*Updated*  Every fall, a new set of Women's code modifications are published by the NCAA.  These code modifications outline variances in the NCAA code from the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympics Level 10 code.  This is the means by which all routines are evaluated during the upcoming season.  The latest update contains a few changes from last season, primarily adding special considerations for those athletes that do certain elements of difficulty in their routines, while not raising the minimum standards needed to get a 10.  Although the NCAA has different Special Requirements than the NCAA, it shares the same execution deductions…
Character is defined as: The way someone thinks, feels or behaves.     I was at Level 9 Westerns last year and noticed something interesting. I was standing next to a college coach of a top 12 team.  We were watching the meet together, focused on the younger age groups.  This coach standing next to me had a tablet out and was jotting down names of girls he saw that were being positive, encouraging teammates and respectful to their coaches. He was not focused on performance, but on character.  
It is the start of a new experience! You have worked hard and have been committed to your academics and gymnastics. You have put in a ton of hours to achieve your dream of competing for a college gymnastics team.  You journey as a college athlete now begins.
With the direction college gymnastics recruiting is going, unofficial visits are becoming a house hold name.  No longer is the norm of waiting until you are a senior to have your visits paid for, and then making your final decision.  Gymnast are making verbal commitments long before they become seniors, thus the importance of making the most of your unofficial visits.   Call:  Be assertive and make phone calls to coaches of colleges in your area and schools that are a good match for you athletically and academically.     Connect:  Make a plan and ask if you can set…
I think we can all agree that there will be a laundry list of tasks on the college recruiting checklist that require attention. Face to face meetings with college coaches are important, first of all as a means of creating a stronger interpersonal connection between prospect and coach and secondarily, as an opportunity for both sides to simply size each other up. This article offers 3 key tips that prospects and families can use to maximize on-campus interviews with college coaches.
Creating an Outstanding Highlight Video How to create an outstanding highlight video  Keep it short:  5 minutes or less  First impressions are important:  Show your best footage possible Post your video with your resume:  See my website for examples  www.jhicksconsulting.com Know what coaches are looking for:  Coaches want to see you in competition.  Some practice footage is also good.  If you only show your vault into a pit with no landing surface, they are going to assume you do not have this vault and have never competed it.  It is also best to show your skills without a spot, especially…
With summer in full force and the start of the academic year fast approaching, high school prospects have every opportunity to get a well-deserved breather. Taking time to relax a little after a demanding school year and a rigorous training schedule creates “new life.” That being said, the summer can be organized and utilized in several ways to grow awareness and momentum in your recruiting effort and the prospect that looks at the next 100 days as pure opportunity will greatly enhance their athletic college search.
When your college recruiting strategy hits a wall, learn to pivot.. The college search for athletes is an individual and tactical quest that will play out differently across the board. If you happen to be that 5 star prospect that every college coach has his eye on, your biggest challenge will most likely be which college to choose! But if you are among the majority of prospects that are lumped into the next level of recruits, your college journey will be a little more challenging.
  The college search for athletes has accelerated to the point where an early start is your best bet for success. Competition for scholarships, roster spots and admissions support is at fever pitch and the family who organizes best and executes their plan flawlessly will give themselves the best opportunity to succeed.  
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