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2020-21 Olivia Dunne to LSU

Olivia Dunne of ENA Paramus Gymnastics has committed to LSU.   The junior elite competed at the 2015 and 2016 Secret Classic and P&G Championships.

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Kasey Crawford has been serving as Interim Head Coach.


USAG Hall of Famer and perhaps UGA's most outstanding alum is set to take the lead as Head Coach.   According to the release, Suzanne Yoculan has stepped up as a volunteer coach.


Head Coach Carey Fagan is moving to an administrative job in the athletic department at OSU.


Saturday, 06 May 2017 05:30

JO senior results summary

The top 10 AAers and individual event winners will be posted as scores become available this weekend. NOTE:   This list focuses on the senior age groups to highlight the incoming classes of 2017, 2018 or 2019 and to give some additional attention to the top uncommitted athletes in these age groups.  Because the Junior E and F age groups include ’19 incoming athletes, they are included here as well.   As for the younger gymnasts and the athletes who finished outside the top ten, we'll link to the scores.  Note:  the top four gymnasts in each group are selected to the JO National Team.

Sr. A

1  Kai Rivers, LSU 1st V/UB

2 Chloe Widner,  Az, 1st Fx (t)

3 Payton Richards , UF,  1st BB (t)

4 Adela Stonecipher, uncom, 1st FX (t)

5 Nicoletta Koulos, UCLA

6 Talitha Jones, Cal

7 Kylie Piringer, NU

8 Robyn Kelley, UNH

9 Jane Poniewaz, OSU

10 Kayla Bird, OSU

Jenna Dunn, uncomm, 1st BB (t)


Sr. B

1 Markarri Doggett, Bama, 1st V/FX

2 Rachel Baumann, UGA, 1st BB

3 Cristal Isa, Az, 1st UB

4 Samantha Davis, UGA

5T Maddie Quarles, DU

5T Karley McClain, SUU

7 Sakai Wright, uncomm.

8 Alexandra Greenwald, Iowa

9  Julia Wiest, Ball State

10T Anna Kaziska, SEMO

10T Makayla Maxwell, uncomm.

 Sr. C

1T Milan Clausi, Cal

1T Maya Bordas, Illinois

3 Sarah Hargrove, NU

4 Derrian Gobourne, Auburn

5 Haley Brechwald, Pitt

6 Adrienne Randall, Utah, 1st BB

7 Katie Chamberlain, Pitt

8 Nya Reed, uncomm.

9 Eve Micco, uncomm.

10T Kaylee Quinn, NU, 1st FX

10T Abby Heiskell, Michigan, 1st V (t)

Allie Stern, uncomm. 1st V (t);

Colby Miller, Ohio St, 1st UB

 Sr. D

1 Abby Brenner, Mich, 1st UB/FX

2 Lauren Navarro, Stanford, 1st BB

3 Madison Dagen, Oregon St.

4T Rachel Lukacs, UGA

4T Madison Mariani, Mich

6 Mikayla Meyer, USU

7 Natalie Wojcik, Mich, 1st V

8 J. Swartzentruber, Ohio St

9 Abby Boden, BYU

10T Taylor Lawson, Stanford

10T Alexia Burch, Utah

Sr. E

1 Rachel Flam, Stanford, 1st(t) FX (t)

2t Eva Schoepfer, OU, 1st FX (t)

2t Kaitlyn Yanish, Oregon St

4 Alonza Klopfer, Bama

5 Ona Loper, Minnesota, 1st FX (t)

6 Belle Huang, Rutgers, 1st BB

7 Anastasia Webb, OU, 1st(t) VT

8 Megan Verceles Carr, NU

9 Lauren Farley, Michigan

10t Mikayla Magee, Utah

10t Jamie Panchak, UC Davis

Kennedy Johnson CMU, 1st UB (t)

Emma Hartzler, Iowa, 1st UB (t)

 Sr. F

1 Nia Dennis, UCLA

2 Lynzee Brown, DU

3 Kyana George, Cal, 1st FX

4 Lexi Graber, Bama, 1st V (10.0!)

5 Lea Mitchell, MSU

6 Drew Watson, Auburn

7T Tra'vanni Jacobs, uncomm.

7T Lexy Ramler, Minnesota, 1st BB

9 Nina Schank, Cal, 1st UB

10 Sophis Carter, Arkansas

Jr. E

1 Jillian Hoffman, Utah, 1st(t) UB/FX

2 Luisa Blanco, 1st BB, Bama

3 Sierra Brooks, Mich,

4 Amoree Lockhart, OU

5 Aria Brusch, Auburn

6 Amanda Cashman, Utah

7 Jerquavia Henerson, uncom.1st V

8T Sienna Scheriber, Missouri

8T Erin Elkachi, uncomm.

10T Emma Itoh, uncomm

10T Hunter Dula, Utah

Rylie Mundel; DU, 1st UB

 Jr. F

1 Matilyn Waligora, Bama, 1st FX

2 Gabryel Wilson, Mich, 1st V (t)

3 Bailey Ferrer, LSU

4 Raena Worley, Kentucky

5 Helen Hu, uncomm., 1st BB

6 Bailey Lovett, Arkansas,

7 Tia Takekaw, uncomm.

8 Chloe Bellmore, uncomm.

9T Soraya Hawthorne, UGA

9T Adaline Sabados, Auburn

Cassie Stevens, Auburn, 1st V (t)

Grace Evans, uncomm. 1st UB

Jr. A Scores

Jr. B Scores

Jr. C Scores

Jr.D Scores



Friday, 05 May 2017 15:51

2021-22 Jaymes Marshall to DU

Jaymes Marshall, L10 from Tigar Gymnastics, has committed to Denver.  In the 2016 season she scored a 10.0 on vault at her state meet and finished 2nd AA.  She went on to win her regional meet and place 1st on vault.  She placed 49th AA at JOs, but she again won vault.   She went on to compete at the 2016 Secret Classic and the P&G Championships.

USAG bio with video


Friday, 05 May 2017 15:15

Kim Landrus named Head Coach at NCSU

Kim Landrus has moved from Illinois to North Carolina State.  She spent 15 years in the coaching ranks at Illinois


Thursday, 04 May 2017 18:31

2017-18 Alana Fischer to SEMO

Canadian Alana Fischer has signed with SEMO.  She competes for Manjak's Gymnastics in Ontario. She placed 8th AA at the 2015 Nataional Championships and she qualified to Nationals this year.


Carissa Ludwig and MyKenna Toungate have committed to WMU for the 2018-19 year.  We previously announce Mykenna Toungate as a 2019 grad.

Carissa Ludwig is from Stars and Stripe Gymnastics.  She won her L10 state meet in 2016.  At 206 regionals she picked up the vault title and placed 4th AA.  She went on to place 19th AA at 2016 JOs.

Ludwig video

Thursday, 04 May 2017 10:43

2017-18 Dominique Militello to WMU

WMU has added Dominique Militello to it's incoming roster. She is a L10 from Bay Valley Gym Club in Michigan.  She placed 1st on beam and 4th AA at her 2017 state meet and 11th AA at regionals.


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