A few weeks ago, we asked our site members and guests to submit questions about recruiting.  He's graciously provided answers to all of your questions, which run the gamut from the very general to the very specific.  Read on for more information.  Please note that publication of this Q&A is not an endorsement of any recruiting service.  Always verify with the NCAA or your school's compliance officer for any specific questions regarding recruiting rules, the latest timelines, or other issues.
I recently had 3 athletes I am advising receive verbal athletic scholarship offers from 3 different college coaches. Obviously the families were thrilled with the opportunity for their children to be recognized and awarded well before the senior year in high school. As an advisor, I am asked many questions about the college quest and lately the area of verbal commitments seems to top the list. I would like to share my personal thoughts on what has become a popular recruiting strategy that is used by prospects and college coaches alike.
Student-athletes bring a unique quality to the table when it comes to college admissions. They offer a special talent that can improve the institution’s visibility and raise the level of popularity among future attendees. College officials understand this and in many cases, offer strong support to student-athletes both in admissions and with financial aid. The college recruiting process can be a daunting effort if it is not well planned and executed with organization and enthusiasm from start to finish. Below is a simple snapshot of terms and athletic recruiting rules and procedures you will run into as you navigate the…
Fans and athletes alike can benefit from checking out the new videos and scripts released online by the National Association of Women's Gymnastics Judges (NAWGJ) and the National Association of Collegiate Gymnastics Coaches - Women (NACGC-W).  "Armchair" judges can test their knowledge of the code, and everyone can benefit by learning more about how routines can be evaluated.
For the past several seasons, we've made an attempt to rank the incoming recruiting classes for teams from across the nation. Some teams, in particular the perennial  superpowers, seem to appear in the rankings each season. But as for the others, you've probably noticed new teams appear as the tides of recruiting ebb and flow. With recruiting occuring earlier and earlier, predicting the progress of future recruits is becoming more and more difficult. Unexpected injuries, changes in training pattern and other personal events sometimes impact an athlete's ability to come in and contribute right away. So which school has scored…
We've brought back the strength of schedule analysis for 2011.  Each year, we've calculated the relative strength of the schedule (relative schedule difficulty) for the Top 10 Teams, as determined by the Preseason Coaches' Poll.  Read on to find out who has the toughest schedule. 
Happy New Year! With the season just around the corner, we'd like to add a few wishes on what we are hoping to see this season:
If there is one area of the college recruiting process that stands above the rest, I believe it is the way prospects effectively communicate with college coaches. Let’s face it, the majority of boys and girls in any given active recruiting pool will not be blue chip prospects and a reluctance to proactively communicate with college coaches will oftentimes result in an undertow that will likely drag a prospect and family backward in the college search. Below are some simple tips to consider when making an introductory contact with college coaches.
With advent of digital camcorders (Flip Cams) and online video sharing sites, a wide range of preseason and intrasquad videos are available.  In the list below are links to a few of the latest training videos, from teams across the country.
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