Saturday, 10 April 2010 20:44

Missouri Wins Columbia Regional

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Host #15 Missouri, the #3 seed, advanced as one of three Big 12 teams to advance.  They posted a 196.5 for the win.  Oregon State posted a 196.275 for 2nd.

There will be a new national champion this season as UGA does not advance, losing on the tiebreaker to the Beavers.

Missouri was led by Sarah Shire, who won the AA with a 39.625.  She dominated the Regional, winning VT and tying with Oregon State's Laura Ann Chong on UB and UGA's Courtney McCool on FX.  McCool won BB to advance to Nationals there and on FX.

Iowa's Rebecca Simbhudas advanced as an indvidual AAer.  Minnesota's Alexis Russell won the tiebreaker to advance in the 2nd slot for Nationals.

Link:  UGA Release

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