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Friday, 02 March 2018 20:59

Yale 192.9, Penn 192.175 at Maryland 195.05

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UMD's Audrey Barber won VT, UB and FX en route to a 39.275 AA win. Teammate Shynelle Agaran tied with Yale's Emma Firmstone on BB.

Link:  Yale Release

Friday, 02 March 2018 20:56

Ohio State 195.725 at Kentucky 196.85

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UK's Mollie Korth won the AA (39.475), VT and UB and tied on FX with teammate Alex Hyland as Kentucky defeated the visiting Buckeyes. Hyland tied teammate Sidney Dukes on BB. 

Link:  Release

Friday, 02 March 2018 20:53

GWU 196.3, Rutgers 193.825 at Towson 196.25

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GWU's Cami Drouin-Allaire won the AA with a 39.5, including a win on FX, a tie on BB with teammate Alex Zois to lead the Colonials to a close win over host Towson. Teammate Jillian Winstanley won VT.  Towson's Tyra McKellar won the UB. 

Link:  Release
Friday, 02 March 2018 20:00

Liukin Cup results

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1 Haleigh Bryant (LSU)

2 Andrea Li (Cal)                         1st (T) Bars

3 Raegan Walker (Kentucky)        1st (T) Bars

4 Natalie Wojcik  (Michigan)         1st Beam

5 Kiya Johnson (UGA)                  1st (T) Bars 

6 Rachael Lukacs  (UGA)              1st Vault

7 Chae Campbell  (UCLA)

8 Derrian Gobourne  (Auburn)

9 Jaedyn Rucker (Utah)

10 Daniela Castillo (Iowa)

11T Gabryel Wilson (Michigan)

11T Makarri Doggette  (Bama)

13 Rylie Mundell  (Denver)

14 Chloe Widner (Arizona)               1st Floor

15 Kennedy Quay (Cal)

16 Ashley Lane  (Michigan)


1 Tory Vetter.                                1st Beam

2 Jacey Vore

3 Faith Torrez                                1st Floor

4 Kate Greene

5 Lali Dekanoidze  (UNC)

6 Gabby Gladieux

7 Bella Salcedo                             1st Vault

8 Ava Piedrahita

9 Amari Celestine

10 Olivia Greaves

11 Anapaula Gutierrez

12 Kaylen Morgan                         1st Bars

13 Rose Casali  (Denver)

14 Jimena Gutierrez

15 Kailin Chio

16 Velandra Brochi

17 Baleigh Garcia (MSU)

18 Anna Roberts

Click here for Information on how to follow the Nastia Liukin Cup, the American Cup (including UF commit Morgan Hurd and Utah commit Maile O'Keefe) and the Men's Elite Team Cup this weekend.  The Nastia Cup is tonight at 8pm ET.  The American Cup is set for Saturday at 11:30am ET.  The men's meet is Sunday at 6pm ET.


Liukin Cup LIVE SCORES    Choose Jr. or Sr. session

QUAD Video live

Wednesday, 28 February 2018 17:40

2018-19 Rachel Morris to UW-Oshkosh

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Rachel Morris competes for Pearland Elite.  Last season she qualified to regionals and finished 16th AA.  This season she finished 1st on floor at the Yellow Rose Invitational and she placed 7th AA at the HNI.

Personal website

Wednesday, 28 February 2018 17:37

2020-21 Krista Zultevicz to Kentucky

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Krista Zultevicz of Northeast Gymnastics Academy has committed to Kentucky.   Last season she won her state meet and qualified through regionals to JOs.  There she finished 32nd AA.

Personal website

Wednesday, 28 February 2018 17:33

2019-20 Erin Desmond to UW-La Crosse

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Erin Desmond has committded to UW-LaCrosse.  She is a first year L10 at First State Gymnastics.  Last season she won her state and regional L9 meets and placed 3rd AA at Eastern Championships. 

Personal website

Monday, 26 February 2018 16:35

Liukin Cup Qualifiers

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The annual Nastia Liukin Cup is scheduled for March 2nd.  The following is a list of athletes who qualified for the meet (barring late substitutions).  

Official alphabetical list

Committed athletes:


.  Sydney Doggette 19-20


.  Chloe Widner 19-20


.  Darrien Gobourne 18-19


.   Maya Bordas 18-19

.   Andrea Li 20-21

.   Kennedy Quay 20-21


.  Chae Campbell  20-21


.   Rose Casali  20-21

.   Rylie Mudell 20-21


.   Rachael Lukacs  18-19

.   Kiya Johnson 20-21


.   Daniela Castillo 20-21


.   Regan Walker 19-20


.   Haleigh Bryant  20-21


.   Ashley Lane 21-22

.   Gabryel Wilson 19-20

.   Natalie Wojcik  18-19


.   Baleigh Garcia 20-21


.   Lali Dekanoidze 21-22

.   Kate Greene 20-21


.   Alexa Al-Hameed 18-19


.   Jaedyn Rucker 19-20

Uncommitted athletes:

Velandra Brochi 21-22

Amari Celestine 21-22

Kailin Chio  24-25

Gabrielle Gladieux 22-23

Olivia Greaves 22-23

Anapaula Gutierrez 21-22

Jimena Guiterrez 21-22

Kaylen Morgan 22-23

Ava Piedrahita 22-23

Anna Roberts 22-23

Bella Salcedo 21-22

Faith Torrez-Foster 22-23

Tory Vetter 21-22

Jacey Vore 21-22

Sunday, 25 February 2018 19:50

Women's National Rankings for the Week of February 26th

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Oklahoma solidified it's lead in the National Rankings for the Week of February 26th.  The rankings this week finally switch to the Regional Qualifying Score, or RQS.

Sunday, 25 February 2018 19:48

Oregon State 196.525 at UCLA 198.075

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Kyla Ross of UCLA won AA (39.7), UB (9.975) and tied on VT with Bruin Pua Hall to lead the Bruins to the easy win and season high. Teammate Katelyn Ohashi won FX with a 10 and tied for the BB title with Bruin Peng-Peng Lee

Link:  Release

Sunday, 25 February 2018 17:06

Missouri 196.625, UIC 194.1 at Illinois 195.4

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Mizzou's Aspen Tucker won the AA (39.325) and VT to lead the Tigers to the win at Illinois. Teammate Britney Ward won BB, while Tiger Shauna Miller tied Illinois' Karen Howell on UB. Mizzou's Michaelee Turner tied with Illinois' Haylee Roe on FX.

Link:  Illinois Release

TWU's Schyler Jones won VT and FX to lead the Pioneers to a win on Alumni Day.  Teammates Bria Northrup and Mallory Moredock won UB and BB, respectively. UB's Kelsey Campbell won the AA (38.875)

Link:  Release

Sunday, 25 February 2018 17:02

Ball State 195.2 at NIU 195.375

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NIU overcame some stumbles on UB to pull out the win over Ball State.  Ashley Potts led the way for NIU, tying the school record on UB with a 9.95 and posting a 39.3 in the AA.

Link:  Release

Sunday, 25 February 2018 15:17

Gustavus Adolphus 179.525 at Hamline 184.775

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Hamline picked up wins from Alyssa Huch on VT, Morgan Bradford on UB, Alexa Vorderbruggen on FX and from Meghan Webb annd Lydia Ingram on BB. 

Link:  Release

Sunday, 25 February 2018 15:12

Utah 197.45 at Cal 197.5

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Cal's Toni Ann Williams tied for 1st on VT, UB and BB, won FX and took the AA (39.7).  Her 9.975 on FX clinched the win for the hosts.  Utes Kari Lee and Kim Tessen tied for the VT title.  Lee also earned a share of the BB title.  Cal's Nina Schank and Alma Kuc tied for the UB title. 

Link:  Release

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