Bridgeport won the quad meet hosted by Yale, posting a 194.2.  Link:  SCSU Release
Friday, 01 February 2019 21:59

Washington 195.825 at Stanford 195.475

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Washington scored its first win at Stanford in 20 years with a consistent effort.  Washington's Evanni Roberson led the way, winning the BB and tying for AA honors with Stanford's Kyla Bryant.  Bryand won the UB and FX.  Teammate Rachel Flam won the VT with a stuck Omelianchik (round-off half,…
Boise State posted a strong 196.525 on the road to win at San Jose State.  Shani Remme won the FX and the AA with a 39.4 to lead the Broncos.  Teammate Sarah Means won VT and tied for first place on BB with teammate Alex Esmerian. BSU's Emily Muhlenhaupt won…
Friday, 01 February 2019 21:54

USU 194.975 at SUU 195.5

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The frosh took center stage as SUU held off USU.  SUU rookie Karley McClain won FX and tied for the AA title at 39.175 with USU's Madison Ward Sessions. Classmate Shylen Murakami won BB while teammate Becky Rozsa won UB.  Ward Sessions won VT. Link:  Results (Note the results have…
Friday, 01 February 2019 21:52

Arizona 195.4 at Utah 197.05

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Host Utah posted a 197.05 to win over Arizona, despite resting certain gymnasts, including star MyKayla Skinner on FX.  MaKenna Merrell-Giles of Utah won the AA with a 39.5 and tied for the UB title with Skinner.  Ute Alexia Burch won the VT, teammate Kari Lee won the BB, and…
Friday, 01 February 2019 21:49

Alabama 196.85 at Mizzou 196.55

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Mizzou posted a season-best 196.55 but it wasn't enough to knock off the visiting Crimson Tide, who tallied 196.85.  Lexi Graber returned to the AA for the Tide and won the AA at 39.35. She also won FX and tied on VT with teammate Shea Mahoney and Mizzou's Aspen Tucker…
Friday, 01 February 2019 21:47

NC State 195.375 at LSU 197.15

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Host LSU started strong on VT and UB and posted a solid 197.15 at home.  SU's Sarah Finnegan won the UB, BB, and AA with a 39.65. Tiger Kennedi Edney won the VT while teammate McKenna Kelley won the FX. Link:  LSU Release
Friday, 01 February 2019 21:45

CMU 194.2 at Illinois State 191.725

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CMU defeated host Illinois State 194.2 to 191.725 on Friday night.  Denelle Pedrick won VT, Gianna Plaska won UB, and Abbie Rose Zoeller won FX for CMU. Chippewa Skyler Memmel tied with Illinois State's Gabrielle Cooke on BB.  Link:  Release
Friday, 01 February 2019 21:42

Florida 198.025 at Oklahoma 198.325

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There was a showdown in Norman, and the 9.95s+ flew freely as both teams broke 198 despite some mistakes.  OU in the end prevailed, led by frosh Olivia Trautman.  She made her debut in the AA, winning with a 39.725.  She also won VT and tied for the FX title…
Air Force won the Gershon/McLellan Invitational hosted by UW La Crosse.  Air Force's Tyler Davis won the AA with a 37.55. She also won VT and FX. Teammate Anna Salamone won UB while Falcon Cameron Barber won BB, Link:  Release
Friday, 01 February 2019 21:38

Winona St 180.55 at UW Oshkosh

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Host Oshkosh scored a solid win over the visitors from Winona St.  Emily Gilot paced the Titans with wins on VT, BB and FX.  She posted a 36.825 AA.   Teammate Bailee Hardy won the UB.  Link: Results
Friday, 01 February 2019 21:36

Temple 194.2, UNC 194.05 at Pitt 193.55

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Temple earned a big win in a close tri-meet at Pitt.  Temple's Monica Servidio won the AA with a 39.125 to lead the Owls. UNC's Khazia Hislop won VT, BB and the FX. Pitt's Lucy Brett took UB for the hosts. Link:  Pitt Release
Host NIU pulled out a narrow victory in the quad meet with a win over LU, Kent St and SPU.  NIU's Morgan Hooper won BB and tied for the UB title with Kent St's Dara Williams. Teammate Anna Martucci won FX. LU's Courtney Mitchell won the AA with a 39.225…
Friday, 01 February 2019 21:22

Hamline 180.725, UW Eau Claire 179.175 at UW Stout 186.825

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Stout easily won the John Zuerlein Invitational, defeating Hamline and Eau Claire.  Mikala Bugge led the way, winning the AA with a 37.5.  She also won the FX and tied for the VT title with teammate Shadae Boone.  UW Stout's Sierra Beaver won UB while teammate Britney Wolfe won BB. …
Friday, 01 February 2019 21:18

TWU 192.875 at Centenary 189.

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TWU defeated host Centenary with a 192.875.  TWU's Bria Northrup won the AA with a 39.05. She also won UB and tied with Centenary's Navia Jordan on FX.  TWU's Erin Alderman won BB while Centenary's Cami Bea Austin won VT. Link:  Results Link:  Release
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