Saturday, 19 March 2022 16:39

Big 10 Championships: Michigan Wins Title

Written by Greg

Michigan broke 198 once again to win the Big 10 title, their 26th title.  MSU continued their rise with 2nd and Iowa placed 3rd, despite competing in Session 1.  Michigan 198.2, MSU 197.05, Iowa 196.95, Minnesota 196.725, Ohio St 196.7, Maryland and Nebraska 196.45, Illinois 195.825, Rutgers 195.75, PSU 194.7

Michigan's Abby Heiskell tied for titles on UB and FX en route to a 39.7 AA win.   Teammate Sierra Brooks won VT with a 10. Minnesota's Lexy Ramler and Colby Miller shared the UB title with Heiskell. Ramler also tied on BB with Illini Mia Takekawa and UMich's Natalie Wojcik.  Minn's Mya Hooten and Iowa's Lauren Guerin also tied with Heiskell for the FX title.

Link:  Results and release

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