Sunday, 05 March 2017 21:00

Women's National Rankings for the Week of March 6th

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Oklahoma is nearing a 198 Regional Qualifying Score (197.99) as they continue to lead the Women's National Rankings.  However, #11 Michigan nearly upset the Sooners, showing just how close the field has become. LSU is 2nd and Florida remains third, with UCLA closing fast in 4th. 
Sunday, 05 March 2017 20:54

Centenary 190.475 at Alaska 192.6

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Host Alaska broke a school record on BB en route to a Senior Day win over Centenary, 192.6 to 190.475.  Seawolve Madeleine Arbuckle won VT and the AA while teammate Nicole Larkin won the UB.  UAA's Kallie Randolph and Sophia Hyderally tied for the BB title as the Seawolves took…
Sunday, 05 March 2017 20:52

Utah State 194.025 at San Jose State 195.15

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San Jose St celebrated Senior Day with a win over USU, 195.15 to 194.025.  Frosh Taylor Chan led the way, winning the BB and FX.  For USU, Miranda Hone won VT and Keri Peel won UB.  Link:  Release
Sunday, 05 March 2017 17:06

Cal 196.8 at UCLA 197.525

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Host UCLA held off Cal, 197.525 to 196.8, as the Bears posted a key road score.  UCLA's Katelyn Ohashi posted a 10 on BB and won the FX to lead the Bruins.  Teammate Kyla Ross won VT and tied for the UB at 9.975 with teammate Peng-Peng Lee.  Link:  Release
Penn State posted a season high 196.2 to bolster their Regional hopes and defeat Bridgeport (193.875), West Chester (192.95) and host Penn (191.475).  PSU's Briannah Tsang led the way, winning FX and tying for the VT title with Bridgeport's Maya Reimers and Kimberly Stewart.  Teammate Sabrina Garcia won FX while…
Sunday, 05 March 2017 16:28

Men's: Navy 401.9, Army 391.4 at Springfield 380.5

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Navy posted a 401.9 to defeat Army (391.4) and host Springfield (380.5).  Jonny Tang won the AA with an 81.8 to lead the Midshipman.  Link:  Release
Sunday, 05 March 2017 16:22

Washington 196.45 at Oregon State 197.325

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Oregon State powered to a 197.325 to defeat the visitors from Washington (196.45).  Kaytianna McMillan led Oregon State with a win on FX and in the AA (39.625).  Teammate Madeline Gardiner shared event titles on VT and BB while  Erika Aufiero posted a near-perfect 9.975 to win UB.  Beaver Dani…
Illinois won it's 10th straight State of Illinois Classic title with a 196.15.  They defeated a tightly packed field:  Illinois State 193.55, NIU 193.55 and UIC 193.525 were separated by just .025.  Illini Mary Jane Horth led the way, winning VT and BB.  Illinois State's Gabrielle Cooke took the FX,…
Sunday, 05 March 2017 16:13

Florida 196.6 at LSU 198.15

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Host LSU posted a 198.15 to defeat Florida (196.6) and win the SEC Regular Season title.  LSU's Ashleigh Gnat won FX and tied for the VT title at 10.0 (with Florida's Alex McMurtry).  Teammate Erin Macadaeg won BB while teammates Sarah Finnegan and Lexie Priessman tied for the UB title. …
Sunday, 05 March 2017 16:08

Bowling Green 193.6 at MSU 195.6

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Michigan State posted a 195.6 to keep their Regional hopes alive.  BGSU tallied a 193.6.  Nicola Deans led MSU with a win in the FX and the AA (39.25).  Teamamte Lindsey Lemke won UB while Elena Lagoski tied for the VT title with BGSU's Jovannah East.  East also tied for…
Host Lindenwood posted a 195.275 to defeat TWU's 194.35 and Wisconsin-Whitewaters 192.6.  Katey Oswalt and Kierstin Sokolowski won a pair of events each to lead the Lions.  Oswalt won VT and FX while Sokolowski won UB and BB.  TWU's Katie Simpson won the AA with a 38.775.  Link:  Release
Sunday, 05 March 2017 16:02

Alabama 197.7 at UGA 197.325

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Bama scored a 197.7 to take the win over rival UGA in Athens.  Kiana Winston led the way, winning the AA for the Tide with a 39.65.  She also tied for the UB (with UGA's Rachel Schick) and FX (with UGA's GiGi Marino) titles.  Teammate Nickie Guerrero took the BB. …
Sunday, 05 March 2017 15:58

ASU 195.7 at Arizona 195.375

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ASU posted its first Pac 12 victory since 2014 to defeat cross-state rival and host Arizona 195.7 to 195.375.  The Gym Devils posted a 49.15 on BB to close the meet, led by Nichelle Christopherson's win.  Teammate Morgan Wilson won VT.  For Arizona, Victoria Ortiz won UB and Krysten Howard…
Sunday, 05 March 2017 15:55

WMU 195.2 at Ball State 194.75

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Ball State broke the school record on FX but it wasn't enough for the hosts as WMU posted a 195.2 to defeat the Cardinals.  Anna Corbett led WMU with a win in the AA (38.85) and on VT.  Teammate Jessie Peszek won UB while Bronco Jessica Juncaj won BB.  A…
Sunday, 05 March 2017 14:22

Brockport St 193.325 at Ursinus 190.975

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SUNY Brockport posted a big 193.325, the highest score in Division III competition this season, to overcome Ursinus' 190.975.  Jennifer Sklenar led Brockport St, posting a 38.425 AA and sharing the VT title with teammates Candis Kowalik and Stephanie Mager.  Teammate Brittany Vasile led a 1-6 Brockport sweep on FX. …