Winner's, L10

MIchaela DeFrancisco, World Class, L10
Emily Joyce, Xtreme, L10
Morgan Shambo, Airborne, L10
Cami Whitaker, Aerial, L10

Denver; release

4 / 0

Mila Brusch, CGA, L10
Cecelia Cooley, Gotham Gymnastics, L10
Ava Mabanta, Denton, L10

Kiley Rorich, Southeastern, L10

Eastern Michigan

2 to 4 / 0 to 2

Ilyana King, Team Central, L10
Kyrie Lowe, Genie's, L10

Florida; release


Lori Brubach, RAD, L10
Kayla DiCello, Hill's, sr. international elite
Victoria Nguyen, JR TR from Georgia

George Washington

4 / 0

Kasey Burke, Gymstreet, L10
Jayda Freeman, World Class, L9
Madison McMullen, Georgia Elite, L10
Catherine O'Rourke, Yellow Jacket, 10
Deana Sherameta, Galaxy, L10

Georgia; release; release 2


Josie Angeny, GR transfer from Kentucky
Madelynn Crow, Georgia Elite, L10
Sidney Fitzgerald, C&C, L10
Naya Howard, Ocean Tumblers, L10
Nicole King, Bio Gymnastics, L10
Jacquie Moran, San Mateo, L10
Ariel Posen, First State, former jr. elite
JaFree Scott, GAGE, sr. international elite
Eryn Williams, Premier Athletics, L10


 1 to 2 / 0

Alea Byrne, WOGA, L10
Tali Joelson, Cascade Elite, L10
Mya Migliore, Gymnastics Training Center, L10
Arielle Ward, Metroplex, L10
Emma White, Elite Gymnastics Academy, L10



Illinois State; release

3  / 0

Leah Davis, Team Central, L10
Nirel Bart-Williams, WOGA, L10
Makenzie Flutman, Flipstar, L10
Berta Pujadas Rusinol, Spain, elite
Joy Ziegenfelder, Sun Country, L10



Hanna Castillo, American Twisters, L10
Avery Chambers, Balance Institute, L10
Emily Erb, Arena, L10
Bailey Libby, Iowa Gymnastics, L10
Gianna Masella, Tampa Bay Turners, L10
Karina Munoz, Head Over Heels, L10
Kaia Vanney, The Rise, L10

Iowa State

1 / 0

Morgan Engels, Emerge, L10
Reagan Loftis, Empire, L10
Maddie Manternach, Russell Gymnastics 4 Kids, L10
Maddy Matassa, Docksiders, L10

Kent State

4 / 0

Kennedy Bowen, Stallone, L10
Avery Compson, Buckeye, L10
Emma Masse, Aim High, L10
Nastia Rudnitskaya, Salto, L10
Mya Migliori, Gymnastix Training Center, L10
Heidi Schulz, LaFleur's, L10
Zoe Rankin, Center Elite, L10


 3 / 0

Bridget Borque, LaFleur's Tampa, L10
Samantha Forman, Elite Gymnastics Academy, L10
Logan Lombardi, All Stars, L10
Megan Sapp, Denton, L10
Claire Stippich, Salto, L10

Lindenwood (Div II)

 0 to 1 / 0

Nya Kraus, GA Gymnastics, Canada/senior high performance
Samantha Krenzel, Fuzion, L10
Jonna Kirk, ACE, L10

Jaly Jones, Iowa Gym-Nest, L10
Kayla Toniolo, SCATS, L10

Long Island University (LIU)
1 to 3 / 0

Isabella Crane, Lakewood Ranch, L10
Alexa Henshaw, Galaxy, L10
AnnaLisa Page, Niagara Gymnastics, L10
Isabella Savino, Ace, L10
Kayla Toniolo, SCATS, L10 

LSU; release


Annie Beard, Texas Dreams, jr. international elite
Ashley Cowan, Bull City, L10
Bryce Wilson, Pearland Elite, L10

Maryland; release


Maddie Komoroski, Pittsburgh Northstars, L10
Maia Lee, Hill's, L10

Taylor Rech, Gymnastix, L10
Shani Sirota, Hotshot East, L10

Michigan; release


Lilly Clapper, Gym America, L10; not in release
Farah Lipetz, Infiniti Elite, L10
Kaylen Morgan, Legacy Elite, sr. international elite
Paige Thaxton, Michigan Elite, L10; not in release

Michigan State; release

5 / 0

Elle Beaufait, Olympia, L10
Sage Kellerman, All American Flames, L10
Stephanie Lebster, Champion, L10
Nikki Smith, Euro Stars, L10
Olivia Zsarmani, KPAC, L10

Minnesota; release

3 / 0

Reese Baechle, Olympia Chesterfield, L10
Seria Johnson, Gymanstix, L10
Sarah Moraw, Champion's, L10
Brooklyn Rowray, Chow's, L10
Megan Steensland, Legacy, L10

Missouri; release

2 / 0

Addison Lawrence, GAGE, L10
Mackenzie Patricelli, Midwest Elite, L10
Casandra Poddig, St. Louis Gym Centre, L10
Courtney Woods, Missouri Valley, L10

Nebraska; release


Csenge Bacskay, Hungary, elite
Katelyn Barth, American Gold, L10
Emalee Frost, Let It Shine, L10
Lauren Homecillo, Omaha, L10
Annie Worley, Olympia Gymnastics Academy, L10

New Hampshire; release

3 / 0

Chiara Altofer, Switzerland, Elite
Riley Himes, Orlando Metro, L10
Leah Moreno, Sonshine, L10
Samantha Nokes, National Elite, L10
Tessa Sutton, Rochester, L10

North Carolina; release

 4 / 0

Gwen Fink, Southeastern, L10
Kaya Forbes, Peak Athletic Center, L10
Paige Prejean, Woodlands, L10
Taylor Schulze,So TR from Brown
Amy Wozniak, Legacy Elite, L10

North Carolina State; release

2 / 0

Meg Adler, Bull City, L10
Kailee Adomaites, Apex Athletics, L10
Ekaterina Edwards,National Capital Training Center, L10
Sofia Obregon, JamJev, L10
Madeline Reid, Lake Murray, L10

Northern Illinois


Sami DiFrabrizio, Surgent's, L10
Hannah Drielick, LaFleur's Tampa, L10
Samantha Nickle, World Class, L10

Kiera O'Shea, All Around, L10

Ohio State; release

 3 / 0

Mallory Gregory, Brandy Johnson's, L10
Payton Harris, M&M, L10

Kaylyn Mintz, Superior, L10
Ella Robins, World Champions Centre, L10
Emma Wehry, Stallone, L10

Oklahoma; release

3 / 1

Ava Siegfeldt, World Class, jr. international elite
Faith Torrez, Legacy Elite, L10/sr. international elite

Oregon State; release

 4 / 0

Francesca Caso, AOGC, L10
Jennifer McMillan, Southeastern, L10
Savannah Miller, Michigan Elite, L10
Ellie Weaver, Naydenov, L10



Skye Kerico, Arena, L10
Marissa Lassiter, Unique Sports Academy, L10
Carly Oniki, San Mateo, L10
Alyssa Rosen, All Stars, L10
Alisha Werlen, Arena, L10
Samantha Wu, West Valley, L10

Penn State; release

 2 / 0

Amani Herring, North Stars, L10
Katie Leary, Parkettes, L10; not in release
Ava Piedrahita, Hill's, L10

Pittsburgh; release


Carla Ferzoco, Elite Gymnastics Academy, L10
Reyna Garvey, Pittsburgh Northstars, L10
Lucia Jakab, Okanagan, L10
Trinity Munsisoumang, Classic, L10
Natalia Pawlak, Aerial, L10
Emily Todd, Great Britain, elite; not in release
Jillian Zitcovich, Pitt Northstars, L10


 3 to 4 / 0

Nailah Adams, Pearland Elite, L10
Gabrielle Dildy, Excalibur, L10
Renee Figueroa, ENA Paramus, L10
Elliot Goldsmith, Gymnastics Center of Chattanooga, L10
Lainey Link, Infiniti, L10
Valentina Lorente-Garcia, Excalibur, L10

Innocent Mensah, Sportsplex, L10
Harmony Webster, Georgia Elite, L10

San Jose State; release


Kyra Cato, Calgary Gym Centre, Sr. High Performance

Sacramento State;

3 / 1

Kara Houghton, CGI, L10
Rylin Zimmerman, Dynamic, L10

Southern Connecticut State (Div II)


Mia Damiano, Galaxy, L10
Lenee Dimkin, Shenderey Gymnastics Institute, Canada L10
Ava Kelly, Rock, L10

Madison Richman, Gymnastics Olympica, L10
Abby Royer, Silvia's, L10
Sarah Shaffer, BIO, L10

Southern Utah; release


Trista Goodman, Salcianu Elite, former jr. elite/L10
Kauri Hunsaker, Desert Lights, L10
Kennedi McClain, Olympus, L10
Camry Miller, Barefoot, L10

Olivia "Liv" Orlando, North Stars, L10
Kayla Pardue, 5280 Gymnastics, L10
Ellie Thomson, Cache Elite, L10

Southeast Missouri; release

2 / 0

Sydney Crouch, American Twisters, L10
Kailyn Hamilton, Gold Medal, L10
Taylor Ingle, Texas Dreams, L10
Ailey Kuehn, TAGS, L10
Charniya Miller, Fuzion, L10
Lily Pierson, Lakewood Ranch, L10

Stanford; release


Ashley Carter, Charter Oak, L10
Claire Dean, East Bay, L10/former jr. elite
Taralyn Nguyen, Technique, L10
Anna Roberts, Metropolitan, L10
Ava Sorrento, Gemini, Canada Sr. High Performance/Elite
Porsche Trinidad, Airborne, L10

Temple; release

 4 / 1

Charlie Behner, BIO Gymnastics, L10
Reese DeHaan, Tampa Bay, L10
Madisson Elmore, Starlight, L10
Ashley Glynn, Stallone, L10
Angelina Hogan, WOGA, L10
Cloe Martineau, Unigym Gatineau, Canada Sr. High Performance
Amanda Scheuerman, Action, L10

Texas Woman's (Div II); release

4 partials / 0

Brooke Ferrari, Airborne (CO), L10
Rubylyn Goad, Newnan, L10
Allison Landry, Pearland Elite, L10
Kamille Zarlengo, Incline, L10


3 / 0

Polina Belanovski, Swiss Turners, L10
Carmella Calafati, Sylvia's, L10
Allie Clophus, Olympus, L10
Lauren Green, Apex, L10
Adriana Hoffman, Virginia Techniques, L10
Celia Trotter, Let It Shine, L10
Isabella Minervini, Gymnastics Unlimited, L10

Utah; release; release 2


Sarah Krump, Brown's Las Vegas, L10
Makenna Smith, Gold Cup, L10

Utah State;

1 - 2 / 0 to 1

Avery Bibbey, USA Youth Fitness Center, L10
Jordynn Cromartie, WCC, L10

Washington; release

4 to 5 / 0

Emily Innes Gymkhana, L10
Thu Nguyen, Wildfore, L10
Olivia Oppegard, SCATS, L10
Emma Schrady, Flips USA, L10

Lilly Tubbs, Acrotex, L10
Caitlin McWilliams, Incline, L10

West Chester

Cami Joyce, Pittsburgh Northstars, L10
Macarthy Keane, John's Academy, L10
Melina Ringas, Virginia International Gymnastics, L10


Western Michigan; release

2 / 1

Makenna King, Phenom, L10
Brenna Woodruff, All Courts, L10

West Virginia; release

Possibly/Will Vary

Kaia Bochow, Airborne, L10
Serena Clue, JAG, L10
Brooke Irwin, Airborne (CO), L10
Carlee Nelson, Gymniks, L10
Olivia Pitzer, Skyline, L10
Ellie Sigman, Team Central, L10
Miranda Smith, Valley, L10
Emma Wehry, Stallone, L10

William and Mary


Hannah Burke, Capital, L10
Ascha Laird, AJS Pancott, L10
Michelle Ngo, Elevate, L10

Brynn Vetrano South Shore, L10
Lily Walker, Gold Medal, L10



Megan Brueck, Queent City, L10
Meredith Donovan, Balance Institute, L10

Lauren Holt, Gymnastics Training Center Rochester, L10
Gianna Sabatini, United Sports Academy, L10
Hana Strause San Mateo, L10

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