Sunday, 20 August 2017 10:01

US Names Men's World Championships Team

Written by Greg

USA Gymnastics has named the 2017 World Championships squad.  The meet will be an individual only Worlds and will be held in Montreal.  The format has influenced the selection to be heavy on specialists.

Named to the final squad:

Marvin Kimble
Sam Mikulak (ex Michigan)
Yul Moldauer (OU)
Alex Naddour (ex OU)
Eddie Penev (ex Stanford)
Donnell Whittenburg


Allan Bower (ex OU)
Akash Modi (ex Stanford)
Colin VanWicklen (OU)

The US Senior National Team was also named.  It's heavy on current and former NCAA gymnasts.  In addition to the nine athletes named above, the following six NCAAers were selected:

Donothan Bailey (ex Cal)
Trevor Howard (ex PSU)
Sean Melton (OSU)
Kanji Oyama (ex OU)
Alex Powarzynski (OU)
Alec Yoder (OSU)

Link:  Release

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