Sunday, 05 February 2017 16:12

Lindenwood 194.125 at TWU 192.9

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Lindenwood defeated host TWU 194.125 to 192.9 in action on Sunday.  LU's Kierstin Sokolowski marked a return to form with a win on BB and a tie for the VT title (with TWU's Schyler Jones).  LU's Katey Oswalt tied for FX with Jones while teammate Ryan Henry won the AA…
Sunday, 05 February 2017 16:06

Springfield 187.0, RIC 175.025 at Cortland 188.2

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Cortland won the home tri meet with a 188.2, defeating Springfield (187) and RIC (175.025).  The Red Dragons got wins from frosh Sidney McConnell on UB, Rachel Filipski on VT and Lindsay Riggs and McKenna Passalacqua on BB.  Springfield's Nicole Silva won the FX while teammate Marissa DeAngelo won the…
Sunday, 05 February 2017 16:02

Illinois State 194.075 at CMU 194.95

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Host CMU posted a 194.95 to hold off Illinois State's 194.075.  Katy Clement led the Chippewas, winning VT and tying for the FX title with teammates Denelle Pedrick and Macey Hilliker.  Teammate Bryttany Kaplan won UB while Chippewa Shaila Segal won BB.  For Illinois State, Gabrielle Cooke won the AA…
Sunday, 05 February 2017 15:59

Iowa 195.725 at Nebraska 196.825

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Nebraska returned home and rebounded to a 196.825 to defeat Iowa's 195.725.  They were led by frosh Taylor Houchin, who won the VT and the AA (39.35).   Ashley Lambert returned to the VT and FX lineups, and won the latter for the Huskers with a 9.925.  Teammates Grace Williams and…
Host GWU posted a 196.4 to hold off UNH's 196.075 and win the quad meet on Sunday afternoon.  Towson was third at 194.95 and Ball State posted a 194.175 in a good afternoon for all four squads.  Cami Drouin-Allaire won VT and Chelsea Raineri won FX to lead the Colonials. …
Bridgeport won the quad meet hosted by Yale, posting a 194.0 to surpass NC State (193.725), Cornell (193.575) and Penn (190.95).  Brianna Comport led the Purple Knights with a win on BB and tie for the FX title (with teammate Maya Reimers).  Cornell's Lyanda Dudley won the VT and tied…
Sunday, 05 February 2017 15:44

Michigan 196.475 at Maryland 195.625

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Michigan overcame a rough start on UB to overtake Maryland, 196.475 to 195.625.  Four different Wolverines won individual events:  Emma McLean on VT, Nicole Artz on UB, Lauren Marinez on BB and Talia Chiarelli on FX.  Link:  Michigan Release
Sunday, 05 February 2017 15:39

WMU 195.575 at BGSU 194.8

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WMU defeated host BGSU, 195.575 to 194.8 in action on Sunday.  For the Broncos, Racheal Underwood won the UB and tied for the FX title with teammate Katie Jennings.  Teammate Anna Corbett took the AA with a 38.95.  BGSU's Taylor Worthington won BB while teammate Lauren East won VT.  Link: …
Saturday, 04 February 2017 20:53

Air Force 192.675 at SPU 190.55

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Air Force tallied a 192.675 to defeat SPU's 190.55.  Air Force cadet Kara Witgen led the way with a win on BB and in the AA (38.45).  Teammates Brittney Reed and Marianna Murphy tied for the UB title.  For SPU, Ariana Harger won another VT title and tied for the…
Saturday, 04 February 2017 20:48

Oregon State 196.2 at Arizona 195.375

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Oregon State picked up a solid 196.2 road score to defeat Arizona (195.375).  Madeline Gardiner led the Beaver with a 9.95 BB win.  Teammate Kaytianna McMillan shared the FX title with Arizona's Krysten Howard, while Dani Dessaints and Mary Jacobsen shared the VT title with Arizona's Skyler Sheppard.  Wildcat Victoria…
Saturday, 04 February 2017 20:33

Men's: Michigan 404.95 at Ohio State 422.2

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Ohio State posted a season-high 422.2, the fourth highest in the NCAA this season, to defeat the visitors from Michigan (404.95).  Jake Dastrup led the way for the Buckeyes, winning PH and PB.  Classmate Jake Martin celebrated Senior Day with a win on HB.  He also totalled 85.25 in the…
Saturday, 04 February 2017 20:30

Men's: Nebraska 396.7 at Minnesota 400.7

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Minnesota pulled out the win over the Huskers, 400.75 to 396.7.  Minnesota's club team also participated and posted a 218.15.  Justin Karstadt led the Gophers, winning the Rings and the AA (82.0).  Teammates Jalon Stephens and Yaroslav Pochinka won HB and VT, respectively.  NU picked up wins from Connor Adamsick…
Saturday, 04 February 2017 20:26

Men's: Stanford 420.45, Washington 380.3 at Air Force 406.1

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Stanford posted a solid 420.45 to overwhelm host Air Force (406.1) and Washington's club squad (380.3).  Stanford was led by Akash Modi, who won the AA with an 85.45.  Modi also won the FX and PB.  Teammate Robert Neff won VT, while Grant Breckenridge won the HB.  Air Force's Tim…
Saturday, 04 February 2017 20:23

Men's: Army 405.85 at Navy 402.8

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Army defeated host Navy 405.85 to 402.8.  Army got wins from Nathan Goff on PH and Leo Genders on HB, but used depth to overpower the Midshipman.  For Navy, Jonny Tang won PB and the AA.  Link:  Navy Release
Saturday, 04 February 2017 20:20

Minnesota 193.375 at Illinois 196.025

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Host Illinois broke 196 to down the Gophers, 196.025 to 193.375.  Illini Lizzy LeDuc led the way with a win in the AA, posting a 39.5.  Along the way she tied for the VT title (with Minnesota's Paige Williams) and won the BB and FX.  Teammate Mary Jane Horth tied…