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Men's JO Nationals

Written by Greg

The Men's JO Nationals were held this past weekend in Reno and champions were crowned in the Junior Olympic and Junior Elite levels.  Here are some of the NCAA related results:

 Junior Elite, Level 10

18 years old:  1.  Laz Barnill, Cypress (OU);  2.  Donte McKinney, Triumph (Minnesota)  3.  Jack Freeman, Cypress (OU);  4.  Adam Wooten, Harpeth (Michigan);  5.  Brayton Williams, GymTek (OU)
17 years old:  1.  Colt Walker, Acrotex;  2.  Garrett Braunton, Cypress;  3.  Taylor Christopulos, USA Gym World;  4.  JR Chou, Cypress (Stanford)  5.   Jeremy Bischoff, Waller's GymJam
16 years old:  1.  Brandon Nguyen, Elevate;  2.  Khoi Young, Sportsplex; 3.  Isaiah Drake, Gym Olympica;  4.  Matt Cormier, Massachusetts Elite;  5.  Nicolas Kuebler, Metropolitan
15 years old:  1.  Asher Hong, Cypress;  2.  Ian Lasic-Ellis, Massachusetts Elite;  3.  Landen Blixt, Infinity;  4.  Vishal Mandava, Cypress;  5.  Fred Richard, Massachusetts Elite

Junior Olympic, Level 10

18 years old:  1.  Kyle Shuttle, Accell (Cal);  2.  Aidan Cuy, Aim High;  3.  Tyler Schmidt, Mini-Hops
17 years old:  1.  Erik Engelke, Above the Bar;  2.  Jade Robinson, Meadowlands;  3(t) Zackrey Lerwill, Madison Gym and Troy Lipis, Waller's GymJam
16 years old:  1.  Joseph Pepe, North Valley;  2.  Marcrel Aguirre, Cypress;  3.  Syam Buradagunta, Massachusetts Elite
15 years old:  1/  Levon Chalikyan, Gymnastics Olympica USA; 2.  Jack Critz, SCATS;  3.  Max Ford, Indiana Gym Center


Link:  USA Gymnastics


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