GWU posted a 196.5 for a Senior Day quad meet win over NC State (194.825), Yale (194.575) and Stanford (193.275).  Cami Drouin-Allaire led the way with a win on VT, FX and the AA (39.375).  Stanford's Elizabeth Price won the UB while Stanford's Ashley Tai and Nicolette McNair tied for…
Saturday, 11 March 2017 22:33

Men's: Ohio State 417.25 at OU 434.55

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OU psoted the highest score in the NCAA this season, a 434.55, to defeat Ohio State's 417.25.  The Sooners celebrated Senior Night with wins from Yul Modlauer on FX, Todd Dowdy on VT, Allan Bower on PB, and Genki Suzuki on HB.  For Ohio State, Alec Yoder won PH and…
Saturday, 11 March 2017 22:29

Men's: Iowa 406.85, ASU 391.7 at Minnesota 411.2

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Minnesota posted a 411.2 to defeat Iowa (406.85) and the ASU club team (391.7).  The Gophers were led by Yaroslav Pochinka, who won the R and VT.  Gopher Justin Karstadt added an 82.55 win in the AA and also tied for the PH title.  Link:  UMN Release
Saturday, 11 March 2017 22:25

BGSU 194.675 at EMU 195.225

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EU captured its first ever MAC regular season title with a 195.225 to 194.675 win over Bowling Green.  EMU's Kendall Valentin won UB and BB while teammate Ciara Gresham won FX to lead the Eagles.  For BGSU, Lauren Feely won the AA with a 39.15 and shared the VT title…
Saturday, 11 March 2017 22:19

SPU 194.1 at Washington 196.925

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Washington locked up a spot in the evening session of the Pac-12 Championships with a 196.925 to 194.1 win over SPU.  Haley Burleson earned a share of the titles on VT, UB and BB.  Senior teammate Alex Yacalis tied for the VT title and won FX.  Classmate Kaitlyn Duranczyk shared…
Saturday, 11 March 2017 22:15

Hamline 188.85 at Wisconsin-Whitewater 192.125

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UW Whitewater celebrated Senior Day with 192.125 to 188.85 triumph over Hamline.  Lisa O'Donnell led the way for Whitewater with a win on FX and a tie with teammate Franchesca Hutton on BB.  Senior Katie Fiorilli won the VT while classmate Mackenzie Smith took the UB.  Link:  Release
Saturday, 11 March 2017 22:09

UIC 193.55 at Oregon State 197.475

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Oregon State celebrated Senior Day with a big 197.475 to 193.55 win over UIC.  Senior Kaytianna McMillan posted a 10 on UB and won FX and the AA with a 39.65 to pace the Beavers.  Classmate Madeline Gardiner won BB while Dani Dessaints won the VT.  Link:  Oregon State Release
Michigan posted a 197.15 to win the Big Five meet at Iowa.  Iowa was 2nd at 196.4, PSU third at 195.45, Minnesota 4th at 194.825 and Rutgers fifth at 192.65. Minnesota's Bailie Holst won the AA witth a 39.425.  Michigan's Olivia Karas took the VT, while teammate Paige Zaziski tied…
Saturday, 11 March 2017 17:16

Men's: Stanford 417.15, Illinois 404.0 at Michigan 406.7

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Stanford posted a 417.55 to defeat host Michigan (406.7) and Illinois (404).  The Cardinal's Akash Modi returned the lineup and won PB and the AA with a 87.7.  Link:  Release
Saturday, 11 March 2017 17:11

Utah 196.65 at UGA 197.25

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Host UGA defeated Utah 197.25 to 196.65.  UGA's Rachel Dickson tied for titles on UB and FX to lead the Gym Dogs.  She tied with teammate Hayley Sanders on UB and GiGi Marino on FX.  Teammates Morgan Reynolds and Lauren Johnson tied for the VT title.  Utah's Kari Lee won…
Saturday, 11 March 2017 16:47

SEMO 193.1 at WMU 195.475

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Host WMU posted a 195.475 to defeat SEMO (193.1).  Anna Corbett led WMU with wins on VT and UB.  Teammate Jessie Peszek tied with SEMO's McKinzie Jones on the BB.  SEMO's Alexis Brawner won the FX and the AA (39.2)  Link:  Release
Nebraska held off host Illinois to win the first of two Big 10 seeding meets for the Big 10 Championships.  NU posted a 196.65 to Illinois' 196.45.  Ohio State was third at 195.35, MSU 4th at 194.65 and Maryland fifth 193.375.  Jennie Laeng led the Huskers with a win in…
Saturday, 11 March 2017 16:26

NIU 196.15 at CMU 196.575

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CMU posted a 196.575 to defeat NIU's 196.15 on Senior Day.  CMU's Caroline Fitzpatrick won the BB to lead her squad. For NIU, Andie Van Voorhis won VT, while Jamyra Carter won UB.  Teammate Courtney Dowdell won FX while Ashley Potts won the AA. Link:  Release
Saturday, 11 March 2017 16:23

Ursinus 191.5 at West Chester 193.675

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West Chester defeated Ursinus, 193.675 to 191.5, led by Majesta Valentine's wins on the VT and the FX.  She won the AA with a 39.175 and tied for the UB title with teammate Myranda Marshall.  Ursinus' Kaelin Ross posted a big 9.9 to win BB.  Link: Release
Brown won the quad meet with a 193.425, defeating Springfield (189.05), SUNY Cortland (188.425) and RIC (182.575).  Brown's Jorden Mitchell won the VT, BB, FX and the AA with a 38.875.  Teammate Anya Olson won the UB.    Link:  Release
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