A New Year is upon us and opportunity lurks. That being said, those who organize best, execute well developed plans and beat the bushes will maximize their success in college recruiting. You have the chance to create change, new commitments, a clean slate and a fresh opportunity to approach the recruiting process with renewed passion. This article attempts to outline general “class tips” that current prospective student-athletes can use in maximizing the college search in 2012.
For the past several seasons, we've made an attempt to rank the incoming recruiting classes for teams from across the nation.  Each year, the task seems to get tougher (and finalized later) and this year is no exception.  In fact, the depth of this recruiting class has produced a variety of very deep and talented frosh classes.  In particular, a number of elites elected not to defer entry into school and are providing a boost to teams across the nation.  So whose class is rated to be the best?  Read on to find the answer...
Georgia has the strongest schedule when compared to the Top 10 teams in 2012, according to our annual analysis.   Each year, we've calculated the relative strength of the schedule (relative schedule difficulty) for the Top 10 Teams, as determined by the Preseason Coaches' Poll.  Read on to find out how the rest of the teams fared. 
The college search for athletes is an “individual” quest. A winning strategy for one prospect could be a losing strategy for another. I think we can all agree that when it comes to recruiting, the “blue chip” kids are going to be found…It’s just a matter of when. That being said, the majority of the prospects looking for a home on a college campus and as part of a varsity sports team are NOT blue chip kids and they should execute a personal plan of attack and begin to tackle the “grey areas” of recruiting.
Nowadays, college coaches, in many cases are encouraging prospects to commit early to their institution in an effort to wrap up recruiting and outdistance the competition. This article attempts to shed light on a variety of “options” prospects and families can embrace moving forward in the ever changing college search for athletes.  November is fast approaching and with that, early deadlines for college applications. Current seniors who have dedicated themselves to connecting early on with college coaches, providing them with the necessary evaluation tools coaches need to determine “potential matches”, have narrowed their list to a few or even one…
Considering the competition in Admissions and the high price tag at some of the nation’s premier academic institutions, I regularly advise families about the potential impact the athletic component can make in a college choice. As a former Ivy League Coach, I learned some valuable lessons that I would like to share.
If you are a rising junior prospect, the summer is a great opportunity for you to launch your college search with earnest. Between the multitude of showcases, camps and tournaments you have attended and the profiles, highlight links and general inquiries you have forwarded to college coaches, you are well on your way. What follows is a snapshot of fall junior days and building this component into your college search plan in what is becoming a popular and critical trend in the college recruiting process.
Many believe the summer is a time when college coaches switch to lower gears. The regular season is complete and the student-athletes have headed home for a well-deserved break.  Nothing can be further from the truth! Opportunity is eminently knocking and if there is a prime season for recruiting, it is during the summer. Below are some auxiliary tips to consider as you move your college recruiting effort to a higher level.
So, your top college hasn’t come knocking on your door. That doesn’t mean you’re doomed never to enter its hallowed halls. Prospective student-athletes can wire themselves for success to maximize their chances of gaining admission to their top college choice. Below are five things you can do to have a shot at attending the school of your dreams.
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