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NCAA Women's Regionals: All Sessions and Links

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Here are the schedules and links for all the action this week at the Women's NCAA Regionals.  The article will be updated when the Michigan links are available. 

Regional Play-in:  Wednesday, April 3rd    
Time Meet Stats Video
2:00 pm ET Michigan Playin:  Ball St, Illinois Link ESPN+
2:00 pm CT Arkansas Playin:  Boise St, BYU ESPN+
Thursday, April 4th    
Time Meet Stats Video
1:00 pm ET Michigan Session 1:  Bama, Michigan, Kent St, PSU Link* ESPN+
1:00 pm CT Arkansas Session 1:  Kentucky, Arkansas, Arizona, NU ESPN+
2:00 pm ET Florida Playin:  Clemson, Iowa St Link ESPN+
2:00 pm PT Cal Playin:  SJSU, SUU ESPN+
7:00 pm ET Michigan Session 2:  OU, NCSU, Ohio St, Illinois Link ESPN+
7:00 pm CT Arkansas Session 2:  LSU, Minnesota, Oregon St, BYU ESPN+
Friday, April 5th    
Time Meet Stats Video
1:00 pm ET Florida Session 1:  Utah, MSU, Towson, Maryland Link ESPN+
1:00 pm PT Cal Session 1:  DU, UCLA, ASU, Washington ESPN+
7:00 pm ET Florida Session 2:  Florida, Missouri, UGA, Iowa St Link ESPN+
7:00 pm PT Cal Session 2:  Cal, Auburn, Stanford, SUU ESPN+
Saturday, April 6th    
Time Meet Stats Video
5:00 pm ET Michigan Final:  OU, Bama, Ohio St, PSU Link ESPN+
5:00 pm CT Arkansas Final:  LSU, Arkansas, Kentucky, Minnesota ESPN+
Sunday, April 7th    
Time Meet Stats Video
5:00 pm ET Florida Final:  Florida, Utah, Missouri, MSU Link ESPN+
5:00 pm PT Cal Final:  Cal, Stanford, DU, ASU ESPN+


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