Some of the nation's top up and coming club gymnasts competed at the L10 Regionals this past weekend.  Here's how your favorite incoming recruits and future commits did this weekend.  Check back later for links to videos.  As always, check our Results / Club Results section for links to club meets from across the nation.   All of the Regional results are now available.
The 2011 season is over, and NCAA Champions have been crowned.  Bama won the team title with a spectacular effort, defeating defending champion UCLA.  Michigan's Kylee Botterman won the AA title and the AAI American Award.  Here's the full list of winners:
Stanford won the 2011 Men's NCAA team title.  Congratulations to all of the 2011 Champions.  Here's the full recap on the winners.
As always, we'll have links to scores and coverage posted for Saturday afternoon.  Here's a brief overview of the meets. Athens Regional, 4 p.m. ET #6 UCLA, #8 Georgia, #18 LSU, #26 NC State, #28 Maryland, #29 West Virginia With the way the Regionals are seeded, the teams in ranks 5 to 8 are usually paired with seeds #17 and #18.  This produces a challenging situation for any of the teams in the Regional field to surpass either of the teams in the top two positions.  That's made even more difficult when one of the Top 2 seeds is also…
Incoming recruits and recruitables started their post-season this past weekend with their State L10 Championships.  Here's a quick summary of how some of them of them did (Top 3 finishers only).  Stay tuned, as we'll keep updating the list as new results become available.  Also, be sure to check out our Club Results section for links to many of the major club meets throughout the country. 
The regular season is nearly done, and it seems like we just got started!  With teams now finalizing their lineups, peaking their training and fine-tuning their routines, here are some observations as we hit the final stretch of the 2011 season.  In these last few weeks, a lot can happen that will impact a team's postseason chances...
The college search for athletes is an enduring process with a definite starting and ending point and just like a well run race, the successful student-athlete will remain focused until she breaks the tape. Below are some simple tips to consider when heading down the home stretch in the college recruiting process that will assist families in remaining diligent in "closing out" a very important life decision. Whether a prospect is looking for an athletic scholarship or support in admissions, it is important to remain committed to the relationship you have cultivated with the coaches. By the time you reach…
A few weeks ago, we asked our site members and guests to submit questions about recruiting.  He's graciously provided answers to all of your questions, which run the gamut from the very general to the very specific.  Read on for more information.  Please note that publication of this Q&A is not an endorsement of any recruiting service.  Always verify with the NCAA or your school's compliance officer for any specific questions regarding recruiting rules, the latest timelines, or other issues.
I recently had 3 athletes I am advising receive verbal athletic scholarship offers from 3 different college coaches. Obviously the families were thrilled with the opportunity for their children to be recognized and awarded well before the senior year in high school. As an advisor, I am asked many questions about the college quest and lately the area of verbal commitments seems to top the list. I would like to share my personal thoughts on what has become a popular recruiting strategy that is used by prospects and college coaches alike.
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