Friday, 05 March 2010 23:05

Men's: Stanford 356.7, UIC 336.2 at Air Force 338.35

Written by Greg
Nash Mills led Air Force with a 84.75 AA win. Link: Air Force Release
Friday, 05 March 2010 22:57

EMU 192.7, Sac State 192.3 at UC Davis 194.25

Written by Greg
UC Davis postred a season high 194.25 to win over EMU and Sac State. Kaylyn Millick of EMU won the AA with a 38.975. She also tied for the VT title with UC Davis' Michelle Bobonski and with Sac State's Cayla Boyce for the BB title. UC Davis' Tanyo Ho…
Friday, 05 March 2010 22:52

Stanford 196.8, Cal 190.775 at San Jose State 195.075

Written by Greg
Stanford posted a big 196.8 to win the away meet of Bay Area rivals. Stanford's Carly Janiga won the AA with a 39.55, capturing BB and FX in the process. Teammate Alyse Ishino won the UB while another teammate Shelley Alexander won the VT. Link: San Jose State Release
Friday, 05 March 2010 21:21

Washington 195.675 at Arizona 195.75

Written by Greg
Arizona came from behind with a 49.3 in the final rotation to secure the win, led by Deanna Graham's winning 9.925 FX win. On VT, teammate Aubree Cristello tied with UW's Amanda Cline and Haley Bogart. On UB, Britnie Jones tied with the Huskies' Kristen Linton, Lauren Rogers and Samantha…
Friday, 05 March 2010 21:17

Central Michigan 195.575 at Arizona State 194.825

Written by Greg
CMU posted a big road win, hitting a 195.575 to defeat the Sun Devils. Link: ASU Release
Friday, 05 March 2010 21:14

Nebraska 195.725 at Utah 196.575

Written by Greg
Utah staged a late rally on the final event to defeat the visiting Huskers. For Utah, Daria Bijak and Annie DiLuzio led the squad. Bijak won the AA with a 39.425 and shared the UB title with teammate Jamie Deetscreek. Deetscreek also won the BB. DiLuzio won the VT and…
Friday, 05 March 2010 21:09

Alabama 197.275 at Oklahoma 197.95

Written by Greg
Oklahoma set a new school record with a 197.95 to win the showdown between the country's two top teams. Hollie Vise led OU, winning the UB and BB. Teammate Jackie Flannery posted a near perfect 9.975 to win the FX. For Bama, Kassi Price tied OU's Mary Mantle for the…
Friday, 05 March 2010 21:06

Oregon State 195.525 at LSU 196.925

Written by Greg
LSU posted a season high 196.925 to handily defeat the Beavers in front of 5,641 fans. Susan Jackson led the Tigers, winning the AA with a 39.65 and posting a win on FX and a tie for 1st on VT (with Oregon State's Mandi Rodriguez). Teammate Summer Hubbard added a…
Friday, 05 March 2010 21:01

Iowa 195.175 at Iowa State 194.15

Written by Greg
In the cross-state battle, Iowa upended Iowa State with a season best. Rebecca Simbhudas led the Hawkeyes, winning the VT and the AA with a 39.225. Iowa State's Michelle Browning won BB and tied for 1st on FX with Iowa's Jessa Hansen to lead the Cyclones. Teammate Ceilia Maccani and…
Friday, 05 March 2010 20:57

Denver 194.35 at Auburn 196.225

Written by Greg
Auburn posted a 196.225 to defeat the visiting Pioneers. For Auburn, Allyson Sandusky won the VT while Kylie Shields won the BB. Teammate Petrina Yokay tied with DU's Kelley Hennigan on the UB. On FX, Tiger Toi Garcia tied DU's Kristina Coccia. DU's Brianna Artemev won the AA with a…
Friday, 05 March 2010 20:53

Alaska 187.6 at Illinois State 193.875

Written by Greg
Illinois State celebrated Senior Night with a 193.825 victory. Erica Shick led the Redbirds, winning the UB, and tying for 1st on BB with teammates Andrea Orris and Hannah Deutsch. She also tied for 1st on FX with Deutsch. For Alaska, Kelsey Fullerton won VT. Link: Illinoins State Release
Friday, 05 March 2010 20:49

Kentucky 196.05 at Kent State 195.95

Written by Greg
It took season-bests from both squads, but UK prevailed by 0.1. Hillary Ferguson and Emily Green tied for 1st on the FX to lead Kentucky. Teammates Jamie Reimann and Emily Rymer tied with Kent State's Erin Rothrock for the UB title. For Kent State, Christine Abou-Mitri won the AA with…
Friday, 05 March 2010 20:46

Towson 193.075, Temple 190.65 , SCSU 190.375 at Bridgeport 194.2

Written by Greg
Bridgeport broke the school record with a 194.2 to win a quad meet Friday. Bridgeport's Lorraine Gallow tied for AA honors with Towson's Kacy Cantanzaro, tying her school recard at 38.925. Teammate Miranda Der tied the school record in winning the FX. Link: Bridgeport Release
Friday, 05 March 2010 20:43

WMU 191.425, Penn 189.625, GWU 189.475 at Pitt 194.525

Written by Greg
Pitt posted a 194.525 to win the quad meet over WMU, Penn and GWU. Pitt's Alicia Talucci led her squad, winning the AA with a 39.15 and the BB with a 9.9. Teammate Dani Bryan added a win on VT. For WMU, Kristine Garbarino won UB while GWU's Leslie Delima…
Friday, 05 March 2010 20:32

UNC 194.225, Ball State 191.35 at Florida 197.55

Written by Greg
UF won the tri-meet with UNC and Ball State, posting a season high 197.55. A pair of UF frosh shared the AA title at 39.475: Ashanee Dickerson and Marissa King. Dickerson also won VT and shared the FX title with fellow frosh King, Liz Green and Randy Stageberg. Teammates Amanda…
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