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Sunday, 14 January 2018 13:48

Brown 188.4 at RIC 174.55

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Brown junior Julia Green won VT and FX while frosh Emma Hansen on UB and BB to lead the Bears to the win over host RIC.

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Saturday, 13 January 2018 22:40

Men's: Stanford 402.15 at Cal 390.0

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Stanford posted a 402.15 to defeat host Cal (390) at the Cal Benefit Cup.  Club team SC United was 3rd with a 291.45.  Stanford's Robert Neff posted an 82.85 to win the AA. 

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Illini Bobby Baker (HB), Alex Diab (SR) and Brandon Ngai (PH) each won event titles to lead their squad.  Minnesota's Shane Wiskus won the AA. 

Link:  Illinois Release

Saturday, 13 January 2018 22:30

Men's: NU 407.7, Ohio State 404.45, Air Force 389.95

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NU won the Rocky Mountain Open with a 407.7, knocking off Ohio States 404.45.  ASU's club team posted a 390.95, with host Air Force at 389.95.  Club teams from the USOTC (386.45) and Washington (370.6) also competed.  Kyle King led NU with a win on VT.  Ohio State's captured PH and R to lead the Buckeyes. 

Former Mich star Sam Mikulak won the PB and HB en route to an 87.8 AA tally.  Ex-Cal Star Donothan Bailey won the FX.  Both represented the USOTC. 

Link:  Ohio State Release with Results

Saturday, 13 January 2018 22:27

Iowa 193.375 at MSU 192.9

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Iowa's Maria Ortiz won VT and Sydney Hogan won BB to lead the GymHawks to a close win over host MSU. Spartan frosh Lea Mitchell won the AA (38.95) and tied for the FX title with teammate Roya Shirley. Teammate Hailey Westney won UB.

Link:  MSU Release

Saturday, 13 January 2018 20:17

Men's: West Point Open Finals

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PSU captured four individual titles at the West Point Open.  Frosh Brennan Pantazis won FX and PB to lead the Nittany Lions.  Teammate Stephen Nedoroscik won PH while Michael Burns won HB.  Navy's Tanner West won VT while W&M's Jeremiah McReynolds won Rings. 

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Saturday, 13 January 2018 20:11

CMU 194.525 at EMU 194.025

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CMU posted a 194.525 to defeat host EMU's 194.025.   CMU's Denelle Pedrick won VT, while teammate Katy Clements won BB and teammate Macey Hilliker won FX.  Chippewa Gianna Plaska tied for the UB title with EMU's Kendal Valentine.  EMU's Megan Hultgren won the AA with a 38.8.

Link:  CMU Release

Saturday, 13 January 2018 20:07

Oregon State 194.85 at Pitt 194.125

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Pitt posted a school record season opening score but it wasn't quite enough as the visiting Oregon State Beavers took the win.  OSU was led by Sabrina Gill.  She tied for the AA (38.925) title with Pitt's Haley Brechwald, and tied for 1st on UB w/ Brechwald, teammate Mariana Colussi-Pelaez and PItt's Catie Conrad. Brechwald also won VT.  OSU's Dani Dessaints won BB  while frosh teammate Kaitlyn Yanish won FX.

Link:  Release

Host Minnesota held off strong challenges from Maryland and NIU to win the quad meet.  Minnesota frosh Lexy Ramler won BB, tied on VT (with teammate Ona Loper, UMD's Morgan Bixler &, Audrey Barber, and NIU's Ashley Potts) and took the AA (39.0). Teammate Ivy Lu won UB while Gopher Paige Williams tied UMD's Karrie Thomas for 1st on FX.

Link:  UMD Release

Saturday, 13 January 2018 19:56

Ohio State 194.925 at Michigan 197.55

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Michigan's Emma McLean won VT and FX (9.975) while teammate Paige Zaziski won the AA (39.45) and tied for the UB title with teammate Sydney Townsend as the Wolverines swept the Buckeyes on Saturday. Wolverine Brianna Brown took the BB to complete the sweep.

Link:  Ohio State Release

Saturday, 13 January 2018 17:37

Nebraska 195.55 at PSU 195.05

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PSU's Briannah Tsang won the AA with a 39.425 but it wasn't enough as NU powered to a win over the host Nittany Lions. Tsang also took the FX and tied for the UB title with teammate Alissa Bonsall.  NU's Sienna Crouse hit VT for a 9.95 while teammate Grace Williams won BB as the injury plagued Huskers work to build towards the end of the season.

Link:  PSU Release

Saturday, 13 January 2018 17:35

USU 192.875 at Bowling Green 194.825

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Jovannah East tied for the VT title to lead BGSU to a win over the visitors from Utah State.   USU's Madison Ward won FX and tied for VT.  Teammate Jazmyn Estrella won UB while Aggie Autumn DeHard won BB.

Link:  Release

For West Chester, Myranda Marshall won UB while teammate Sarah Boyd took the BB.  WC's Emily Loughery also won the FX.  Springfield's Ali Rushlow won VT while while teammate Jessica Clemens won the AA. 

Link:  Release

Saturday, 13 January 2018 17:29

Bridgeport 192.95 at UNH 191.75

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Senior Kelsey Campbell led Bridport with a victory in the AA (39.0).  Teammate Kathryn Doran tied UNH's Lauren Diggan for the UB.  For UNH, Casey Lauter won BB while Ava Watkins won FX.  Teammates Marissa Toci and Nicole O'Leary tied for the VT title. 




Saturday, 13 January 2018 13:38

Illinois 195.1, Yale 191.55, SCSU 187.65 at Rutgers 191.525

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Karen Howell and Rae Baltazor won at least a share of two events each to lead the Ilinni to the win.  Howell won FX and tied for UB with Balthazor. Balthazor also tied for the BB title with teammate Bridget Hodan and Rutgers' Makenzey Shank. Illini Kasey Meeks won VT.  Rutgers' Libby Groden won AA

Link:  Release

Friday, 12 January 2018 22:59

Men's: PSU Wins the West Point Open with a 406.85

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PSU won its fifth straight West Point Open title with a 406.85.  Navy was 2nd at 395.05, Army 3rd at 380.35, W&M 4th at 378.3 and Springfield 5th at 369.25.

Link:  Release


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