Sunday, 08 January 2017 15:20

Iowa 194.2, WMU 193.25, Lindenwood 192.075 at NIU 194.825

Written by Greg

NIU (194.825) scored a big win over Iowa (194.2), WMU (193.25) and Lindenwood (192.075) in their home opener on Sunday.  The Huskies took advantage of Iowa's struggles on the UB to pull past the Hawkeyes on the final event.  They were led by junior Katherine Prentice, who won the BB, the AA (39.0) and who tied for the FX title with Iowa's Melissa Zurawski.  Teammate Ashley Potts tied for the UB title with Iowa frosh Clair Kaji.  For Iowa, Rose Piorkowski tied for the VT title with WMU's Anna Corbett.

Link:  NIU Release and Results

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