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Recruiting Tips: The Ideal College Gymnastics Recruit

Written by Jill Hicks
Jill Hicks Jill Hicks (c), Jill Hicks

What are some of the characteristics that make up "The Ideal College Gymnastics Recruits"?  Here are five: 

1. Level 10/10.0 SV and "Up to the Level":
College coaches look for gymnasts that can score what is needed for them to be competitive in their conference and nationally. The college meets are judged upon the JO Level 10 rules with some NCAA modifications. Some Level 9s, having never competed Level 10, may have 10SVs on a few events and they also get recruited. I even have a few strong Level 8s that are competing in college because they are strong on two events. Also, there are a few added requirements including "Up to the Level", that the college coaches require in the college judging system to help separate the gymnasts at the higher level competitions.

2. Focused Academics:
College coaches need gymnasts that can handle the rigors of not just being on the team, attending required practice and travel but also being able to do well academically. They will look at your GPA and test scores and talk with you about your desires for a major.

3. Character Counts:
The goal of a coach is to create team unity so that they each are the best they can be for the best team score. They look for unselfish recruits that can handle corrections and are teachable.

4. Fitness a Priority:
Conditioning and nutrition are a big part of fueling your body to be ready for meets. College coaches expect to do a lot of educating in these areas, but they are looking for recruits who understand the basics and are committed to being fit.

5. Proven Results:
You will need to show that you can compete consistently and score well. College meets are every weekend 13 weeks in a row. If you are a consistent gymnast, you will be very marketable.

About Jill Hicks:

Jill Hicks is a former elite gymnast, Division I college athlete, club coach and Division I college gymnastics coach (Cal State Fullerton, Oregon State) and the owner of Jill Hicks Consulting, where she provides recruiting services and choreography for prospective student-athletes and their families. For further information visit:

Editor's Note:  Publication of this article is not an endorsement of any recruiting service.  Always check with the NCAA or your school's compliance officer for any questions regarding recruiting rules, the latest timelines, or other issues.

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