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Recruiting Tips: Summer Plans for the Recruitable

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Season is over and now on to summer! What should you be doing to make the most of your time and become the most marketable college gymnastics recruit?

  1. Skills, Skills, Skills: Your skills are what opens the doors in the recruiting process. Every college coach is required to field a competitive team. They are searching for gymnasts who can score what is needed to raise their team score at their meets.
  2. Exposure: You need to be seen by the college coaches. One way to do this is to go to a summer camp. Make sure you pick a summer camp that is a realistic option to your potential school choice.
  3. Academics: Summer can be a great way to catch up on a class. Its also a good time to take prep classes for the SAT or ACT.
  4. Recovery: Let your body recover from the hard surface landings needed during season. 
  5. Unofficial Visits: If you are traveling with your family on vacation this summer, be sure to stop in and meet coaches at colleges and or watch practice. Set up a tour of the campus.
  6. Communicate: Stay in communication with your top schools of interest. Email coaches updating them with your progress in the gym and send video footage of upgrades.
  7. Mental Training: Consider taking some sports mental training classes to help you with competing or building your confidence as an athlete.

About Jill Hicks:

Jill Hicks is a former elite gymnast, Division I college athlete, club coach and Division I college gymnastics coach (Cal State Fullerton, Oregon State) and the owner of Jill Hicks Consulting, where she provides recruiting services and choreography for prospective student-athletes and their families. For further information visit:

Editor's Note:  Publication of this article is not an endorsement of any recruiting service.  Always check with the NCAA or your school's compliance officer for any questions regarding recruiting rules, the latest timelines, or other issues.

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